February 2011

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How to Keep Your Work Life in Check

Steve Roller shares his work-at-home advice for maintaining a balance between your work life and your home life.

Being Negative Can Yield Positive Results

Don Hauptman explains how sometimes, being negative can yield positive results when it comes to using fear in your sales copy to get results.

How to Work at Home More Effectively

Steve Roller shares some advice on how you can be more effective as a working writer, to help you move closer to your own dreams.

Four Copywriting Tips That Can Skyrocket Response

Don Hauptman shares four copywriting tips that can skyrocket your response.

What Would Ben Franklin do?

John Wood revisits one of the most respected and accomplished men in U.S. history, Benjamin Franklin's list of 13 virtues and also added his "modern" translation.

Can Self-Confidence Impact Your Writing Career?

John Wood explains the importance of self-confidence and how much it impacts your writing career.

Are They “Sold” Before They Call You?

Ed Gandia discusses how copywriters can help prospects self-qualify before they call you and how this will help you get more clients.

Kettlebell Snatches, Goal Setting, and How to Make Millions of Dollars

Roy Furr shares how setting goals – and sticking to them - will help copywriters make millions of dollars.

Focus on What You CAN Do

John Wood tells a story that people with winning attitudes don't focus on what they don't have or what they can't do. They concentrate on what they have and what they can do.

Storytelling that Pays $125 – $300 an Hour

Make $125-$300 an hour by storytelling – Ed Gandia shows you how.

Increase Your Efficiency By 50%

John Wood shares a simple system you can use to do up to ten times the amount work in one day as someone who wasn't using a system.

Taking It One Day at a Time

If you've ever given up on a goal in your life because it seemed more like a faraway dream than a reality, John Wood has good news for you.

Next to a Positive Attitude, the Most Important Thing You Can Do to Live a Happier, More Productive Life

John Wood explains how it takes more than just a positive attitude to live a happier, more productive life.

Announcing … The Spread the Word Give-Away

AWAI is launching The Spread the Word Give-Away where you can enter for a chance to win a $250 American Express Gift Card – just for sharing information about our upcoming Work-at-Home Career Summit on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Marketing vs. Sales, And Why Knowing The Difference Is Critical To Your Success

Marketing and sales are two different things. Here, Mike Klaussen shares the difference and why knowing it is critical to your success.

Copywriting Royalties: How to Get Them

Roy Furr shares how copywriters can earn copywriting royalties.

American Idol

Dan Kennedy explains how life isn’t like American Idol and shares how drive is important to earning 7 figures.

Which Bucket Do You Fall Into?

There seem to be four buckets of fears and excuses that get in our way, and stop us or slow us down from getting to where we want to be … living our version of the writer’s life. Which bucket are you?

Does Long Copy Still Work Online?

Roy Furr shares what he most recently found out about the popular debate of long copy vs. short copy online.

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