My Unique “Wall” Formula for Money-Making Websites

I think I've discovered a completely unique formula for a Money-Making Website, and it's amazing how well it works.

The first benefit I noticed when I put this formula in place is how quickly I attained authority status in my niche (with no other qualifications to speak of).

The second benefit came when I used my newfound authority status to recommend products sold by my affiliate partner. A good percentage of the visitors made purchases — and I got a portion of each purchase back as an affiliate paycheck!

I've never seen another Money-Making Website that follows this formula, even though it's as simple to do as turning on a feature your website software already has.

Today, I'd like to share my formula with you (this is the first time I'm ever publishing it), give you an idea about why I think it works so well, plus let you in on the results it can generate.

What is the Money-Making Website "wall" formula?

For reasons which will quickly become obvious, I call my unique formula the Money-Making Website "wall" formula.

It's deceptively simple.

When a visitor arrives at your site, you present them with an opportunity to leave a comment on the front page of your website — the "wall."

For the visitor, it's a form of online graffiti. A way to put their name somewhere others will see it. To chime in with their two cents.

More importantly, it gives them a heavy dose of ego gratification. They feel good when they sign the "wall" — they feel like they've contributed to something important.

Yet, you may be thinking, "But wait Roy, I've seen plenty of websites that have commenting on them. In fact my Money-Making Website does, too. So what makes this different?"

Good question.

Here's the big difference in the "wall" formula I use

This may seem like a minor distinction — but really it's a fundamental change to how commenting is currently used on websites.

Instead of having a guestbook buried on some hidden page three clicks into my website, or comments only after blog posts, my "wall" formula puts it right up front and makes it the single most important thing you need to do when you visit my website.

So when a visitor hits my website — no matter what page they land on — the primary message for them is that they need to sign the “wall” to tell the world they've been to my site and they're a part of my community. And, they see the names and comments of everyone else like them who has already signed the "wall."

This is the fundamental shift — from secondary feature on the website to front-and-center, the single-most important task for a visitor to accomplish before they leave.

And it's a big one …

Why the "wall" formula works so darn well

As you'll read below, my repositioning of the commenting functionality has generated some pretty exciting results out of the gate. This is because it works on many levels:

  • The "ego" factor: Everyone loves to see their name published. It makes them feel good. That's why social networking and Web 2.0 has exploded. And the "wall" formula is another way for visitors to see their name on a site they like.
  • Easy engagement: Your primary goal with a new website visitor should be to get them to engage with your site in some way beyond just reading. It builds a deeper connection. Many marketers do this through email opt-in. The "wall" is an alternative that has low-commitment and is easy for visitors to do without feeling they're giving away too much.
  • The hidden SEO benefit: Not every visitor will recognize this, but those who have websites will appreciate that most commenting functionalities provide a link back to their website. This has Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits, and can drive a few visitors to their site. Some of your site's visitors will sign the "wall" just for this.

Here are some additional benefits the "wall" formula gives you as the website owner:

  • Easy testimonial generator: As you build up your site in your niche, you'll quickly realize the "wall" provides an ongoing stream of testimonials, both for your site and around your niche in general.
  • More content: "Wall" signatures provide continuous updates to your site — plus you can adapt and repurpose and derive content from these postings.
  • Connections within your niche: Through "wall" postings I've made connections with gurus in my niche that they've initiated … Which is far more powerful than approaching them myself.

These benefits aren't all though …

Here's actual results from using the "wall" formula

My Money-Making Website is all about kettlebells — a rather strange-looking workout tool originating in Russia.

(They look like a cannonball with a handle — and when you swing them, they engage all your muscles to combine cardio and strength-building better than any workout I've ever experienced. The most unexpected place I've seen them covered recently was in The Wall Street Journal.)

When you visit my site at, the boldest red text at the top of every page says "SIGN THE WALL if you're ADDICTED to KETTLEBELLS!"

Just below that is a direct link that says "Sign the Kettlebell Wall!"

My visitors do just that.

In the first five or so months online, I’ve gotten over 170 signatures on the “wall.”

Maybe the funniest was NIC who said:


But there were far more people who shared how kettlebells have helped them with their fitness, and helped them change their lives.

Like Andy, who said:

"I was introduced to Kettlebell training by my pal Kevin over a year ago. Five stones lighter and a helluva lot fitter, I’ve now bought my own and train in the garden for half an hour before going to work each day …

"I used to train in the gym and pay a fortune for gym membership each month. I’ve subsequently cancelled this, given up barbell and dumbbell training and replaced it with kettlebells and have seen my waist get thinner and my wallet get fatter …

"Four minutes of intense tabata swings with a kettlebell in the garden is worth half an hour of boring laborious treadmill jogging any day in my book …

"Bring on the Kettlebell revolution … !! :-)"

And Russell, who said:

"Man, kettlebells changed my life!!! For someone who has NEVER stuck with a workout more than 3-6 months, kbs have never failed to engage me. Plus, you get strength training, cardio, AND increased flexibility all in one!! I suggest everyone to try a kettlebell workout at least once … "

And, I've even had some of the top kettlebell trainers in the world write on the KettlebellWall, including Steve Cotter, who even offered his own insight:

"Kettlebells do the body good. Happy to answer questions and help those who need it. All the Best!!"

And those are just four incredible testimonials for kettlebells I quickly picked out of the 170 comments on the KettlebellWall.

I'm regularly getting more comments from other fans and addicts of kettlebells, posted to the KettlebellWall.

And, it's not just comments.

Let's take a quick look at financial results.

I've referred hundreds of my site visitors through to my primary affiliate partner. And generated multiple monthly paychecks over $150 in the first five months.

Just this morning, I woke up to another email saying I'd made another sale earning me about $12! (Sure, that's not much … but each $12 adds up!)

The money keeps coming in, almost as fast as the comments on the KettlebellWall.

Try the "wall" formula yourself

Test the "wall" formula on your Money-Making Website. Do it.

It's an easy feature to turn on in most website-building software (including SiteBuildIt, which I recommended in a previous issue).

See for yourself how the results I've shared here (and the extra perks) apply to you and your Money-Making Website. Test it for yourself.

Remember, it's all about taking action.

If you haven't yet, use the complete roadmap in Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites to put your site online.

Use these little tweaks I'm recommending to make adjustments to your site.

Continuously add valuable content that links to your affiliate partners.

But mostly, keep moving. Keep making things happen. Money is attracted to movement and the same principle applies to your Money-Making Website.

I can't wait to hear your Money-Making Website Spare-Time Biz Success story!

Next issue: I’m going to show you how to use email to keep your web traffic coming back and generate more income from your Money-Making Website. There's also a hidden benefit to doing this which makes your site far more valuable (and gives you multiple ways to monetize it), which I'll reveal next week.

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Published: November 17, 2009

3 Responses to “My Unique “Wall” Formula for Money-Making Websites”

  1. I just decided on my website focus yesterday, and this "wall" tactic will be the perfect fit for my topic. Thank you!


  2. Great tip, Roy. I'll use it, and I'll also sign your wall. I like to see my name in print!

    Steve Roller

  3. I love this simple info your share here and it is perfectly timed as I am in Nick Usborne's course on creating my money making website now. Many thanks, Myla

    Guest (Myla)

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