January 2010

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A Key to Making Money from a Content-Rich Website is to Catch Your Prospect at the Exact Right Moment in the Buying Cycle

Nick Usborne explains how joining relevant affiliate programs is one of the key monetization models for your own money-making website.

AWAI Writing Challenge: What Does "The Writer's Life" Mean to You in 2010?

What Does "The Writer's Life" Mean to You? If you're already living it, tell us about it. If you're not, tell us how you’re going to get there in 2010.

AWAI Writing Challenge Winning Entry: My Helper, My Friend, My Teacher

The best gift Ernest Raasch ever gave brightened a small boy’s life … as well as his own.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: A Simple Gift to a Stranger

Tony Wiesielis’s “Best Gift Ever Given” essay.

AWAI Writing Challenge Honorable Mention: Uncovering Hidden Talents

How one gift uncovered new talents that two people never dreamed they had.

Job Opportunities … HBO Seeks Full-time Copywriter in New York City

HBO’s New York City office needs a full-time copywriter. Sit in on brainstorming sessions, help direct campaign strategies, and more.

A Second Chance For Website Success With Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne extends his invitation for anyone interested in working side by side with him on their money-making website.

Big News for Web Writers

Rebecca Matter is excited to announce a new source that will dramatically improve and enhance the way you approach your career as a professional web writer.

It's Already Time to Revise Your New Year's Goals

Discover how adding some unrelated personal goals to your business goals this year can grow your ability to be more successful.

Using Daily Task Lists to Accomplish Your Goals

Michael Masterson explains how a daily task list can help you achieve your goals.

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