How Winning at Business is Like Winning at Hockey

It kills me to admit this. My hockey team isn't doing too well this year. In fact, we're tied for last place.

Compare this to last year. My team won the regular season title. And, we ended the playoffs in 2nd place, only after a one-point loss to a team we'd beaten in the first round.

Dramatic difference in records. Last year, losing was almost a fluke. This year, losing has been expected. The interesting thing is, I don't think my team from this year is much worse — if at all — than my team last year. Yet …

One crucial difference reveals a critical lesson for your spare-time biz!

Let me explain.

I wrote this email to my team this past weekend, before our game:

Will you show up to win?

I wanted to send you a quick email after last week's game.

I know we were short a few players, and their team had a full roster. And, we haven't had the best season up till this point. Yet I could tell we were going to lose last week's game before we stepped on the ice.

We were defeated before we put our skates on.

We knew we were short players, we knew we'd lost the last two games, and we knew White Lightning was a good team.

We expected we'd have to skate hard just to stay even, and knew we'd be exhausted by the end of the game.

What we all "knew," but wouldn't say …

We were beaten before we stepped on the ice!

I think that's being unfair to ourselves. I think we can do better than that.

Our team is full of good players. We can win. We beat Red Hooks 7 to 1, and they're now in 2nd place. We beat White Lightning the last time we played them.

We can win. And we WILL win. We just have to show up with our minds set on winning. Show up expecting to win.

Last year, I played for a team that expected to win. Every week, we stepped on the ice expecting to win.

We didn't care if we were short a few skaters, or tired, or whatever. We expected to win.

We didn't win every game — just expecting isn't a "magic pill." But, it gave us the energy, drive, and determination to win more games than any other team in the league. And, it's sure a lot more powerful than expecting to lose.

It led us to winning the regular season. And, only losing in the final game of the playoffs against a team we'd beaten in the first round.

We didn't have the league's best players, either — we just had a bunch of players who showed up every game expecting to win.

You can do that, too. You can show up expecting to win.

If we do, I don't expect we'll win every game. Yet we'll probably start winning a lot more than we have. And it's funny how it works — the more we start winning, the more we'll expect it, and the better we'll do.

It all starts with you showing up, expecting to win.

So, for tomorrow night's game, I have a question for you …

Will you show up to win?

Did my team show up to win? You betcha!

The week before, we'd dragged our heels the entire game, and lost 3-0. After my email, my team skated harder than we had all season. Though we ended the game with a 4-4 tie (remember I said it's not a "magic pill"), we finally seemed to come together and play strong both as individuals and as a team.

We played like we expected to win — and it showed.

Here's the lesson for your spare-time biz

The same power you can create by showing up to win at hockey, you can create in life and in your spare-time business.

If you "show up" to your business expecting to lose or expecting to fail, you're going to try all sorts of different approaches and opportunities with lackluster enthusiasm — and, of course, you're going to fail. Even if there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people out there just like you who are succeeding at the same business you're failing at.

Yet turn your mindset around, and show up to win — expect to succeed — and you'll start to see dramatically different results.

It may not happen on your first spare-time biz. And, it may not happen on your second. (Most successful entrepreneurs have far more failures than successes.) Yet when you keep showing up, expecting to win, the universe sits up and takes notice. And, by sticking in there, and showing up every day expecting the win, you're generating a tremendous power inside yourself.

Then, the wins start to come.

Your initial little wins turn into bigger wins. You gain momentum. Your bigger wins turn into blockbuster successes. And, pretty soon you look back and wonder how you ever doubted yourself. So …

Will you show up to win?

One more thing. Once you have the right mindset, there are some additional things you can do to accelerate your success. First and foremost is setting specific, exciting, and even outrageous goals for yourself.

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Then, set yourself up for success. One resource that’s helped me is Dr. Joe Vitale's Accelerated Income Goals System. If you don’t have this yet, now is a great time to get it. AWAI is offer STBS subscribers a $50 savings. Do yourself a favor … pick it up now and make 2010 your most winning year ever. Click here to get started.

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Published: December 15, 2009

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