September 2010

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The Early Bird Catches The Worm …

Don Mahoney shares the real meaning of the old adage, “The Early Bird Catches the Worm.”

Top Ten Reasons To Be At ‘Bootcamp 2010’

If you’re serious about jumpstarting your success in the direct response industry, you don’t want to miss AWAI’s Bootcamp 2010. Here are the top reasons to be at this year’s event.

A Lesson in Writing Autoresponders from the Pawn Stars School of Business

The king of autoresponders, Jay White shows you how one copywriting technique applies to writing autoresponders, and why if you know how to do it, the rest will come easily.

Are You Honest, Hard Working, and Financially Solvent? If So, Read This – You Won’t Like It, But You Should Read It Now

If you’re concerned about your financial future, you’ll appreciate this good advice from entrepreneur and master copywriter, Michael Masterson

I Have Nothing To Say, But Don’t Quote Me

Herschell Gordon Lewis shares that often writers use a lot of words to say absolutely nothing, and what you can do as a writer to avoid making this mistake.

The Easiest Copywriting Lesson … and the Hardest to Follow

Important lesson: Only after your prospect is convinced through his emotions do you bring in logic to help make the sale.

Why I Love "The Writer's Life"

Mark Everett Johnson, former copy chief to legendary Gene Schwartz, shares with you his personal reasons for loving the writer's life.

Research Tips for Web Writers

Research is a critically important step in the success of any promotion that you write. Heather Robson shares the successful process she uses when doing research for her web projects.

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