93.6% Of Small Business Owners
Need Your Help

  • 93.6% of business owners need you to help them find the best way to get new customers.
  • 92.1% want your help encouraging existing customers to refer more business.
  • 92% want you to help them identify the best online marketing tools.

And when asked what specific area of their business they need the most help in, 66.5% ranked either "Marketing," "Sales/new business," or "Growth planning/business growth" as their single biggest area of need (far more than technology, legal, manufacturing, and other operational aspects of their business).

This is all according to the results of the 7,000-person 2010 U.S. Small Business Attitudinal Survey from email marketing service provider Constant Contact.

What does it all mean to you as a copywriter?

There are tons of small companies out there — from sole proprietorships up through companies with dozens or even hundreds of employees — who need your help.

Because you have a particularly valuable skill. Because you've gone through AWAI's programs, and you regularly read newsletters like this one to help you accomplish marketing and sales goals through your writing, you have something these businesses need.

You have the ability to turn prospects — people who are somewhat interested in what the business offers … into customers — people who actually spend money with the business. Believe it or not, 93.6% of business owners — people running active, going, growing businesses — don't understand how to do this crucial business task!

That is your opportunity.

These businesses live and die by daily sales volume and customer flow. I spent about five years working in a similar business before going full-time freelance, and I know firsthand. A good sales day and everybody's up and feeling happy. If the cash register isn't going "ka-ching," everybody's in a panic.

Sure, other parts of the business are important. Yet nobody lives and dies by the Internet connection or the phone system unless it's down. If the books are unbalanced for a few days, usually the bookkeeper and the owner are the only ones that know and care.

But sales — if they're down, everybody's in the dumps. If they're up, it's free lunch for the whole office.

You can be the hero

Once you get that the web pages, emails, sales letters, and other promotional pieces you write directly contribute to the sales volume and profits of your clients — and you learn what works and what doesn't — you can be their hero.

If you create a Pay-Per-Click campaign, including landing page, autoresponder follow-up sequence, and sales letter that starts bringing in new customers on autopilot, you get noticed. When you write a sales letter that begins giving them thousands of dollars a week in new revenue they wouldn't have otherwise had, they're ecstatic. As soon as you give those 93.6% of business owners a proven way to get more customers for their business, you create a loyal friend and client.

What most don't realize (and what we can keep as our own little secret) is that it's really a simpler process than most people think.

There are proven methods

Despite the fact that 93.6% of business owners haven't quite figured it out yet, there are proven methods to attract new customers, get those customers referring friends, and get every one of your customers to spend more money with you through time.

When you learn those online or off, you gain a lot of power. You become a trusted advisor. And, you can begin to write your own ticket.

The more methods you learn for attracting customers and getting them to spend more (plus bring friends), the more opportunities you can create for yourself.

Take this scenario

Let's say you come across a potential client whose online business is doing well enough to bring in outside help, yet who has a lot of deficiencies in their Internet marketing. This happens all the time. They've set up a basic catalog website to sell products, and have started spending some money on fairly generic advertising to bring visitors to their website.

You recognize some opportunity:

  • You could help them target their advertising so it finds the specific people online looking for what they sell, and takes them directly to a page where they can learn more about — and buy — the products.
  • You could help them expand on their email marketing through the use of autoresponders, regular newsletters, and up-sell and cross-sell offers to past customers.
  • You could help them do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on their website, and find places off their website that they can promote for free.
  • You can help them use social media to build a fan base in addition to a customer base.
  • You could even help them build a separate "informational" website on their product categories and on important problems and questions their customers have — one that has links and advertisements throughout to drive people to their main catalog website.

There are plenty of opportunities in almost any business selling online. Opportunities to keep you busy for years — once you identify them and show how their implementation will help the client get new customers and make sales easier and cheaper, and grow their business.

Then you just dive in and apply your persuasive writing skills to their online copy, plus the web marketing skills you've learned to each project. They start to get the results they want, and the projects keep flowing.

[Ed. Note: Web marketing seems to change every day, with new opportunities for you to make your clients more successful (and earn you bigger paydays as a result) constantly popping up. The best way we know to stay on top of it all is through Wealthy Web Writer — the members-only site designed exclusively for your needs as a web copywriter and marketer. Learn how to get access here.]

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Published: July 21, 2010

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