A Big Untruth About Freelancers Needs Correcting

Normally when I write to you it’s about writing for the Web …

But what I have to share with you today goes well beyond that.

It affects web writers, copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers alike …

And, if you’re working as a freelancer, or plan to be one day, you can’t afford not to know about it.

You may not already know this, but I do freelance work too. And boy, am I thankful I learned this when I did.

You see, you may be operating under an untruth when it comes to being a freelancer …

You may think of yourself as just someone who does a job for a client.

In fact, many freelancers I’ve met actually view themselves as being subservient to their clients.

They think that clients are the ones who have all the power … that the client is the one who gets to choose them. (And then once they’re chosen, they work like crazy to do as the client asks.)

I used to think that way, too.

As a client, I thought I had all the power over my freelancers. And as an employee, that my company held the power over me. And then as a freelancer, my clients held the power.

But, not anymore.

About a year ago, I had a wake-up call that forever changed the way I view those relationships … and the way I view myself!

I realize now that my best freelancers are more than just “workers for hire.” The ones who are my “business partners” are the ones I enjoy working with, hire more often, and happily pay a lot higher fees.

And, I no longer see Rebecca Matter as an employee and freelancer who does a job function in order to get paid.

I, Rebecca Matter, own a business. At the moment I have only one employee, and that’s me. But, the way I have my business setup, I don’t have to rely on that one employee (me!) for 100% of my income anymore. And, I’m in complete control of my future.

And this is my goal for you, too.

Like me, I want you to stop seeing yourself as someone who has a freelance job, and instead see yourself as someone who owns a freelance business.

I want you to have clients coming to you, instead of you having to look for work.

I want you to be able to charge more than your competition for your services.

And, I want you to have multiple income streams, some of which continue to come in regardless of whether you’re doing freelance work or not.

But before we jump in, let me back up so you can see how I got here …

I’ve worked for AWAI for over six years now. And fortunately, that means I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn from Michael Masterson firsthand.

Some of lessons I wanted to learn, some I wanted to avoid out of fear, but I can credit many of my decisions to Michael. And, I’m talking about decisions that have made me successful in both my professional AND personal life.

It was about a month into my job at AWAI, when Michael told me that I’d be stupid to put all of my financial “eggs” into one employer’s basket.

“Everyone needs to supplement at least 20% of their annual income from another source,” he told me.

At first it rattled me – it definitely wasn’t the “norm” I was used to … I had never experienced an employer actually encouraging me to do work on the side. But then I realized what a blessing it was …

So I did as Michael said and, with his and Katie’s blessing, started a freelancing and consulting business on the side. And, starting that very same year, I have made an additional 20% (sometimes more) every year that I’ve worked for AWAI.

It’s been a great feeling to know that I’ve always had that safety net in place, and today I have a level of financial independence that I never thought possible.

Now fast forward to a year ago …

I had just become a Co-Managing Partner of AWAI, and I was more in love with my job than ever before. Even though I was putting in 50 to 60 hours a week, it fueled my passion for helping people achieve their dreams, so I was happy to put everything I had into it.

I wanted to continue following Michael’s instructions, but with the additional hours I was working every week, running a freelance business on the side wasn’t quite as easy as it had been in the past.

I decided there had to be a better way to do things. I wanted to see if I could earn more from my freelance business, without putting in additional hours … hours I just didn’t have to give.

So, I set out to find a coach who could help me do that.

Enter Nick Usborne.

I had already heard rave reviews from professional copywriter Pam Foster, so thought I’d dig deeper …

Another coaching client Katherine Andes said, “You know, if I hadn't hired Nick, I would be out of the copywriting business by now.”

Cari Haus reported that, “in terms of return on investment, Nick paid for himself in the very first month. My online sales are booming, I just landed a lucrative writing contract, and have a renewed focus and energy that will continue to guide me for years to come. My only regret in hiring Nick is not finding him sooner!”

And according to Bob Ellal, “Nick’s coaching has saved me a great deal of time and money that I would have spent running down blind alleys. Easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made."
So I decided to give it a shot …
I made the decision to invest in myself.

Now, I know a lot of copywriting and business coaches. And since I work for AWAI, I could have done this as research and have the company pick up the tab. But, since my goal was to grow my own income streams, I knew the ethical thing was to pay for it myself.

But more than that, I also knew I needed to really feel invested in what I was doing if I was going to succeed.

If you’ve read Wealthy Web Writer for a while, you know that I don’t believe you can truly value something that is given to you for free. And deciding that something is worth spending your own hard-earned money ensures that you value it enough.

So, I invested my own money to hire a coach for three months.

Once again, drawing on another lesson from Michael, I went in with a specific goal. I was determined to get a return of at least five times as much as I paid, within the three months following my coaching sessions.

I really had no idea what to expect, but I can tell you the process was eye-opening …

Nick Usborne can be merciless!

I remember during one of our coaching calls, I excitedly told Nick about a major side project I had started.

His response put on the brakes and killed the project that same day … thank goodness.

His one word to me about it: “Why?”

I was stunned. I thought, “I’m paying how much for this?”

That was until he walked me through the huge implications of that simple question, and helped me see the giant mistake I was about to make.

My three months were filled with more a-ha moments like that one, and looking back I know that the way I approach the decisions I make will never be the same.

In the end, I hit my goal in only two months, and I’ve actually just hired him again for another three-month series. We’re about three weeks in.

So, do I think hiring a coach is a good idea? Yes. But only if you know what you want out of it, hire someone who fits you work style, and you’re willing to work.

Would I recommend Nick? Absolutely. The only catch is he charges $4,500 for three months, and it’s all paid upfront.

And, that’s why I’m writing to you today.

You’ve probably already seen the announcement for his new program, Breakthrough Freelance Success, but I’ll include a link at the end just in case.

I believe this program is so important to you that I need to “break form” and write to you about it in this more personal fashion.

First up, this program gives you everything I learned in my three months of coaching for a fraction of the cost.

But, here’s where it gets better …

You see this program is the BEST of what Nick teaches. During his years of coaching, he was able to identify the things that made people successful, faster. And that’s what this program is all about.

Nick shows you how the application of the best business practices can turn a “working by the hour” freelancer into the owner of a fast-growing and highly profitable freelance business.

His instruction on creating a roadmap for your career, setting up multiple streams of income, and increasing your fees are revolutionary, compared to the standard, regurgitated advice we’ve all heard in the past.

Nick “talks” in this program just like he did when he was working with me personally. And when you combine that with the group coaching sessions that come free with the program (a $1500 value), you really feel like you’ve got a coach with you on your quest to more success and fulfillment.

By the time you finish, your outlook on your freelance business will never be the same. You’ll truly be in the driver’s seat, making more than you thought possible, without sweating about where that money will come from each month.

And this is true regardless of where you’re at right now …

If you’re already a freelancer, you are in a unique position to rethink the way you do business. You already have a good foundation of skills and opportunities. So Nick will show you how to put them to use so that they work for you.

If you’re an aspiring freelancer, you have an even bigger advantage. You can do it the right way, straight out of the gate, to minimize your struggle and start out on day one, doing it the best and easiest way possible.

So do yourself a favor, and order the program today. You’ll save $100 and get the group coaching calls for free.

And that way, when we start the live coaching in April, you’ll have already read the material beforehand and be ready to work on your business.

I’d also like you to go ahead and set your goal of how much return you want to make on your investment in this program. Mine was five times … but at this low price, yours can certainly be more. Much more.

And then get ready to say goodbye to working for your freelance “job,” and instead owning a freelance business that works for you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Here's a link to the Breakthrough Freelance Success promo, just in case you missed it.

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Published: March 4, 2010

1 Response to “A Big Untruth About Freelancers Needs Correcting”

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Great advice. All I need is the money. I'm brainstorming ways to bring in cash so I can do just that.

    Good mentoring is certainly worth the price, as you have shown. I've researched a few coaching options. Nick's is really quite reasonable. From studying two of his programs, I know he delivers.

    I keep saying to myself, "patience, and practice."


    Patricia del Valle

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