Use This “Trifecta” to Make 2011 Your Most Profitable Year

Are you taking full advantage of being a web writer?

Because, let’s face it. The life of the freelancer is remarkable. You have total command of your time, your wardrobe, your workload, and best of all, your income level.

Yet, there’s one vital area where a lot of freelancers fall short. Ironically, it’s an area that can either make or break your career. Get it right, and your web-writing business will take off. Fail to master it, and you may never see the results you want.

The secret? Good health.

How To Make Sure Your New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Sputter And Die

Putting your health first is the single most important thing you can do to make sure you follow through on your web-writing goals.

Think about it. None of the perks you enjoy as a web writer are really valid without good health. For most people, it’s impossible to be happy and unhealthy at the same time.

My advice is to improve your health — and your web-writing career — by following the tips below. I call it the “Trifecta of Good Web-Writing Health.”

First, Convince The Most Important Person In Your Life

Good mental health can take just as much work as a good relationship with someone else. Makes sense. After all, mental health is about having a good relationship with yourself.

When it comes to web writing, good mental health is vital to scaling the success-ladder. You’ve got to be able to see yourself achieving your goals.

For some, devoting daily quiet time to goals and positive thoughts makes all the difference. Some use yoga, others meditate. Still others write in a gratitude journal.

Or, simply turn on an inspiring song and visualize yourself following through on the goals you’ve set for the year.

I don’t know who it was that first said, “To achieve it, you’ve got to believe it.” Those words couldn’t be truer. If you truly want to become a well-paid web writer, you’re the first and most important person who needs to be convinced.

Oblige Your Body In As Many Ways As Possible

Next comes physical health. Without a healthy body to carry out your daily tasks, a sound mind does you little good.

Consider the logistics of web writing. Yes, you can work anywhere at any time, but the majority of your work will involve sitting in front of a computer, typing.

This means getting a physical setup that accommodates your body is essential. Some of the best tools for a terrific physical work space are:

  • A quality desk chair. This is a good area to splurge. Aim for something that is height-adjustable and with solid back support. You want your thighs parallel to the ground. Your eyes, when looking straight ahead, should be right about at the center of your monitor.
  • An adjustable keyboard. The best keyboard setups come attached to a moveable arm where tilt or height angle can be adjusted. It’s also wise to have something that cushions your wrists.
  • Dual monitors (especially if one is a large screen). You can enlarge documents, which is easier on the eyes and brain, and you won’t have to do as much clicking back and forth between applications since you can display three to four programs at a time.

Other ways to improve your physical environment include making sure you have adequate light to work with and getting glasses that have a special anti-glare coating. You don’t even need a prescription to get these.

The other side of the physical equation has to do with eating and exercising. It’s simple, really. Make sure you get up and walk around or stretch every thirty minutes to an hour after sitting at your desk. Don’t nosh on fatty snacks, but instead keep a glass of water and healthy snacks within arms’ reach.

I like to get up and move around the house whenever I’m on a business call. It’s an easy way to give my body a circulation boost without breaking from work.

Keep Momentum High With Continuous Support

Finally, there’s the emotional side of your health to consider. Web writing is solitary for most of us. Though we work from home and don’t have to hassle with detestable co-workers or an overbearing boss, we also get a lot less social interaction.

Not only is it easy to get depressed in this kind of situation, it’s also a drain on your mental productivity.

The best solution has two parts to it. For starters, make sure you leave your house and participate in outings with friends or family members. Don’t be a hermit. Take walks. Go to festivals and community events. Try your hand at local networking groups. Volunteer around town.

Second, connect with other web writers. Something powerful happens when you interact with others who share your goals. After all, they’re the ones who know what you’re going through and what it takes to break out and succeed.

You can get to know your fellow Wealthy Web Writer members simply by being an active presence in the member’s forum. That’s one of the best places to share your goals, questions, and hurdles. It’s where you can voice your successes or simply leave comments and kudos for other web writers.

Or, attend this year’s Web Intensive so you can put faces behind the names. Not only will you leave with vastly sharpened web-writing skills, you’ll also become part of a powerful force of forward-thinking people who value freedom and quality of life.

Do This If You’re Serious About Succeeding This Year

Here’s the bottom line: Make a solid effort to master this “trifecta” of health, and your web-writing career will take off. It’ll be easier to follow through on New Year’s resolutions and other goals. By attending to your mental, physical, and emotional needs, you’ll effectively supercharge your output.

In other words, by feeling good, staying motivated, and getting ongoing support and encouragement from inside the web-writing world, you’ll have all the advantages you need to really launch your career this year.

This article, Use This “Trifecta” to Make 2011 Your Most Profitable Year, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: January 26, 2011

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