A Key to Making Money from a Content-Rich Website is to Catch Your Prospect at the Exact Right Moment in the Buying Cycle

If you’re familiar with How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites, you already know that one of the key monetization models is to make money from your website by joining relevant affiliate programs.

If you don’t know about Money-Making Websites yet – it’s all about how you can make a big second income by writing a website of your own, on a topic that already interests you.

You can do this part-time, just as a hobby, and soon find yourself making hundreds and then thousands of dollars in passive income every month.

And as I mentioned, one of the ways your site can make you money is through affiliate programs.

One factor in determining your success as an affiliate will be how well you match your content to the actual moment when someone is ready to make a purchase.

Let me explain.

Let’s say I want to buy a new digital camera and you have created a site on that topic.

I might do a search for the phrase “digital camera guide.”

What does that say about me? It says I’m looking for information. It says I probably won’t buy a digital camera today. I’m still looking and learning. For now, I’m just window-shopping.

But if I do a search for “Canon PowerShot SD1100IS 8MP Digital Camera,” you would probably be right in thinking that I am very close to making the purchase. If you have a page on that specific model, you would do well to have an affiliate link on that page.

Here is another example.

Let’s say I want to lose weight and get fit, but don’t want to have to drive to the gym.

I might search for “home fitness equipment.”

Again, at that point I’m in discovery mode. I’m learning. I want to know what kind of equipment there is, and what will best suit my needs and budget.

Clearly, it is not a bad thing if I find your website as a result of my search. Once I am there, hopefully I will be impressed by the information you provide, and will come back again as I refine my search for that perfect piece of fitness equipment.

But what you really, really want is for me to come to your site on the day when I am almost at the point of making a purchase.

In fact, you want my visit to your site to be the very last thing I do before making my purchase.

Think about the search terms I might use at that point.

“best elliptical trainer”

“best price on elliptical trainer”

“best schwinn elliptical trainer”

“schwinn 431 elliptical trainer”

If you have pages that are found for these kinds of search terms, whatever the topic you are writing about, you will maximize the number of site visitors who visit your site and then immediately click on one of your affiliate links.

Think about this is as you structure your site and create your pages.

Ask yourself how close your reader might be to actually making a purchase.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t write high-value information pages, such as a broad guide to digital cameras or home fitness equipment.

Pages like that add a lot of value to your site and can attract some strong inbound links. In addition, they can generate direct revenues if you include AdSense blocks to those pages.

But if you want to make money through affiliate programs, be sure that a good proportion of your pages are there to serve the needs of people who are very close to making that final purchase decision.

[Ed Note: Nick Usborne has been a copywriter for 30 years now, 11 of which he’s dedicated solely to online copy. He’s worked with, and has been a web-copy consultant to, companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, Disney, America Online, and The New York Times.

He is also the author of Copywriting 2.0: Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts (formerly Million-Dollar Secrets for Online Copywriting), a step-by-step guide showing copywriters how to apply their skills to writing for the Web, and confidently present themselves to any company, large or small, as an expert who can transform their online presence.]

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Published: January 11, 2010

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