Have Everything You Want … It Starts With One Simple Step

It's happened more than once.

So many times, in fact, that I've come to rely on it implicitly. It is the one, never-fail technique I use each and every time I really want something in life.

In the spirit of good writing and grueling curiosity, I should tell you a story to illustrate what “it” is.

But, first a small word of warning …

As I begin to tell you this story, there is a part of you that is going to start wondering if I’ve lost my marbles. You may think, “Joshua must be kidding me. Things just don’t happen like that.”

Of course, you can choose to believe what you will – I can only tell you my experience. Oh, and by the way, it is an experience that has been tried and tested a thousand times over by most of the successful people in the world.

How does that old saying go? “People that say it can’t be done are always being interrupted by people that are doing it.”

Now then, my story …

Once upon a time, Margie and I were dead broke, didn't have any children, and were living in a 1 bedroom apartment – that was actually more like a slightly modified studio apartment.

On a warm winter Arizona night, we sat on the floor of the living room (didn't have any furniture yet) and with yellow legal pad in hand, we made a list of things we wanted in life.

A written, fairly detailed list of all our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

It included things like “have a baby girl” (we wanted a girl first, knowing lots of boys would come after, based on my genetic pool), “2,000 sq/ft rambler in nice neighborhood, stucco exterior, open kitchen, and 2 car garage”, “Blue Cadillac STS with Northstar engine”, etc …

For a few days that list floated around the house. We even got out some pictures and made a collage of some of the items. This became our main decoration in the front room for a time.

But, as things tend to happen in life, after a time the list was set aside – filed somewhere – the pictures came down and life moved on.

By and large, we forgot about the list and all the detailed items that we had written down that night.

Or so we thought.

A few years later, I was cleaning out the old filing cabinet and came across this very same list.

Curious, I read it over. I was shocked.

"Margie, look at this list!" I said.

We read it together. Now both of us were shocked.

Reading the list over again, we took out a pencil and began checking things off. Item after item, after item. “Hey, we have that!” “Look at this, our car is even blue!” “No way, we said we wanted a girl first? That’s amazing because there is out little Esther!” “How funny, this house even has stucco siding.”

We realized that we had obtained and achieved about 95% of the things on that list.

It was sort of an unnerving experience. How was it that we had made this detailed list several years before, and then forgot about it, only to realize that virtually everything that we had written down had become reality in our lives?

You see, our conscious mind forgot, but our sub-conscious mind didn't. We had signaled to ourselves with vivid clarity what was important to us and what we really wanted in life.

Then over the years, moment by moment, as we made a decision here and a choice there, our sub-conscious mind helped us navigate in the direction of our real desires.

It was incredible. And, it was powerful … to say the least.

That night, we sat down and made another list. Now, today, we've repeated that process a dozen times over.

At first we did it blindly and ignorantly, but today we do it methodically and with much more purpose. We’ve discovered a few extra tricks and techniques that have made the whole process exponentially more powerful.

Here are a few things you can do right now, today, to have the same experience in your life …

  1. What do you want? Sit down and say to yourself, “Self, what do you really want out of life?” Then just start writing things down. Don’t worry about details at first, just let your brain and your heart (the heart thing is VERY important) release all their deepest desires.
  2. Write it all down. I said this, but it bears repeating. This must be a written list.
  3. Give it the details. I want more money is not good enough. You must define exactly how much you want and when you want it. Saying you want a new car is child’s play – get serious and define the make, model, year, color and engine type.
  4. Pictures. Find some pictures of the very thing you described and post it around the house.
  5. Get to work. Nothing in life is free. You can’t steer a parked car and neither can your mind. But, your mind can do wonders with a moving car. Trust in yourself to make the right decisions. Because you’ve defined what you want, everything about you will navigate toward that end goal.
  6. Enjoy. Success and the things you want in life will creep up on you unawares. Stop and look around from time to time and recognize all the great things you’ve done.

Of course, this is the quick and easy method of achieving everything you want in life, but it never fails. For now, don’t worry about “why” it works, just trust that it does.

In fact, it has never, ever failed me.

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Published: December 7, 2009

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