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After I sent out the below email, several people asked me to write more about the group coaching calls we are offering free with my new program, Breakthrough Freelance Success.

So I thought I’d email you the answers to some of the specific questions I have been asked, as well as include the original note that was sent.

Question #1. What will you be covering during these calls?

I had originally intended to try covering every section of the program, dividing them between the three calls. But the more I thought about, the more I worried that we would be spreading ourselves and our time too thin.

Instead, I have decided to select the elements from the program which are best suited to being addressed through coaching, and focus our efforts just on those.

Here is what I have in mind:

Call #1 – We’ll talk about goal setting and the creation of waypoints. This topic is absolutely central to one’s success in building a profitable and enjoyable freelance business. It’s the foundation on which everything else is built.

Call #2 – We’ll look at two key components of running your freelance business in a truly business-like fashion. We’ll explore the skills of estimating and billing by value, not by time. And we’ll look at the “Step-Up Principle” I describe in the program.

Call #3 – We’ll explore the issues of personal self-growth and productivity. Again, these are both key to your ongoing success.

Question #2. How does group coaching work?

Good question! Typically group coaching involves the coach and a limited number of participants who are all working to address the same challenges.

Call times are set, everyone dials in, the coach delivers an introduction, and then participants jump in both with questions and to share ideas and the results they have achieved so far.

And that is pretty much how we will handle it.

Before each call I will email you with some “homework”, based on the areas of the program we plan to cover. I’ll then speak for maybe twenty minutes before opening the lines for questions etc. It’s won’t be a free-for-all...I’ll be moderating and managing the “group process”.

Question #3 – What happens after the third call? Is there any other support offered?

An even better question. : )

So far we have just those three calls in place. But we have been talking about offering more in the way of ongoing support.

For a start, we will be creating a private community website for everyone who buys the program. We’ll all be able to participate through a forum area – asking more questions, encouraging each other, sharing tips and success stories, and struggles – and so on.

Summing up...

I hope these three answers give you a clearer idea of what you can expect from the group coaching calls.

Do I think you will find them valuable? Absolutely.

I know from my experience as a coach that many of the true “A-ha” moments don’t always come simply from reading a text. They come from first reading the text, and then hearing those same topics and strategies being presented and discussed person to person.

While not the same as one-on-one coaching, group coaching calls do have the advantage of allowing one to look at topics and ideas through the eyes of several different people.

It’s in this way that new concepts and ideas can truly click into place in our own minds.

Those moments of “getting it” can be magical.

Are you ready to get started, and transform your freelance business this year?

Learn more and signup for Breakthrough Freelance Success now, and then start preparing for the coaching which starts April 12th.

* Original Message *

Hi, Nick Usborne here.

I’m writing to you today about the three coaching calls that are included with my new program, Breakthrough Freelance Success.

But before I talk about those calls, let me back up a little.

I don’t know whether you know this about me, but in addition to my writing and copywriting work, I have also been working as a professional coach for many years now.

I’m not a copywriting coach. I’m a small business coach. So when copywriters come to me for coaching, we don’t talk about their skills as copywriters. We talk about how best to grow their freelance businesses.

My coaching style is different from that of many other coaches. I don’t have a set curriculum. Every engagement is different, customized to suit the needs of each individual client.

However, after working for years with dozens of different freelance copywriters, writers and other solo professionals, I came to see that there were a few powerful strategies I was sharing with EVERY client.

Having identified these core strategies, it was a logical next step to put them down on paper.

There was another benefit to sharing these strategies in print – I could make them available to many more freelancers, at a price well below what I charge for one-on-one coaching.

That is when I decided to write the Breakthrough Freelance Success program.

This program is quite unlike anything else you may have come across either in print, or through coaching. The program doesn’t teach you how to be better at what you are already doing. It turns the whole idea of freelancing on its head, and shows you how to create a far more profitable, and very enjoyable way of building a freelance BUSINESS.

Now for the next stage in my thinking.

After completing the program, I had another, slightly circular thought. It was like I was chasing my own tail.

I figured that while the program on its own was complete, and would be of enormous value to freelancers, it lacked the interactive element that comes with personal coaching.

But there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to offer individual coaching to everyone who buys the program.


That’s when Rebecca Matter at AWAI and I came up with the idea of offering group coaching calls, included within the price of the program.

What is the benefit of group coaching calls? Well, it isn’t about learning anything that isn’t in the program. The idea isn’t to add new information during the calls.

The idea of the calls is to help you internalize the strategies already covered in the program. It’s to help you learn at a deeper level, so you are better equipped to implement each strategy, one by one.

The magic of overlaying print learning with auditory learning, through group coaching calls, is that it engages different parts of your brain. You may read something in print, and think, “that’s interesting”. But it is only when you hear that topic being discussed between real people that you have a genuine “A-ha!” moment.

That is what I want for you.

I want you to have several of those “A-ha!” moments.

You may get some of them from reading the program on its own.

But my guess is that the people who will get the most from this program will be those who read the program AND take part in the three group coaching calls. for a practical question...

How am I going to offer these live coaching calls to everyone, if people buy the program at different times, for months and years to come? Will I have to repeat the three calls, over and over again, maybe every three months?

Good question. And I’m not sure exactly how we will address that.

But for now, I do know we’ll be starting the first set of three calls on April 12th.

Consider that as target date. (Anyone who does one-on-one coaching calls with me will tell you I’m merciless when it comes to setting goals and deadlines!)

Buy the course now (or at least before the price goes up after March 19th). Then go through it once, front to back, before the first group coaching call.

Throughout the course of the three calls, I will cover all the sections included in the program. I’ll talk for 15 to 20 minutes, and then open the floor to questions.

Before the call, prepare some notes about any points you want clarified, or questions you want answered. Then listen carefully to everyone’s questions, and my answers.

What if we don’t have time to get to your question?

Well, here’s my promise to you. If you don’t have your question answered during the call, I will answer it one-on-one, within 48 hours.

My guess is that we’ll be creating a special online membership area for everyone who buys the program. So I will probably answer the question there – so everyone benefits from both the question and the answer.

Summing up...

I believe everyone who goes through the program AND takes part in the group coaching will have a tremendous advantage.

And that advantage won’t just come from the deeper understanding that comes with combining print learning with auditory learning.

Nor will it come just from having me answer your questions.

I think the biggest advantage will come from being part of an interactive community of other freelancers, all striving to building a better and more profitable business.

The bottom line?

Start working on the program as soon as you can...and make sure you take part of the first set of group-coaching calls, staring on April 12th.

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Published: March 19, 2010

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