To Get Ahead As An Online Copywriter, You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now

Just three years ago, I was writing about how offline copywriters needed to reinvent themselves as online copywriters.

I was right. The offline world of marketing was and is shrinking fast, and those budgets are now being spent online.

But, what I hadn’t anticipated three years ago was the upcoming growth in social media.

Back then, being on Twitter was seen as a joke by most people. I mean, who cares whether you are at the local coffee shop, drinking a cappuccino?

However, over the last two years, everything has changed.

If you thought the movement of marketing dollars from print to the Web happened fast, it was nothing compared to the speed with which companies have begun to adopt and invest in social media.

Social media adoption, by companies large and small — not to mention nonprofits — is happening at lightning speed.

Consider the following:

  • Ford didn’t launch its new Explorer at a major car show, it launched it on Facebook.
  • Comcast doesn’t handle customer service over the phone, it does it through Twitter.
  • Local retailers no longer have to print and distribute flyers door-to-door, they use Groupon.
  • Major brands like Old Spice are no longer depending on old media for branding purposes, they are doing it through YouTube.

Yes, we have come a long way from using Twitter just to chat about our coffee-drinking habits!

Social media is fast becoming a major component of many companies’ marketing plans.

There are hundreds of social media sites now, and thousands of services created to monitor, analyze, and optimize the use of social media as a means to connect with new customers, engage existing customers, and even make direct sales.

What does this mean to you, as a freelance copywriter?

It means that you need to upgrade your skills in a hurry.

Just three years ago, it was print copywriters who ran the risk of being left behind if they didn’t learn about online copywriting.

Today, online copywriters are in danger of losing their edge if they don’t learn about social media marketing.

Let’s consider some questions a prospect or client might soon ask you — or might have already asked you.

“Can you write us a welcome page for Facebook?”

“Can you write us a series of tweets to help drive people to an upcoming event?”

“Could you write us some content pages and optimize them for maximum shareability through social media?”

“Could you write us some mobile ads for Groupon?”

“Could you write us a sales page, plus shopping cart copy, for our Facebook page?”

“Could you advise us on the best social media sites to use when we launch our next product?”

“Could you help us reach out to key influencers on Twitter, so we can send them product samples?”

“Could you write us the scripts for a series of YouTube videos?”

Are you ready to say yes?

If you are not, you are going to lose out to freelance copywriters who have already taken the leap and become experts in social media marketing.

But, don’t freak out. At least, not yet.

Although everything is happening super-fast, there are still relatively few online copywriters who can genuinely claim to be experts in social media.

Certainly, plenty of online copywriters already have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Maybe they are on LinkedIn, or have a YouTube channel.

Maybe you do, too.

But, participating in social media is not the same as being an expert in social media marketing. Just as having a website doesn’t make you an expert at online copywriting.

The opportunity facing you right now is to be among the first group of online copywriters who immerse themselves in the skills of social media marketing.

Do that now, and you’ll quickly be able to separate yourself from the pack, and offer a service that more and more companies are screaming out for.

And, that’s exactly what’s happening. Social media success stories are driving every company, large or small, to invest in social media.

The trouble is, they don’t have in-house experts to help them make it happen. So, they are looking outside, to freelancers.

And right now, very, very few online copywriters have a line on their websites that says, “Expert in social media marketing.”

You know the old adage, “Go where the money is at.”

Well, right now the money is in social media. It’s there for the taking. And, as an online copywriter, you are in an ideal position to reach out and take your share of the spoils.

But first, you need to do what it takes to become a genuine, professional-grade, social media marketing expert.

Be among the first, and reap the rewards.

This article, To Get Ahead As An Online Copywriter, You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: January 19, 2011

1 Response to “To Get Ahead As An Online Copywriter, You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now”

  1. I really appreciate the list at the end of the article. This gives me a clue to understand the questions I'll need to be able to answer. It's kind if a "cheat sheet" for the budding social media expert.!

    Eric B

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