Learn How to Become a Professional Copywriter and Work for Yourself at AWAI’s Free Virtual Work-at-Home Career Summit February 19th

As part of AWAI’s free virtual event for people looking to work at home, participants of the “Work-at-Home Career Summit” will learn how to become a professional copywriter, as well as seven other proven work-at-home opportunities.

Delray Beach, FL – February 18, 2011 – American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), www.awai.com, recently announced they will be holding a free virtual event on February 19, 2011 called the Work-at-Home Career Summit, which will bring together a vibrant group of speakers who all own their own businesses and successfully work from home.

The main goal of most AWAI members is to work at home, so AWAI is responding by providing the inside scoop on eight (8) reputable work-at-home careers.One of the careers with the highest income potential that will be covered is how to become a professional copywriter.

SimplyHired.com reports that the average salary for freelance copywriters is between $56,000 and $76,000. But many copywriters, like Mindy Tyson McHorse, are enjoying six-figure incomes while working from home and living their life the way they choose. Mindy, who will be presenting on the topic of copywriting, will show you how she found success as a successful six-figure copywriter and how you can too.

During the session, Mindy will talk about why copywriting is still one of the best work-at-home opportunities out there, and how to find success as a freelance copywriter. “Mindy is one of AWAI’s newest success stories and the perfect person to talk to those seeking to work from home because she’s recently been through the journey,” said Katie Yeakle, AWAI’s Executive Director.

By the end of Mindy’s presentation, participants will know how working from home as a social media expert can change their lives. They will learn:

  • Why copywriting is a fantastic work-at-home opportunity;
  • What exactly a direct-response copywriter does;
  • How Mindy got into the copywriting business and how they can too;
  • Why copywriting is such a hot opportunity;
  • How much money they can realistically expect to make;
  • How to break into the market;
  • Where to find clients;
  • And more!

"It's a total honor to be part of this event. If there's a single thing I can do to help others achieve the terrifically rewarding perks of the freelancer's life, I'm happy to do it,” said Mindy. “My days are now a joy. My copywriting work is both fascinating and rewarding and gives me such satisfying control over my life that I couldn't imagine doing anything else (and why on earth would I want to?!)."

To learn more about the virtual Work-at-Home Career Summit and the resources available to start a new career, or to find skilled copywriters, travel writers, photographers and graphic designers, please visit www.awai.com or call 1-866-879-2924.

About American Writers & Artists Institute
American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI), www.awai.com, has been publishing direct-response copywriting and graphic design home-study programs since 1997. Their mission is to help people develop the critical skills to acquire financial security, independence and freedom. AWAI equips members with the tools and connections necessary to land clients, start working professionally, and earn money fast. And through their free DirectResponseJobs.com site, businesses can find and hire skilled AWAI members quickly and easily. For a complete list of programs and more information about AWAI, please visit the site or call (866) 879-2924.

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Published: February 17, 2011