4 Resolutions, 11 Goals and
a Big, Fat Dead End Life

“Hey there! Jump on the bandwagon. Make that New Year’s resolution! Set some Goals! If you do, you’ll be successful and happy just like me!”

It’s the January clarion call. Happens every year. New Years Eve shows up, dragging with it the Resolution train, with promises of hope and happiness trailing behind it.

And every year, we fall for it.

Look, you did too, right? AWAI set up the ol’ “Goals Wall” and you joined the 1000+ that threw out their goal for all the world to see.

Well done … (I think)

Next stop is “Successville”! Every successful person sets goals, yes?

Yes, in fact they do.

But, there is actually a huge, big, fat danger in setting a goal. If you stop to think about it, you know what the danger is. The problem is that you probably don’t know how to avoid it.

I should know … for more than 9 years I set the same 4 resolutions and 11 goals. And every year, I failed miserably at success.

Today, I’m going to unmask that pesky Danger and show you how goal setting can actually be effective and safe.

First of all, what is so dangerous about setting goals?

I call it the “Release and Validation Syndrome.”

Here’s how it works …

One day you wake up only to discover that your life is not where you want it to be. In fact, you might find, like I did for those 9 years, that life is a dead-end bummer.

Since, our natural instinct is to avoid pain, we start thrashing around for a way to “fix” our broken life and finally get what we want.

Countless gurus and talking heads have told us for years that the best elixir for a miserable life is to set a goal and make changes. Resolve to do better and jump on the train to “Successville.”

So, we do. With determination in our eyes we sit down and write down our goals … what we want to achieve in life.

This exercise has a lot of excitement and achievement associated with it. “Ahhhh, I did it! Look at ‘em! Those are my goals and I’m on my way!”

This thought signals our system that we’ve actually done something to alleviate the pain of a miserable life. The mind responds by calling off the dogs of conscience and, for the moment, we feel released from our discomfort.

That is the “Release” part of the syndrome.

But when the pain is off, the drive to take action is partially removed and we immediately fall back into old habits. That, of course, leads to the same kinds of results we were getting.

So, about a month or so later, we wake up one morning to the voice of our conscience saying, “Hey, you tricked me! You wrote down those goals and I thought things were going to be different. But here we are, still miserable. What gives?”

“Right!” you think to yourself. “My conscience is right. I’d better do something about this.” So, what do you do? You break out the goals and read them again. This alone validates that you’re serious. You’ve got a written goal right in front of your eyes. It’s real!

And, if that’s not enough validation, you might even make an action plan – tangible steps to achieve those goals.

Now the sigh of release is deep and sincere. Finally, I’m really on my way to “Successville.”

But are you? Deep down you know you’re not. You’ve proven it to yourself hundreds of times. In a few months … or as it is for most of us … somewhere just after Christmas you wake up and the cycle begins all over again.

Does this sound familiar?

So, how do you break the “Release and Validation” syndrome and eliminate the dangers of goal setting?

Well, the problem is this: Resolutions and goals really are an essential part of moving to “Successville.” You must have them or you will never arrive.

But those are only two sections of the full map. My problem for those nine years was that I thought these two pieces were the entire map. No one ever told me about the other sections.

The Rest of the Map

Let me give you the rest of the map so you can finally get on the right track and actually arrive in “Successville.” Here are seven key sections, of the map, so you can get exactly what you want in life …

  • Success Map #1 – Can’t Tell You … It’s Classified!

    I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Boswell is bating me and false closing me and all that other psychological stuff.”

    And you’re right. I’m not going to give you this segment of the map right now. But I will show you how you can get it totally free of charge in just a minute.

    Why am I doing this? Because, the word I use to describe Map #1 is so common, you’ll be tempted to say, “Oh, I know all about that” and dismiss it. This is a trick that I see all unsuccessful people play on themselves.

    Because I don’t want you to fail, I’m purposely holding back until I can fully describe this piece of the Map. Plus, I need to tell you how to use it – without that instruction, it’ll be useless to you, anyway. Alas, there is simply not enough time in this article.

    I can tell you this … Map #1 is one of the two most important pieces of the Big Map. Without this, you will never, ever arrive in “Successville,” no matter how hard you try or how many goals you set, or how many seminars and books you consume.

    This is the central valve that makes all your dreams, goals and hopes flow to you.

  • Success Map #2 – A Clear Vision of What You Want

    Vision is much different than a goal – though most people think it’s the same thing. I see goal lists that include things like “get a new car” or “buy a fancy boat”. These are not goals, they are wants.

    One of the most important exercises you can do is sit down and say, “What do I want” and just start writing. Dump it all out. There is power and a certain kind of magic in this list.

  • Success Map #3 – Goals

    Here it is, the most popular piece of the map to “Successville.” Goals, as you know, must be measurable, obtainable, written, and ultra specific.

    Goals give you the wants and desires of your heart, focus and make a measurable path for achievement. For example, if my want list includes, “buy a new car with cash”, then my stated goal for this might be “save $35,000 by January 31, 2010”.

    See, in this case, you didn’t really want $35,000, you wanted the car it could buy.

  • Success Map #4 – The Next Physical Action Step Plan

    This is where the mental rubber meets the road. It is also where 99.9% of happy goal-setters fail miserably.

    You must have an action plan that takes your goals and breaks them down into tiny, easy to accomplish, “next physical action items.” In other words, what is the very next thing you must do to get closer to your goals and thus obtain your wants?

    Is it call client X? Is it follow up on the email with Suzy? Is it write copy for your money-making website? What single, next physical action item do you need to do – and can do – today, to get closer to “Successville”?

    Write down every next physical action step you can foresee and schedule a time to do it.

  • Success Map #5 – Action

    Now do it.

    Oh, and some of the next physical action items can and should be delegated. You don’t need to be a jack-of-all-trades, you need to specialize in what you do best. But chances are, the road to “Successville” has segments in it that are not your specialty.

    So delegate those tasks and keep moving forward.

    Delegation also duplicates and multiplies your time. Sometimes I can be working on one next physical action item, while ten other people are working on other things on my list.

    Action and delegation accelerate everything in your life. They make getting exactly what you want, a tangible reality.

  • Success Map #6 – Tracking

    I call it “The Game of Work.” It is the difference between watching a hockey game and sitting through a figure skating contest. The difference in energy, excitement and power is so dramatic I hardly need to elaborate on the metaphor.

    Track everything you do. Time it. Score it. Review your results. Then pit yourself against the score and the clock and get the next task done faster, easier and better. Hockey vs Figure Skating … you’ll love it.

  • Success Map #7 – Also Classified. Sorry …

    Once again, my deep desire to see you succeed, and my total respect for you, compels me to withhold this portion of the map. It just would not be fair to you to give you this one word and a short description of it.

    You’d scoff and dismiss it. I just can’t have you do that.

    But, I will tell you this … Map #7 is the second most powerful and essential piece of the Big Map. It is the great accelerator of your dreams, your goals, your hopes and ambitions.

    It takes everything in your life and exponentially makes it more effective, more real, and more successful.

    But it must be approached appropriately and with wisdom. Otherwise, it will backfire on you in a very ugly way.

Now, how do you get your hands on Map #1 and Map #7?

That is easy. This Wednesday, I’m jumping on the phone with Katie and Rebecca to talk about Goals and give an in-depth overview of all seven map segments – especially Map #1 and Map #7.

After the call you’ll get a handout summarizing the call and access to the full recording so you can go back and re-listen to it as often as you need it. And, I solemnly promise that they’ll be no aggravating cliff hangers. I’ll tell you all about Map #1 and Map #7 so you can put them work for you immediately.

The call is completely FREE of charge. If you’re curious about what Map #1, Map #7 and how you can use the Big Map to reach “Successville,” then just click here now.

I’ll see you on Wednesday.

Oh, the live call is at 3pm EST, but it’ll be rebroadcast two other times that evening to accommodate different time zones and work schedules. I really want to see you in “Successville,” so I’m making this as accessible as I possibly can. Click here to register.

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Published: January 25, 2010

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