Join Me And Launch Your B2B Business on November 29th!

I know I've confessed this before …

If I were to become a full-time freelance copywriter today, I'd dive head first into the B2B industry as an online copywriter — no question about it!

But during yesterday’s teleconference call, The “Lottery Factor”: The Biggest Reason B2B Copywriting Is Different from Consumer Copywriting I realized I just couldn’t wait any longer …

That’s why I’m going to launch my own B2B copywriting business on 11/29.

And I want you to join me!

Like Pete Savage said on the call, as a B2B copywriter you can be in total control of your fate …

Because unlike B2C copywriting, there is no opportunity to "win the lottery," as Ed Gandia put it. You don’t have to launch your career on the strength of writing a single blockbuster campaign.

The real "secret sauce" to a successful B2B copywriting career is simply knowing how to market your business.

And according to the guys, everything is laid out in the program, The “Business Side” of B2B Copywriting: How to Get Clients, Grow Your Business, and Boost Your Income.

In this program, Pete, Ed, and fellow B2B superstar Steve Slaunwhite outline all the things they do outside of actually writing copy in order to land those top-paying writing projects. Things like …

  • How to actually go out and find great B2B companies to write for
  • How to create winning sales proposals
  • How to properly price your services
  • Following up with the client after you submit your proposal to better your chances of landing the job
  • Creating your own arsenal of compelling marketing materials, including exactly what to say in your early conversations with clients to establish trust immediately
  • And, every other step along the way that leads to landing those high-paying B2B copywriting gigs

The program is broken into eight intensive training videos that are available for you to watch online, in an on-demand video format. You simply press "Play," then watch and listen as Pete, Steve, and Ed take you through each session.

My plan is to get started today, and finish up over the Thanksgiving weekend.

How about you?

If you join me by November 23rd you’ll save 50%!

In addition to the hundreds of slides and hours of instruction from Pete, Ed, and Steve, as well as loads of special bonuses, you'll save a full $250 off the program price if you order by November 23rd at midnight.

Don’t wait for any New Year’s resolutions … let’s do it now!

Whether you’re an experienced copywriter looking for a new lucrative niche, or a new copywriter who has decided the B2B market is for you, there’s never been a better time to get started.

And with this program you’ll have everything you need to successfully market your business to clients who value what you can do for them and will gladly pay you the high fees B2B copywriters have come to expect.

What do you say?

I’m giving you until November 23rd to make sure you have enough time. But if you know you want this, don’t wait.

Sign up now and start getting through the program so you’ll be ready to launch your business on November 29th.

"There's something magical about starting to work on your goal this time of year rather than waiting until the New Year. The momentum, excitement and quick wins you generate will dramatically increase your chances of success. That's why I'm already working actively on my 2011 goals. I started taking Karate lessons two weeks ago and began taking some important steps in both my business and personal life. My plan? To have serious momentum by January 1st, when most people are only beginning to think about their resolutions.

"Which is why I urge you to seriously consider investing in this program now and commit to officially launching your B2B business by Monday, November 29. As I said during the teleconference, most of your success as a B2B copywriter will have little to do with your ability to write powerful copy. Instead, it will largely depend on your ability to identify the right prospects, attract the best clients, quote your work profitably, complete projects efficiently, keep clients happy and become an indispensable member of their marketing team. That's what this program teaches you. And I can't think of a better time to get started. I hope you'll join us!"Ed Gandia

"On the call, Rebecca threw out a surprising challenge – actually it was more of an invitation … to launch your B2B copywriting business by November 29. If that invitation, and that short timeline, conjures up feelings of anxiety, hesitation, worry, fear, doubt, panic, distress, or discomfort, then I urge you to STOP thinking about it. Stop over analyzing this invitation with your head and instead, follow your HEART. If this feels like the direction you would like to explore, then just act. The paradox is that you think you're going it alone. The reality is that you'll be guided along by all of us. Steve Slaunwhite, Ed Gandia and I will teach you everything you need to know in these on demand self-study webinars. And Rebecca will be DOING the program as well, at the same time as you. And we'll get together again for a special Q&A to answer your questions. Imagine going into December with a clear sense of direction for what 2011 has in store for you, and a clear plan on how to make it happen. Those feelings of anxiety, hesitation and fear replaced with confidence, relief and the positive expectation of your success. Sound good? Then let's do this!"Pete Savage

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Published: November 18, 2010

1 Response to “Join Me And Launch Your B2B Business on November 29th!”

  1. Hi, Rebecca! The challenge is on--my Twitter account is up and running(WhitePapersWork), I'm building my website, and I'll start watching the videos as soon as I'm done eating turkey this evening. :) I'm so excited to take part in this venture as part of cohort of other new B2B copywriters! Let's make a huge splash. Here's to all of our success!

    Jennifer Nagel Minneapolis, MN

    Jennifer Wenzel

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