Three Proven Ways to Move Forward in Your Web Writing Career

If you want to move forward as a web writer, consider taking a tip from a recent “Dear Abby” column.

Abby had received a letter from a woman who works independently as a designer. The woman was having trouble getting motivated to do her projects, even after setting deadlines.

Abby was ruthless in her reply. No hand-holding or coddling or encouragement from her at all. Instead she said, “Cut the self-indulgence and move forward.” Bang.

For me, that line was like cold water in the face. I realized I spend a lot of time thinking about the possibilities web writing holds, but rarely take action.

If you’re in the same boat, you should know about these three proven ways to accelerate your web writing career.

#1: Decide what you want — and dig deep

If you’re not sure where you’re going, how can you even get started?

It’s like setting out on a road trip without any particular destination in mind. You’ll cover some ground … and maybe you’ll have a few adventures along the way … but at the end of the day, where will you be?

Without a destination in sight, there’s little incentive to push forward as a web writer.

So, think about what you really want. Not just from your career, but out of life.

Start by thinking about details, like the number of hours you want to work each day, or your income goal for the year.

Then, dig a little deeper. Picture the life you ultimately want. Do you see yourself traveling three months of the year? Or, working a permanent part-time schedule? Spending more time with family? Or, pursuing a hobby?

When you clearly articulate your end-goal — beyond the basics of making money as a paid web writer — you’ll lay the foundation you need to move forward in your career.

And once you’ve decided, make sure you put your goal on paper. Post it on a wall where you’ll see it every day. Tell people you know. Write about it on Facebook. Tweet it.

Do whatever you have to do to spread the word so you can’t tuck your goal back inside when the going gets tough.

Remember, you won’t get anywhere until you know where you’re going. But, with a clear goal in mind, things will start to fall into place. Everywhere you look, you’ll see potential new ways to move forward and turn your burning desire into a real web-writing career.

#2: Recognize web writing as a genuine asset

It’s no secret. Life as a web writer can mean a lot of money. It can also give you the freelance, no-boss, flexible-schedule lifestyle you want.

Given that, do you ever find yourself thinking it’s too good to be true? Or, have you ever thought, “I can’t believe I actually get paid to do this stuff!”

There are two things wrong with that attitude. First, it contradicts the inherent value of quality web copy. Second, it overlooks the reality of the Internet as the new marketing medium of choice.

The truth is, the world of web writing is taking off. The July 2009 issue of Forbes magazine reported that 2009 would see a $65 billion move in advertising budgets from print to online media. After all, newspapers are dying. Offline media is shrinking.

Along with that, you can actually launch businesses with your web copy. The right kind of copy can help your client generate steady revenue or get a higher return on investment.

Essentially, your web copy has the ability to save a company in trouble … and help it make solid profits instead!

Just look at six-figure copywriter Joshua Boswell. He often shares the story of how he wrote copy that kept his children’s private school from folding. Despite the mega-profitable projects he’s had since, it remains his proudest moment.

Quality web writing is a tangible, significant, powerful service. It positions you to be the hero for your client — the motivating force behind his or her success.

And, the demand for quality web copywriting is growing exponentially. Fast growth means lots of opportunity. Which means little resistance when you put yourself out there. And, it’s always easier to find work in an industry that’s expanding fast.

As such, targeted web copy is worth every penny you charge. If you’re serious about moving forward as a web writer, embrace this fact.

#3: Connect with people who share your goals

There’s a reason athletes benefit from team-training, even when they compete in individual sports trials.

It’s the same reason mentors can make such a difference in your life. It’s why support groups are effective.

Having someone who understands your journey and shares your passion is worth everything when you’re forging your new path.

In the case of web writing, having a network of peers can mean the difference between floundering along with little progress or watching your career take off.

Part of it is the simple law of faith. If someone else can do it, so can you. For a lot of us, seeing is believing. Knowing someone else who enjoys life as a well-paid web writer is a great motivator.

It’s also proof that your goals are in reach. So seek out people who share your passion or relate to your goals. Choose carefully. Look for positive attitudes and natural motivators.

Keep in mind — there’s nothing wrong with a little support — especially if it’s something that will keep you inspired through tough times.

In contrast, you don’t want advice from unproductive people who can’t contribute encouragement.

Unless you know they’ll stand behind you, don’t rely on your usual network of friends or contacts. Instead, put yourself out there and reach out to like-minded people. Attend networking events and conferences. Visit forums where other professionals hang out. Connect with colleagues through social networking sites. Join the new Wealthy Web Writer website.

Follow these steps and move forward as a successful web writer

If you’re serious about moving forward, these three steps will make all the difference:

  • Decide what you want and clarify your end-goal.
  • Recognize that you’re in a field that can get you everything you want.
  • Surround yourself with people who will help, support, and encourage you.

Do these things, and not only will you move forward, you’ll blow your career out of the water this year.

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Published: January 20, 2010

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