Three Reasons to Reinvent Your Copywriting Business Now

What could you have in common with Steve Jobs, Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanilla Ice, Madonna, and Bob Bly?

First, let’s look at what THEY have in common.

They all reinvented themselves.

They changed their focus … how they present themselves to the world … and as a result, they’ve achieved exceptional success again and again.

For example …

  • Steve Jobs co-founded Apple Computers, left in an ugly, public battle, co-founded Pixar Animation Studios, fought his way back from a serious illness, and then came back to Apple to help drive a renewed innovative culture that has reinvented mobile phones and tablet technologies.
  • Accomplished actress Gwyneth Paltrow is launching a new career as a country singer, completely reinventing her image from “actress, wife of Coldplay lead singer, and organic-lifestyle mom” to a fresh voice debuting on the 2010 Country Music Awards.
  • Robert Matthew Van Winkle, known as rapper Vanilla Ice who performed the one-hit-wonder, “Ice, Ice, Baby,” has reinvented his life to become a home renovation expert. His home makeover reality program, “The Vanilla Ice Project,” is currently running on the DIY network.
  • Madonna became a pop icon in her early 20’s and then continuously reinvented herself in a chameleon-like fashion to continue breaking new ground in music videos and entertainment. She also became an actress who won Golden Globe Awards for her portrayal of Eva Peron.
  • And famous copywriter Bob Bly, prolific “how to” book author specializing in copywriting and B2B marketing, has reinvented himself as an Internet marketing expert with huge success from his online publishing business.

How would you like to reinvent yourself and enjoy extraordinary success in 2011?

Why not? It can happen to anyone!

Throngs of “regular” people just like you and me have reinvented themselves, too, due to the economic shakeup of the last few years … and they’re enjoying success and happiness like never before.

A Wall Street broker has become an alpaca goat farmer, turning wool into gold for the fashion industry.

An accountant is now selling specialty cupcakes in a thriving urban bakery. (Who knew cupcakes would become so popular?)

People everywhere are turning their interests and passions into unique, highly-profitable businesses.

And, you know what? You can do it, too.

You can reinvent your copywriting business NOW and start 2011 with a BANG … attracting the clients, projects, and income you always hoped for — doing what you LOVE.

Reinvention is much easier than you think.

In fact, you can reinvent yourself as a copywriter practically overnight if you make just one single shift in your business focus.

So, what is that single shift?

I’ll tell you in a moment.

But first, you need to be ready for it.

You need to clear away the clutter, turn off the external “noise” about what you should or shouldn’t do, and prepare yourself to embrace a simple solution to ramping up your copywriting business.

Do me a favor and stop reading for just a second.

Breathe in and out a couple of times. Shut your eyes for 10 seconds and then open them again with a clear mind.

Refocus your eyes and continue reading.

Ready to discover the trick to rapid reinvention and success?

Here it is …

Niche yourself.

That’s right.

Niche yourself. Position yourself as a copywriting and marketing expert in a specific niche industry.

That’s what I decided to do in April, 2010. I chose a specific niche market that I love, and I reinvented my marketing approach.

I chose the pet industry because it’s strong, growing, and I’m passionate about it.

And once I made that choice, it was fun and easy to quickly focus my copywriting business there.

Within 7 weeks of launching my niche-specific copywriting business in June, 2010, I landed 7 great pet industry clients and projects, now totaling close to $47,000 worth of work.

So, why is choosing a niche market so important for reinventing your business and THRIVING as a copywriter?

Let me give you a few reasons.

  1. It’s easier to market your business to the right clients.

    When you’re focused on one industry, you can focus on attracting a select group of clients that are just right for you, which means you can get very specific about WHO you’re talking to, WHAT you offer them, and WHERE you can connect with them.

    And, this is true even if you already offer a specific service niche such as web content writing or white paper writing. The number of copywriters focusing on those services is growing … so you still need to focus on WHO you’re offering those expert services to.

    Example: Let’s say you’re a web copywriter and consultant for the green/eco-friendly furnishings industry. It’s very likely that you’ll be the ONLY copywriter for that specific niche, reaching out to hundreds of businesses that make eco-friendly furnishings for homes and offices. Think of it — the green market is massive and there are countless businesses in that field right now, all jockeying to reach consumers and retailers.

    This means they all need a skilled copywriter who understands the demands of an online market looking for furnishings made from truly organic or recycled materials. That copywriter could be you!

  2. You can become an expert in lightning speed.

    If you’re focused on just one niche industry, you minimize the learning curve needed to help your clients.

    Copywriters who don’t focus on a niche market are constantly scrambling to learn a new industry. This week you may be working on copy for a website selling Belgian chocolate, the next week it might be sales materials for medical devices. You may have to learn about real estate, software companies, private colleges … who knows what else.

    This can get exhausting, plus, it’s nearly impossible to become a true expert in any of these fields while ALSO enhancing your craft as a copywriter.

    Using the green market again, if you’re 100% focused in that area, you can easily become knowledgeable about the marketing challenges of that industry plus what works to drive sales. This is a huge benefit because it makes you more efficient each day, plus more valuable to your clients.

  3. You quickly become a client magnet.

    In a giant football field filled with “general industry” copywriters, imagine yourself being the ONLY ONE STANDING when a client comes in and says, “I need a copywriter with a green furnishings background. Everyone else sit down.”

    This is literally what happens online when prospective clients search for a copywriter in their niche industry.

    Go online and try some Google searches using the phrase “[fill in a niche] copywriter.” For example, “medical device copywriter,” “fitness copywriter,” “construction copywriter,” or anything else that comes to mind.

    You’ll see that just one or a small handful of copywriters have positioned themselves in those niches. And, they’re enjoying top Google rankings as a result. Those rankings turn into traffic from clients ready to hire them. Thus, they’re all “client magnets” in their industries.

    Nice, huh?

So, how did I do it? How did I reinvent my business and focus on a niche that works for me?

And, how can you copy what I did to enjoy similar results?

First, I did my homework.

When you consider a possible niche market for yourself, take a good look to see if the industry includes hundreds or thousands of companies that are spending money on advertising and web marketing. You want to work with clients who have great budgets.

The Internet offers all kinds of clues into which industries are hot … and which are not.

Next, brand yourself as the copywriting and marketing expert in that industry.

Establish a business name and website that’s clearly all about what you offer marketers in your niche.

It’s very likely that you’ll be one of just a few copywriters in that industry … or even better, the ONLY copywriter!

Wow — your clients will find you immediately online and you’ll have very little competition!

How refreshing!

Finally, follow the proven marketing techniques other copywriters are using to attract clients, such as:

  • Requesting referrals from your colleagues and social-networking connections
  • Writing a blog that offers useful marketing tips and attracts search-engine traffic
  • Sending out a direct mail package to a list of your ideal clients
  • Advertising your business online and offline
  • Joining trade associations where marketers are actively looking for help to grow their businesses

These are just a few approaches that can quickly shine the light on YOU as the go-to copywriter in the niche industry of your choice.

It can happen in no time at all … within just a few weeks, in fact!

Is it really this easy?

Yes, because there’s a roadmap available that you can literally “copy and paste” into your own copywriting business plan.

This roadmap is based on a Case Study I created to show you how my niche-specific business made a HUGE difference to my income and happiness.

“Everybody says ‘get a niche,’ but Pam Foster finally tells you how to do it.”
Bob Bly

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a new program I created with AWAI:

Niche Yourself and Thrive!
Attract Your Ideal Clients FASTER With a Focused Copywriting Business Plan today.

If you’d like to reinvent your business in just a few weeks and make 2011 a fantastic year for yourself and your family …

Check out this new program by clicking here: Niche Yourself and Thrive!

Good luck! Let me know how you make out.

[Editor's Note: Pam Foster is a certified SEO copywriter, web consultant, 30-year marketing veteran, and author of two popular AWAI programs, The Web Copywriter’s Clear Path to Profits, and Site Audits Made Simple. Her new program, Niche Yourself and Thrive!, is now available at this link.]

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Published: November 29, 2010

2 Responses to “Three Reasons to Reinvent Your Copywriting Business Now”

  1. Pam,

    You are so right! I'm looking forward to your program. I'm in the process of executing my niche specific business plan, and this program may just be the magic bullet I need to get me to the top of my niche!

    Thanks for showing us the way!


    Guest (slmoore)

  2. Thanks so much for commenting! You're more than welcome. Here's to a fantastic 2011 for you :-)

    Guest (Pam Foster)

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