How "The List" Adds Profits to Your Money-Making Website

Just after sending out last week's issue, I got an email with the subject line "Your 'wall' formula — brilliant Roy" from AWAI member Eddie Stephens, who I had lunch with at Bootcamp. He said:

"Hey Roy, Just read your article on your ‘wall’ formula in this week's issue of ‘Spare-Time’ … it really turned the light on for me. Appreciate your insight. I plan to add it to my MMW in the future. Eddie."

Thanks Eddie. I predict you're going to be one of the success stories because I know you're going to take action on what you're learning.

Today, we're going to look at one more step you can take to immediately create bigger paychecks from your Money-Making Website. And, how taking this extra step now can turn your Money-Making Website into an asset far more valuable than the website itself … an asset you may be able to sell at some point down the road for many times the annual profits your Money-Making Website is generating.

The power-profits secret of "the list"

I love the idea of a Money-Making Website. Publish valuable content to attract free search engine traffic — and once you have readers, direct them to an affiliate partner's site where they can purchase products and you get paid a portion of the sale.

It's great for immediate profits — and when I put my Money-Making Website online, that's what I started generating. Paydays from $49 to $150+ from referring traffic through to other websites.

Yet, I saw a gaping hole with my initial approach. I was only creating one of two main assets I needed to be creating to take home maximum income from my Money-Making Website.

I was doing great at creating content — pages on the website to attract visitors, give them value, and pre-sell and direct them to purchase product from my affiliate partners. The content itself is an incredibly valuable asset which can continue to generate revenue for me for years to come.

Yet the "missing" asset — I knew from my experience in direct marketing — could be many times more valuable. The missing asset is a list of qualified prospects who have given me permission to continue to contact them with addition information I believe will enrich their lives — whether the information comes in the form of editorial or marketing.

By getting names and email addresses from qualified prospects — along with permission to contact them again — I'm opening up a double-barrel profit opportunity:

  1. I can contact my readers regularly to increase sales by providing them value plus pitching them additional products I believe can enrich their lives.
  2. I'm building an asset any good direct marketer will recognize as being worth at minimum two or three times the annual sales I'm generating. That asset is a permission-based list of qualified prospects.

So how do you create "the list"?

The process of creating a permission-based contact list of qualified prospects is actually pretty simple — and it fits perfectly into the Money-Making Website model.

Here are your steps:

  1. Offer your readers something of value in exchange for permission to contact them again.
  2. Over-deliver on the value you promise.
  3. Continue to deliver value over time to maintain a warm relationship.

Once you hit a hot-button with your value-in-exchange-for-permission offer, a certain percentage of your website visitors will consistently opt-in to receive your offer. Then, as you increase traffic to your website, you'll also be building a list of qualified prospects.

Going forward, it's easy to continue to deliver content to your list — as you publish new content on your Money-Making Website, you can also send an email to your list, letting them know about this new content. From there, a certain percentage will visit your website, click on your affiliate offers, and buy from your merchant partners — earning you mucho dinero!

There's one distinct advantage here.

You are in control of the interaction. Instead of passively waiting for a visitor to hit your website, click through on an offer, and place an order, you are regularly and proactively encouraging a transaction to take place. This can result in immediate profits for you, and significantly increase short-term profit opportunities from your Money-Making Website.

After recognizing this gap in my Money-Making Website strategy, I've just begun building the list for my KettlebellWall Money-Making Website. Yet, I already have a list of a couple dozen kettlebell enthusiasts eager to get more information from me about using kettlebells. And, more people are signing up every week.

If you're serious about making a pretty penny from your Money-Making Website, you'll begin implementing a list-building strategy, too.

It will add multiple dimensions to how you're generating profits for yourself, and ensure ongoing — and "on demand" — traffic to your Money-Making Website … and through to your affiliate partners. Plus, you'll be building an asset that grows in value faster than the revenue it generates — which could lead to significant paydays down the road.

Here's how to use this in your Money-Making Website

At the AWAI Bootcamp, I picked up a copy of Michael Masterson's book Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat.

The Ready, Fire, Aim strategy in that book has helped Masterson create literally dozens of multi-million dollar businesses from scratch — as well as accomplish personal goals like becoming a filmmaker, producing a music album for a Nicaraguan guitarist and singer, and becoming a successful real estate investor.

It applies equally well to creating a successful Money-Making Website. Here's how to use it, starting today:

  1. Get Ready: Buy and quickly read Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program just to get the gist of the steps you'll need to take to get your Money-Making Website up and running and creating income for you. Also reread this month's issues of Spare-Time Biz Success for unique ideas to apply to make your Money-Making Website more successful. Do the "Get Ready" step as fast as possible — within the next couple days.
  2. Fire: Get your Money-Making Website online. This doesn't require any technical skills to speak of with the tools available today. So, you can do it yourself in an evening and still have time to add your first couple pages. Do this within the next week, while you have momentum.
  3. Aim: Continue adding content to your Money-Making Website to appeal to your growing readership base. Reread Nick's Money-Making Websites program, taking copious notes for strategies and tactics you can apply to your growing website. Create and follow specific plans to apply these a little at a time. And, begin to reap the rewards as your Money-Making Website grows!

Follow this Ready, Fire, Aim approach because it is the quickest and surest way to achieve a growing level of passive income from your Money-Making Website.

I can't wait to hear your story.

Also … I don't think I mentioned this before. When you purchase your copy of Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program, you get immediate access to the “Money-Making Website Success” teleconference series. In this three-part series, Nick goes into more detail on choosing the ideal topic for your website, how to quickly and easily get your site online, and then how to turn your site into a visitor-attracting, money-generating machine. You can listen to these three calls as soon as you make your purchase and get going immediately.

Click here now to begin creating passive income with your own Money-Making Website.

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Published: November 24, 2009

1 Response to “How "The List" Adds Profits to Your Money-Making Website”

  1. Right on target with the email newsletter. All who have a web site should be doing this.
    Ready, Aim, Fire approach is also on target.
    You all minimize the time it REALLY takes for site building. I'm experienced in tech & for my credibility my site MUST be academic in look & feel. I opted to do this myself (not hire out) so I can do same for others (for a fee!). It is NOT as quick as everyone writes it is...& yes I have SBI. To have proper look and feel needed for MY audience takes weeks!


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