How to Become the “Local Expert”
Earning $100 Per Hour

If you’re like me, you’ve been intrigued by the image of the “writer’s life” offered by AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. The freedom and things those six-figures could mean to my family …

I had to have it!

When my program arrived, I started consuming the material as quickly as possible. But, it soon became evident that it was going to require some serious time, effort, and practice before I was ready to sell my skills as a copywriter. So, how was I going to bridge the income gap until I was a competent copywriter?

My husband was out of a job. My freelance work as a brand-new medical transcriptionist had slowed to a trickle due to an economic downslide so severe it had affected even the health industry. Our finances were in the tank. Like many people, I suspect, we were watching our Incredible Shrinking Savings Account dip from hard-earned thousands … to hundreds … on greased skids toward zero.

I needed income now, an interim career that could support my family immediately and act as a stepping-stone to my eventual copywriting career. Something that could be put into motion and start earning cash almost right away.

When I saw the ads for AWAI’s Pro Résumé Program — with the promise that I could finish the program in 6 hours and 35 minutes, and then would easily be able to create outstanding résumés for a handsome profit — it hit me that this was exactly the “quick fix” our family needed.

My hunch was right. My new résumé business brought in significant amounts of cash quickly and easily — cash our family really needed. Better yet, my résumé business took just a few hours per week, allowing me to continue working toward my goal of becoming a highly-paid copywriter.

So, how about you? Could you use some additional income? Or maybe you’re ready to dump the 9-to-5 and launch a new career entirely?

If so, I’d like to share the simple steps I took to launch my successful “interim career” as a résumé writer. Following this easy process, you won’t waste valuable time with trial and error. In record time, and with little effort, you’ll be up-and-running with your own successful career.

Once I’d made the decision to start, I grabbed the Pro Résumé Program like a lifeline and devoured the information. Then I reviewed and practiced writing résumés by taking apart the “before” résumé examples, and rewriting them without looking at the “after.”

Next, I set a launch date for my business, taking to heart the advice given in the program to approach everything like a serious business owner would. I started with a to-do list that actually morphed into a real business plan. In order to appear professional, I decided I would need an online presence. So, after studying up a bit on how to do things right, I launched my website, and a little later, my blog.

Meanwhile, I planned my marketing strategy for getting clients …

This was a challenging, but fun, part of the prep. I read all Julien Sharp’s ideas in the Pro Résumé Bonus Section and found tons of great marketing ideas from ads and flyers to networking. So, I put on my copywriting hat and got to work.

If you’ve taken the Six-Figure Copywriting program, you know that a copywriter needs to know who the prospect is and what their needs are before doing anything else. Then it’s the copywriter’s job to supply the answer to those needs.

Who were my prospects? Soon-to-be college grads and the local unemployed.

What did my résumé prospects need? A job.

How can I help? By giving them the information to write a do-it-yourself résumé to get the interview and then the job.

And, the key to all good résumés is to sell the job hunter to an employer; to show the employer how this prospective employee can solve their problems. Since a résumé is simply a marketing tool, it has a lot in common with good copywriting.

Essentially, my marketing strategy was twofold:

  1. Become an expert and gain credibility.
  2. Use that credibility to land work.

The easiest way I could think of to become known by — and sell myself to — the community was to write articles on unemployment, résumé writing, and job search tips. I then submitted these articles (all of which carried my byline and contact info), to be published in the local papers. This helped me gain instant credibility, authority, and “expert status.”

My next step was turning that status into work. I decided to call each of our two local junior colleges in our county, the local Employment Development branch, and a federally grant-funded Career Center.

You have to understand I AM NOT A COLD CALLER. I’d love to be that confident extrovert, but that’s just not me. I decided the only way over this hump was to pretend I was preparing a to-do list for someone else who wanted to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. THEY would have to call; not me. I wrote down the phone numbers. I wrote a two-sentence script explaining who I was and that I was offering a free workshop or seminar on résumé-writing tips. Then I “hired” an actor (me) and assigned the role of calling to this “actor.” Picked up the phone (I can do this!), dialed the number (there, that’s done. It’s ringing … ), gave my short script and held my breath.

I was amazed at the positive response from each target I called. The results were several great new relationships and invitations to job fairs at the campuses, a “guest speaker” engagement at one of the college’s business classes, and an ongoing weekly “gig” at the Career Center generously paid at over $100 per hour — talk about Return on Investment! I’m actually more of a “consultant” than a résumé writer. Fine by me.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? And, it is.

What about you? Could you use a “stepping stone” career while working toward your copywriter’s life? One that easily provides you with an immediate good income?

You can accomplish the same thing simply by finding out the secrets to good résumé writing in AWAI’s very affordable Pro Résumé Program. The program is great for instilling both the skills and the confidence you need to be “the expert” and establish a profitable quick business.

If you agree this is what you’re looking for, follow these simple steps:

  • Buy the Pro Résumé Program
  • Read the material
  • Set obtainable, measurable goals
  • Start writing articles to establish your expertise — get published locally
  • Make yourself available to the community as “the expert”
  • Get those clients!

For me, AWAI’s Pro Résumé Program is the perfect fit at the perfect time to bridge my “someday” copywriting dreams with today’s needs. It can be for you, too.

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Published: April 20, 2010

1 Response to “How to Become the “Local Expert” Earning $100 Per Hour”

  1. The writer's script and role play example is wonderful. Good for her!

    Jiivanii Dent

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