Announcing AWAI’s “Got it Done” Challenge

It started at Bootcamp … as a challenge to the attendees to take actions based on what they were learning and who they were meeting.

The response was very impressive so we’re going to keep it going …

Starting today … and for the next 7 days … write down every action you take that has or will have a positive and forward-moving impact on your writing career.

Post each “got it done” as a comment below. You’ll get public recognition for taking action … and we’ll give away some fun prizes too.

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Published: November 11, 2010

36 Responses to “Announcing AWAI’s “Got it Done” Challenge”

  1. Started writing - as in actually typing into a file on my laptop - an article to build my portfolio and am already having ideas about how this can be transformed into my first 'bait' piece.


  2. So far, I've joined COS at Bootcamp ... participated in a Peer Review my first day back home, spoke with a potential client on the phone after meeting her at Bootcamp, wrote and sent her a headline/lead writing sample on the product her company sells, spoke with another COS member about setting up a website, and have contacted/spoke with other COS members/new friends from Bootcamp! I also completed my COS survey today. I am psyched!!

    Carol Powers

  3. Got it done:
    Working on my lead gen reports for my website. I completed 5 more pages along with edits.

    Spoke in depth with a designer about my website design. I am scheduled to book the designer tomorrow.

    Deb Monfette

  4. Thursday, Nov. 11th - daughter's gone to bed. Working on the content for the home page of my website.

    Jim Ledingham

  5. I got my first client! In fact I got two! I have been studying AWAI programs for a couple of years now, always waiting for the right time to start or "launch" my copywriting career. This week I just did it. I still don't feel "ready" but now I am working on two assignments. I'm thrilled that I made the leap and just jumped right in. I finally feel like a writer. I got it done!


  6. Thursday I met with my writing group, 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. I got about 30 minutes on goals and my tasklist, the rest actually writing! We chat for a few minutes in the beginning, then it's down to work. That's why I love it--a writing group that actually writes!


  7. Spent the morning sending out thank you notes to graphic designers and online marketers I met with earlier in the week.

    Followed with another prospect. We're meeting Tuesday.

    Sent sample proposal and information packet to a prospect.

    About to post on my blog that's written to businesses owners/marketers that want to understand more about writing for the web.


  8. End of first post-Bootcamp week. My 'got dones' are: Drafted (on plane) and sent(when home) thank yous & follow ups to Job Fair prospects(one response already!); collaborated on organiz'n of new mini peer review group & participated in my regular group; updated freelance website w/SEO &other, & posted to blog; made good start on freebie report for MMW; mind-mapped MMW plans, added pages to MMW, updated Twitter profile and posted to Twtr and FB - teasers for new MMW site. And - 3 AWAI webinars, + 1 WordPress webinar all w/very good takeaways.

    Guest (Ann)

  9. Today I spoke with my potential client again ... I think I may have my first paid assignment; she called and asked me to send her a proposal for the project she needs ... I emailed her the proposal and I'm waiting to hear back! I also contacted one of the new friends I met at Bootcamp agout getting together to discuss our ideas for a website.

    Carol Powers

  10. Today I reviewed my client's examples and emails and prepared questions for our conference call tomorrow. I also began reviewing a fellow AWAI COS member's work for our upcoming meeting on Monday.

    Carol Powers

  11. Wow! Since Bootcamp...I pulled the trigger on November 11 and became a Circle of Success member! I couldn't be more excited! I decided to become a working copywriter 2011 and I'm certain COS is just the boost I need... I also completed my Home Page on my website 11/13. And organized 17 Spec Challenges from Job Fair 2010 according to deadline date...

    Jerry Bures

  12. Today, I defined my 2011 copywriting goal according to Rebecca's Nov 3rd Wealthy Web Writer article on creating a "master roadmap" detailing where I want to be in 12 months and how I'm getting there. And, I started on my first Spec Challenge from Job Fair 2010. This is where I breathe... deeply... ahhhh! Is it Monday yet?

    Jerry Bures

  13. Today (Sunday) I met with another member of the client's company via teleconference and I got the job!! My very first one -- just one short week after Bootcamp!! I also prepared for my Peer Review Group tomorrow by reviewing another COS member's copy and did some internet research on the product I'll be writing about for my first paid assignment.

    Carol Powers

  14. Worked off and on all weekend to complete my spec package for the Accelerated Companion Series 2. Had outside help with editing for comprehension using the CUB technique and proofreading. Sent it off for Peer Review just now! GOT IT DONE! I never thought I'd really write a 21 page sales letter package, and it's not final yet!

    Guest (LaneS)

  15. This morning I've got about half of my first draft done on my first paid assignment, plus notes for the second half. I also participated in my Peer Review Group.

    Carol Powers

  16. Edited my buzz piece I'm going to release this week.

    Wrote two blog posts, posted one.

    Got ready for a mega networking event tomorrow—needed to write a one page promo sheet I can leave behind.

    Took the dog for a walk to revive my creativity.

    Guest (ctalbott)

  17. Took a scary leap from corporate job—resumed several AWAI courses—tackled family issues (adult son attacked and suffered brain injury this summer-no insurance), yet determined to attend Bootcamp ANYWAY (& found money to come!)—joined COS—completed groupsite profile—posted objectives—submitted survey—applied for a virtual job to maintain savings and enjoy work-at-home until able to transition into THE WRITER’S LIFE!


  18. Using intranet tools, began modifications to my website. Updated my résumé and cover.


  19. Monday, November 15th - After recovering from a rough weekend (not alcohol induced), I returned to writing the content of my home page for my new website. I'm happy to report the content is now done for my home page (for now anyway). Next step - writing the content for my about page. Looking forward to Gettin' er done on Tuesday.

    Jim Ledingham

  20. Posted to COS blog topic today. Man, I just want to be faithful, follow instructions, stop procrastinating, and get busy living the life I desire...


  21. Scribbled thoughts and sentences down for my writing assignment throughout the day while doing stuff around the house and homeschooling. Did some internet research as well.Then I was able to sit in my car and write for a good hour while my son was in his drama class this afternoon. Got back in touch with another COS member; we are planning to meet up on 4 Dec to discuss a website project!

    Carol Powers

  22. Tuesday, November 16th - It's a lot more difficult bragging about myself than I thought it would be. I have some rough notes written for my "About" page. Finding it a little difficult to get this one done in the 1.5 hours I have available tonight. It's a good start for me though. Wednesday night will be a good night for fine tuning and possibly adding to my website.

    Jim Ledingham

  23. Tuesday, November 16

    Met with a graphic designer about referring me to her clients. Meeting went really well.

    Attended Mega Networking with the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce. Sat at 6 different tables and got to talk about my services to over 27 people. Had several people interested.


  24. Wednesday November 17

    Made a follow up call with a prospect. Didn't get him on the phone but left a VM.

    Sent follow up email to an internet marketing and design firm who might be interested in my services.

    Blog post.

    Worked on the home page of one of my clients. Got the rough draft done. Still needs alot of polishing.

    Listened to Ed Gandia and Pete Savages teleconference call.

    Spoke with a person I met yesterday at the networking event. Sounds like he'll be referring me to his clients.


  25. Started typing/revising/editing my first draft of my writing assignment. I'm about 3/4 done! Been writing in longhand up until now.

    Carol Powers

  26. Wednesday Nov. 17th - took a peek at the boot camp home study information. Can't wait to dive into that material. But I have to stay focused on finishing my website. Still working on my "About" page info. Starting to get some good thoughts on paper and in an order that makes sense. I think my about page is actually starting to help me narrow down my niche.

    Jim Ledingham

  27. Busy post-BC days! Sent out specs to 6 potential clients, got response and writing job(email sales letter and advertorial magazine ad) from a health company (so excited!), had an article proposal accepted by WealthyWebWriter (sent in before BC), staying very busy with my websites and more specs. Joined COS at BC & did survey and getting started things. A group of us from BC started a Peer Review and Mastermind groups. Been supporting and reviewing each other. A whirlwind of fun, productive activities!

    Janet Grosshandler

  28. November 17-18

    Joined a local networking site.
    Added contacts from last networking event to my linked-in account.
    Assembled more company information for my cold calling campaign after Thanksgiving.
    Blog post.
    Worked on two client projects.
    Spent some time reading up on B2B copywriting. An interesting niche.
    Sent thank you note to graphic designer I met with.
    Made two follow up phone calls.
    Worked more on my buzz piece.


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  30. Sunday Nov. 21st - After 4 days off with a sick child, I'm back in the saddle. My target is to get my about page content done tonight (finally) and post it on the site tomorrow night. Joined the Business side of B2B copywriting to get me moving after my site is finished.

    Jim Ledingham

  31. Monday Nov. 22nd - Woo-hoo! Got my "about" page done and added to my website. Next to get done, services page. I'm trying to get 'er done before the Nov. 30th deadline for the DMA Directory of Freelancers. Might not be the prettiest site but hey, I can always spice it up after I guess.

    Jim Ledingham

  32. Tuesday Nov. 23rd - Got it done again. My contact and services pages are now on my website. One more page to go before I start adjusting the look and feel of the site. Maybe I can hit that Nov. 29th deadline for getting my B2B freelancing business going?

    Jim Ledingham

  33. I just submitted my first spec assignment!

    Got my submission in for the DMA directory. Moving on to the next spec assignment.


  34. Wednesday Nov. 24th - In the hour I have available today, I managed to get most of my "client" page content typed up. Won't be posted to my web site tonight but I should get it done by Thursday night. Seems like such small steps each day, but in the end, when you look back, you realize each small step has brought you that much closer to your success (and much further along then if you hadn't taken any steps).

    Jim Ledingham

  35. Finished my update on LinkedIn Began setting up my website Took the COS Survey Updated my AWAI membership page Edited 2 spec challenges Continued Exercise #2 (6-Figure Copywriting Program)

    Even with an upper/lower respiratory infection. I love being my own boss. :)

    Barbie Eslin

  36. I decided there were so many items that needed to get done in a timely and consistent manner that I created a spreadsheet. Every day of the month is listed along the left side. Across the top, I list everything I have to do every day plus all new items. I have a column for my niches. One for ideas that come to me as I write or work, etc. It is Working pretty well.


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