No Such Thing as a Control in B2B

I just listened to the playback from my interview with Pete and Ed this week. (You can access it here.)

And, out of the dozens of insights Pete and Ed shared with us, there’s one benefit of the B2B market that keeps resonating with me today: the fact that in B2B, there’s no such thing as a “control!”

In fact, most of the projects in B2B can’t really be “measured” in terms of actual results. Which means that much of your success as a B2B copywriter is the result of two things:

  1. Making sure your client is happy with your work. (Easy!)
  2. Knowing how to run and manage projects. (Also easy!)

As Ed said, your job as a B2B copywriter is usually to write compelling content that will be used at some point during a sales effort. Yet, to what extent your copy actually influenced the sale is anybody’s guess!

For instance, you might be tasked to write a 5-page white paper that will be used as part of a lead-generation campaign. The campaign will generate leads, which will be turned over to the sales team. Eight months later, some of those leads will have turned into customers.

Yet, the reason those leads became customers is never clear. The customer’s buying decision was influenced by dozens of factors, not just your white paper.

That means your copy is not going to bomb. It’s not even going to be tested against a control. All you have to do is manage and complete the project efficiently ... and please the client.

If they like your white paper and think prospects will be influenced by it ... they’ll continue to give you lucrative projects. (Over time, you may even be seen as indispensable!)

Now, I don’t know about you, but having to please just one or two people sounds a lot less stressful than having your copy mailed to tens of thousands of consumers ... only to have it fail miserably.

In consumer copywriting (health, financial, self-help, etc.), that happens all the time. And, there’s no hiding from it when it happens. Results are VERY transparent.

Not having to worry about whether or not your copy will bomb …

Just one MORE reason to love the B2B market!

The third piece of becoming a successful copywriter …

Above, I gave you two things that will ensure your success as a B2B copywriter:

  1. Making sure your client is happy with your work.
  2. Knowing how to run and manage projects.

But, there’s a third component to becoming a successful B2B copywriter Ed and Pete went over on the call ...

It’s knowing how to promote your services and how to land great clients.

As the guys said, unlike in consumer copywriting, B2B success is much more about keeping the prospect pipeline full and knowing how to attract clients faster and cost-effectively.

In fact, all these three critical success factors:

  • Attracting the right clients (faster and cheaper)
  • Managing B2B projects
  • Ensuring that clients are happy (even thrilled!) with your work ...

... Are why we asked Ed, Pete, and Steve Slaunwhite to create a program to help both new and existing B2B copywriters succeed.

The result is an online program called The “Business Side” of B2B Copywriting: How to Get Clients, Grow Your Business, and Boost Your Income.

In this intensive program, Steve, Pete, and Ed show you how to launch and grow your own B2B copywriting business the right way ... faster, with fewer mistakes, and much more profitably.

You’ll discover how to attract better-paying clients faster. How to manage B2B projects like a pro (and boost your income doing so). And, how to become a resource your clients just can’t do without.

Better yet, the guys will show you how you can get there in 2011 — NOT two, five, or even ten years from now.

And, because it’s entirely online, you can access it today. Which means you can complete it over the next week (or at your own pace). And, start laying the foundation for a successful B2B copywriting business before the New Year!

If you haven't heard, I'm planning to go through the course starting today.

My goal is to be done by November 29th so that I can get my own B2B copywriting business launched before the holidays.

Want to join me?

Through this coming Tuesday, November 23rd, you can receive full access to the program for $250 off the regular price, as well as a long list of special bonuses.

You can learn more about the program and bonuses here.

But better yet, you won’t have to go it alone! We’ll launch our businesses together following Ed, Pete and Steve’s advice.

B2B is one of the surest ways to earn and sustain a six-figure income (or the part-time equivalent) as a copywriter. But to get there, you must absolutely know how to attract better-paying clients ... how to keep clients happy ... and how to manage projects like a pro.

This program gives you those critical missing pieces. And, it will help fast-track your B2B success unlike anything else.

Don’t wait for New Year’s resolutions - make 2010 the year you break through to B2B success.


P.S. Remember, you can test-drive this program with zero risk … for a full 120 days!

That means you can try out The “Business Side” of B2B Copywriting: How to Get Clients, Grow Your Business, and Boost Your Income. Follow the step-by-step B2B success strategies. And start landing repeat, profitable clients that truly value your skills.

And if, for some reason, you're not satisfied with anything in the program after a full four months, simply let us know and we'll give you your money back.

No questions asked.

Now … what's keeping you from this incredible opportunity?

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Published: November 18, 2010

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