Choosing Which Opportunity to Start With

Let’s say you’re interested in three opportunities …

Copywriting, writing a money-making website, and becoming an internet researcher.

You’ve got the programs, you’re committed to succeeding this year, but up pops the question: where should I start?

I get that question on a daily basis. AWAI members email me a list of the opportunities, and ask me which one I think they should start with.

And my response is usually along these lines …

Before deciding which path to choose, you need to decide why you’re doing it.

For example, are you looking to quit your job? If so, how much money do you need to make in order for that to happen?

If you need to replace your salary, then you’ll want to choose a path that’s proven to result higher than averages incomes, like copywriting, web writing, and even grant writing.

Ed Gandia was the single provider in his household, with a wife and new baby, when he decided to pursue living the writer’s life. But as a successful salesman, he needed to replace a hefty six-figure income before he could make that leap. So he made the decision to focus on B2B copywriting.

Krista Jones was in a similar situation. She was an environmental scientist making over $80K a year. But the daily commute was killing her. So she decided to become a copywriter too, but focus on a passion of hers: the self-help niche.

That’s why out of that list above, if you were to say you wanted to quit your job and replace – or improve – your salary, I’d say start with copywriting.

Are you looking to develop a passive income stream? Maybe you’re not looking to make the leap to a full-time, work-at-home professional. Or maybe you’re already working as a freelancer, and just want to create an additional revenue stream that doesn’t require a lot of extra time each week.

If that were the case, I’d recommend starting with money-making websites. Even though learning how to write copy will only benefit your website in the end, you can go ahead and build your website, and then once it’s up and running, start learning how to write copy that will bring traffic to it and generate more revenue.

Are you looking make a little extra cash on the side? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s only looking to work 10-20 hours a week. Or you’re recently retired, don’t feel like spending a ton of time developing a new skill, and just want some fun money. Or you have a thirst for life and just want to make enough to get by so you can spend the majority of your time playing and exploring the world.

Whatever the reason, if you’re just looking for an easy business you can launch and not spend much time developing your skills, then I’d say start with internet research.

See how that works?

The point is you have to start somewhere. And ideally that somewhere is the place that matches your current situation and needs.

Then once you’ve got that decision made, the next step is to FOCUS. And by FOCUS I’m referring to the acronym, Follow One Course Until Successful.

After struggling for her first 11 months as a copywriter, AWAI Member Rachel Karl experienced great success once she learned to FOCUS. You can read about her experience here.

Now keep in mind …

I’m not saying you can’t do more than one opportunity. In fact, I always recommend you create multiple revenue streams for yourself, rather than putting all of your eggs in one basket.

But you have to START doing one, before you can add on another.

Personally, I’m a marketer, copywriter, web writer, and I own a money-making website. But I started as a marketer, and then continued to turn my experiences and skills into new revenue streams for myself.

AWAI Advisory Board Member Julien Sharp may have started out as a resume writer … but she now also makes a great deal of money as a social media expert.

You can do it all. But you have to start somewhere.

Still stuck and need help deciding?

Post a comment below and let me know your situation and which opportunities you’re considering. I’ll help you choose a good starting place!

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Published: February 20, 2011

100 Responses to “Choosing Which Opportunity to Start With”

  1. I have no income as of right now and need to start immediately for that reason. I purchased the fast start program and the resume program as they appeared to be possibly the quickest way to get money coming in. Can I get your opinion on this? thank you in advance for your time.

    Guest (Robert )

  2. Thank you for your encouraging emails. Having lost two jobs to downsizing, I am now freelance writing articles and content on a variety of subjects. I want to get into copywriting or research, but cannot afford the programs right now. I will asap. I have joined the new PWA and believe it will be a great help.
    I would like to know where I can write articles or content for decent pay, rather than $1 to $3 an article. I know they exist, but believe they must be "insider" information. I just cannot seem to find where to get clients for better-paying work.
    Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

    Guest (Raz Schultz)

  3. I have been working in IT Networks for 9 years now. I cant seem to keep a job. Employers use me to get their stuff caught up, then they let me go. My wife passed away 2.5 yrs ago, leaving me 2 sons. I have since found a wonderful woman my age, who introduced me to AWAI. She says I'm a natural writer, but I lack the confidence and direction to get started. She is across the state under water in her mortgage. We'd love to get married and give my sons a real home again, but I need direction.


  4. I'm already a graphic designer, but the money is iffy in this economy. That's why I have started a money-making website. I'm glad I have purchased the Accelerated Program for 6-Figure Copywriting so, as Rebecca suggests, I can go back and beef up the copy later. Nice article! Thanks!


  5. Thank you for emailing this article. I just signed up for the AWAI Six-Figure Copywriting program because I am looking to quit my job and I was wondering if it was possible to work multiple programs.

    Well, thanks for the advice - FOCUS. I intend to work the copyright, then the web writing, then grant writing. What do you think, a year per? Thanks for the advice!


  6. Can money be made with writing donor letters for Catholic archdiocese, ministries and parishes? What other type of copywriting do you know of for faith based organizations? I would like to combine my passion for writing and my faith and make money in the process. I am almost finished with Accelerated Copywriting and I know now more than I did before that this is the life for me. I enjoy every part of the course and the exercises. Thanks!

    Guest (Nan)

  7. I have a website up for being an Internet Research Specialist <>, but so far haven't been able to find a client.

    I'm reviewing my copywriting course to see about pursuing that avenue more diligently. There seems to be more jobs in that area.

    Also, I'm working on photography, which is a fun thing for me and hopefully will bring in a residual income.

    My goal is to bring in $2,000 to $3,000 a month. So where do I start?

    Clara Mae

  8. Hi, Rebecca. I have a journalism degree and a lot of experience in writing and photography. I want to work at home because my mother-in-law has Parkinson's disease and I need to help her. Got any suggestions? Money isn't an issue. I enjoy reading your insights. Take care and thanks!

    Guest (John)

  9. Hi Rebecca,

    I have bought both the internet research and the self-publishing programs. My challenge is focus and time. I'm also afraid of setting up the website and the cost of promoting it to get clients for the research niche.

    My goal is to leave my job--the sooner the better, however, I have the flexibility to cut down gradually if that's what it takes. I also have looked seriously at the grantwriter's program, but wonder if that would be consistent income.

    I believe a have an ability to write, however I know that copywriting is a different animal. Can I really set up a research business and get clients without a copywriting knowledge?

    Karen Peckham

  10. Rebecca, FOCUS - and stick to it? Me? I'm a problem child. I have Six Figure Copywriting (Got most of the way thru), then B2B (most of the way thru), then Romance Writing (bought some novels, decided it wasn't for me, still have the course).I've just begun the Master's Program. But FOCUS, goals - bad news, kid. Then I read Master's Personal Productivity Secrets - and your FOCUS and Give Yourself a Break. I love writing. I'm working on my plan - really! I can do this, can't I! Thank you!


  11. I'm currently working on the main course, the 6 figurecopywriting course and I know i'll need to focus on another of your courses. I know the future is on the web so I think i'll aquire one of your courses in that area but dont know which one. Can you please recommend which one I should start after finishing the 6 figure copywriting course? I plan on making copywriting my career and only source of income. thank you

    Guest (butch247)

  12. Rebecca, Thanks for all the motivational emails from AWAI as well as FOCUS. I have 3 programs - Accelerated Copywriting, Internet Research & Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy. Finished none. I am now working on plan to complete Internet Research program in the next 6 wks and then try to get my first client. Then to try and complete the B2B program by the end of the year. Have retired after 39 years in the medical field, and feel this is doable. Again, thanks for the encouragement.

    Jerry A

  13. I am starting a web site. Feeling overwhelmed! I began it before; then in one year, my husband got sued (we lost everything), I had an accident with a TBI; then I was dxed with a chronic illness. Debt so bad I gave up.
    Husband retires this year. I will be sole support. Can't work when I'm sick! I am with SBI for web site so tech stuff is covered, but can't write like before. I know what to say, can't say it. Site map in my head was erased, so am starting from scratch. STRESSED. Ideas? Thanks.

    Guest (angelswife)

  14. Rebecca, Copywriter or Social Media? I want the Writers Life after 20 years selling insurance. I have written emails, marketing materials etc for insurance agency. BUT the Buzz is Social Media which would be completely new to me. Could Copywriter training evolve into Social Media?

    Guest (michael )

  15. I don't know what program to choose. I would like to replace my full-time salary income one day. I like to choose copywriting, but it's too long and time consuming and my English is not that good.

    Can the writing case studies and white pages give me a six-figure income salary if I decide to choose these two programs.

    Guest (ng)

  16. Years and years ago I purchased the Six Figure Copywriting Course...then didn't do anything with it. Now I'm committed to transitioning out of my j-o-b and getting a business up and running. In the past 2 years, I have written content for 2 websites, including keyword research, etc., and find I LOVE it. I want to write for the web. Any program sales or payment plans for a web writing program? Thanks in advance.

    Guest (Pam)

  17. To avoid making anyone wait for a reply until after I can speak to Rebecca (she's off to the Web Intensive), I'll try to give you the best answer I can, and then get back to you if I get anymore information! :)

    First reply: @Michael...
    You're right, Social Media is HUGE right now! The great thing about being a Social Media Expert is that it really CAN involve copywriting because you are using your copywriting skills to do the social media writing you'd possibly be doing for your clients. So, yes, starting out as a copywriter can lead into social media. On the other hand, if you love social media and want to start there, Nick's new program would be a great fit... and easy to learn as it's really just natural communication. :) Hope that helps!

    Angela Bickford - AWAI

  18. @ng...
    The great news - if you commit to the program and the craft, ANY program can give you the potential to make six-figures!

    That being said, pretty much all of our programs stem from our copywriting course. You'd use these skills as a white pages or case study writer too - and those can be pretty intensive programs as well.

    My suggestion would be to contact member services and speak to them about what program might be the best fit for your situation - and then start there! :)
    Best of luck to you!

    Angela Bickford - AWAI

  19. @Pam...
    I would suggest contacting member services, because they will be the best ones to tell you whether or not we are running any discounts.

    One thing I do know that might be a good fit... Next week, we'll be offering a Web Intensive Home Study Program, for those who wanted to attend the live event but couldn't, and that program would be a great resource.

    You could also check under our program section to see other web-related programs we offer.

    Lastly, have you checked out our other site Great for web-writers!

    But - it sounds like you found your passion - and that's a great first step!

    Angela Bickford - AWAI

  20. Rebecca,

    Is there truly opportunity out there in the romance writer's market? I already work for myself as an accountant in my home office, and have most of the perks of the writer's life. What I would truly like to do is get away from the daily and weekly deadlines and the multiple client juggling so I can spend time writing for both fun and money. Romance writing requires such a long term commitment to even test my skills and the market...I could use some reassurance that this is a financially viable market before I make the leap (part time, of course).

    Rebecca Jensen

  21. Hi! I have 6-Figure & Money-Making web course. Background-journalism degree;12 yrs prep school managing campus bookstore;7 yrs in proj mgt for luxury hotel developer. Do I FOCUS on completing 6-Figure first then maybe B2B and/or Web copywriting or social media or case studies (love interviewing aspect of before/after stories). Then FOCUS on money-making website or run it in conjunction with the 6-Figure course, which may not allow for much FOCUS, eh?! Thanks for any direction you can give!

    Debbie Newman

  22. Hi Rebecca,

    I finished the 6 Figure Program and I am currently taking the Non-Profit Program which I am about to finish. However after a lot of thought I think I really want to do web writing. What's the fastest way to jump in and start making money? I currently have a steady low stress, well paying work at home job. The reason I want to take up copy writing is because I love writing and I want to move from expensive Connecticut.

    Guest (Michelle Durham)

  23. I'm relieved to know others are feeling as lost and overwhelmed as I am.I really want to become a copywriter. After i take the 6 fig. program I can't decide between b2b or self help. what excites me about b2b (besides the$) is that it includes writing 4 web & DR. But my passion is self help. can the $ be as good in self help as in b2b? Do self help writers integrate all aspects of writing 4 the web & DR? I wish I could find more info on selfhelp than I've been able to find, like there is for b2b

    Guest (Megan)

  24. I am a freelance writer for health related publications but finding it difficult to make a living this way. I also have my own alternative health business in my home so my time is limited. I lost my husband last year so am scrambling to keep my mortgage and the bills paid. I love writing and the researching of articles and would love to do this full-time but need to be making money right away. What would you suggest I start with?

    Guest (LDR)

  25. Hi Rebecca, I've been wanting to write you...
    Since I heard your advice to Mindy of Reality Blog I felt from you "a lady who is kind,honest and willing to help people who want to be successful in the web copywriting business.I studied the Six Figure Copywriting in 2007. With several AWAI programs and a Wealthy Web Writer Platinum member I still don't know how to eat the elephant.
    How can I use my nursing profession in webcopywriting/socialmedia? Passion:art,cooking,energy healing.


  26. WOW! I thought I was confused before and now I am totally a mess. I have never worked for pay. I have given away my talents for free. Design,Upholstry etc. Writing has always been my heart. I need money fast! I can master anything. I will learn to love it later. Teach me how to fish, I will feed us all. Where is the BIG MONEY,FAST? I am a giver so asking is uncomfortable. My 78 yr. Dad an Mom lost everyting and live in a tent. I am working day & night. Please direct me to fast work. Greatful, CJ

    Guest (CJ)

  27. I have been a high school English teacher for 25 years. My duties not only include teaching reading and writing, but also creating documents for administration and student fundraising events. I wrote unrivaled documents for reaccreditation, speeches for graduation, and flawless fliers, posters and tickets for events. Once, I wrote a college project the professor asked my permission to use as an idyllic sample. Seems I am always the person turned to when writing skills are required. Now, I want to get paid for producing impeccable work.

    Joni K

  28. Hi Rebecca, Starting from scratch. Thinking of getting involve with the Internet Research Program as soon as I put enough $$ aside in order to earn enough from that to take the Six-Figure Course as a foundation for my new career as a copywriter. What would be your advise or opinion for me? I'm really trying to find a way to get started ASAP. Thank you

    Guest (Mike)

  29. It's so good to hear that others are struggling to find their niche as I am. I have 15 yrs experience in nonprofits and association mgt. I bought the B2B course (thinking I would target associations) until I realized it's best not to go after a niche that needs to be "educated" about the need (sigh). Then I bought the basic 6-figure course. I'm steadily working on that. Alt. health niche sounds most appealing (raised by parents very well-versed in alt. health), but too competitive? Ideas?


  30. Hi Rebecca,

    I have completed the Six-Figure Copywriting Course, however I have been unable to choose a niche until I read Nick's article.

    I considered B2B, as I am more attracted to that style.

    I am a paralegal so it makes sense for me to specialize in writing for law firms, as that's what I already know.

    With retirement on the horizon, my goal is to develop multiple passive income streams, not another full time job.

    Please give me your thoughts on where to begin.

    With much appreciation.

    Guest (Libby)

  31. I want to make a high six figure income as a copy writer. I am currently a horse trainer. I have a Master's Degree from UCLA as a Nurse Practitioner. I am also very interested in self help topics...Help! What do you think my niche should be?


  32. I have such a varied background; auto repair, 4color process printing, art, home remodeling, gardening, upholstery, and creative writing. I want to find a niche, but how do I determine which one would be the most lucrative? Which one is the most in demand? Which one would limit competition? It's left me paralyzed with indecision.

    Guest (NOra)

  33. 2 steps away from making $36,000 yrly selling on Amazon. Longterm goal to be a great copywriter. Interested in autoresponder writing & niche websites. Bldng a website w/ SBI! Wking with an online marketer 4 affiliate marketing w/ niche websites. Challenge in finding time for all. Picked up David Olgivy's book "Confessions of an Advertising Man" yesterday while scouting for media to sell on Amazon. I blog but no monetizing yet. KEnvoy SBI! says wait til min 20 visitors a day.

    Katherine Kay

  34. I have worked for building contractors past 25 years, love to remodel, and paint or paper. I love DIY projects. Am an avid seamstress, quilter, design and make jewelry


  35. Hello, it is so nice to know I am not the only one with these problems (being FOCUSED and more than one programs :) but I think I am going to start with the Internet Research program and hopefully work my way towards copywriting. Finding a niche is quite difficult for me because the only background I have is I has been a Custodian for 20 years before I lost me job due to a back injury. I had been working on my English degree but have also had other health problems. I am recovering any suggestions?


  36. Rebecca, would love your thoughts. I'm a teacher who puts in a lot of extra hours on school work. Have let that get in the way of starting my copywriting career. However, I'm losing $300+/month of income starting in July. NEED to supplement. Best way to start making a shift if I can only do about 15 hours/wk for now? Have Accelerated Copywriting, B2B and Web Copywriting programs. Completed Acc Copy but need review. Haven't done B2B or Web yet. Thoughts?


  37. I have searched for a niche that I would enjoy and afford me a profitable living. Besides my AWAI course I have taken a course in Writing Childrens Stories. Researching and telling stories led me to two areas of interest. "Writing Case Studies; and Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist". I am planning to eliminate my full time job and one independent rep position. A quick start would be in the research field and then branch into Case writing. What is your advise?

    Guest (Karl Boderck)

  38. The thought of being a copy writer is really abhorrent, as I dislike trying to sell anything, but traveling and getting paid to write about my travels seem like the ideal job. I just recently lost most of my pension due to an unreasonable demand by the courts regarding a family law issue. I am in a bind and need help. I was also interested in Nick Osbourne {?} program in writing a blog on how much he liked "coffee." In my case, I enjoyed cigars, as well as coffee. Can you help?
    Sincerely, Carlos Adorno

    Guest (Carlos Adorno)

  39. I have been reading The Writers Life for a while now and have been looking at AWAI for several years. I am not the greatest at commiting to new ways of making income it would appear or else I am just scared to try sometihing new. I was an electronic technician for 33 years for a major medical device manufacturer. I was let go from there after suffering 2 mini strokes and not rcovering quickly enough. I took the Quiz/Essay that you had setup on line and found that I was most comfortable in the B2B nich, area, what ever you call it. But how do I get started without having to spend money I don't have. I signed up for the July 30 web based seminar and hope that I have done the right thing. Is there a lot more that I need to do, or will this get me "up and running" so to speak?. and do you have any good advice for me and for others in my unique position?

    Thanks for listening,(Kind of) John Collins

    Guest (John Collins)

  40. I have a part-time job to replace and want to make $50K/yr minimum. I would like to set my sights for $100K/yr plus! Interested in B2B, but was told to start with Accelerated course and change after that. I didn't find a particular niche that interested me as much as B2B. I have no experience in copywriting. I would like to do something to earn income as I complete the courses. Am I on the right track with the income level with B2B or is there something else that I missed that might "fit the bill" to speak?


  41. From business to disabled aged pensioners, I am urgently seeking to restore an income to provide some quality of life for my wife who in her frailty with health failing fast, so do not have the luxuary of time, I need to engage in a profitable enterprise quickly. What do you suggest.


  42. Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to take on these queries! After Bootcamp I got bogged down and lost my way. My first goal is to make passive income so I can retreat from my job. I write content for my band's site ( I am writing a book (per Bly advice) teaching how to use free software. I have a skeleton of a web site ( I want to offer daily podcasts, like the old Paul Harvey show. I REALLY need help with FOCUS. I joined PWA. What else can I do?

    Carl Gitchel

  43. Hi Rebecca,

    After reading your article series and training material, here's how I decided to FOCUS.

    I’ve been writing policies, training, business forms, and other web-based documentation for a multinational corporation since 1987. Since I’ve already made a decent income doing work other people don’t like to do, I started the Internet Research Specialist program. Since my real passions involve outdoor activities, I decided to make that my niche market.

    What do you think?

    Tom Cleveland

  44. Focus? Moi? Sacre bleu! I feel lucky to get halfway through my daily to-do list! But after reading your piece I buckled down and am focusing -- for now -- upon grant writing because I have experience, a track record, and now a start on a website (a lot of work ahead on that).

    Although I have a ton of self-publishing ideas and money-making website ideas, I'm going to bite the bullet for a few months and get this new -- rather, renewed -- business of grant writing off the ground.

    That doesn't mean I'll be single-minded. I'll still keep up with developments in the other fields.

    Richard Lacey

  45. Hi Rebecca, I was very excited, but now overwhelmed with all the income streams. I can write, but I love to travel. In fact, I would like to retire to Jamaica. I need a steady income. I am going through the copywriting program. But, I am also interested in travel writing and case studies. I have done everything from operating a day care to doing taxes and am a trained electrical eng. I have written bus docs, cover letters and resumes for people. Looking to make at least $40k/year.


  46. I am staying busy most of the time. I have a long term assignment that doesn't pay a huge amount, but it's steady.I also pick up a couple of articles most months that usually pay a lot more. I need and want to find a niche so my writing will be more enjoyable and profitable. The thing I would most like to do is travel write, but I don't have the money to travel now. I would also be interested in a money making website, but have no idea how to get started. I'm just confused about the whole thing.

    Guest (mary)

  47. Hi Rebecca, I am totally 'stuck'. Just about finished with the six figure copywriting and not sure what my niche is, or if I'd be more comfortable with internet research, auto response, etc. As a biologist/ecologist I've had my own environmental consulting business but income is very low. I love outdoor activities and raising and processing berries. I've done a lot of technical writing. I need to earn 2-3000 per month but I'm not sure how to begin. I'd really appreciate your thoughts!
    Thanks, Karen

    Karen SM

  48. Hi Rebecca, Really glad to have discovered AWAI. I'm based in Ireland where life has been very challenging, as in many other economies. I need to create an annual income of 50-100k fairly quickly following redundancy. I worked in both the insurance and office products industries over the past thirty years. I have started the Accelerated Copywriting course to date. I also purchased the Travel Writers and Internet Research courses as I don't know what area(s) to specialise in - help!


  49. Hi Rebecca, I just purchased the Secrets of Internet Researching and I'm going through the program. It's more info that I thought I had to learn, which is fine, but I feel its going to take a little bit longer to learn everything... before I can make some money... I read most of these comments here, and it seems the Resume Writer might be quicker as far as earning some money? I'm not one to jump from one thing to the other, however since I do want to make money quickly what would you recommend I do? finish the education with what I just? or do the resume start making some money and go back to the researching specialist?
    thank you L


  50. Hi Rebecca, I'm glad I found this page. I am a chiropractor of 32 years, am 62 years old and am considering ordering the Health Field copywriting course. I want to retire and just do something different. I ordered the Accelerated copywriting course and with time constraints, haven't been able to finish. Also I found it sorta boring. What should I do?


  51. Hi Rebecca, I'm in a quandary, barely into the 6 Figure Accelerated Copywriting course the I received an offer for the Circle of Success. I'm not a writer but feel I can be. Affording the Circle of Success would be problematic and I think it would be a wise choice given the structure. Is there something I can do to get a little money coming in while I do the courses and be able to afford to costs?

    Mike Williamson

  52. Just looked at choosing what opportunity to choose - looks like B2B copywriting since my previous income was @85K.

    I now live on a much smaller income from a military retirement and social security. I would like to stop social security and establish an income that would replace our lifestyle and start making better progress at paying off our mortgage. I have had some problems getting COS classes working - Internet service problems - now cleaned up - I'[m looking every day for material to study via this course and I do read and appreciate what I get from this program.

    Thanks for your help. Mike

    Guest (MikeZ2u)

  53. Hi Rebecca, I am a semi retired project manager living primarily on a fixed income but find that I need some extra income to do some of the things I enjoy.
    I have written and self published a couple of books neither of which is returning much income.
    I am very good at online research on a variety of topics. I think I would be good at that in addition to copywriting. I just haven't found a path to begin.
    Any suggestions?
    Jack Tennessee

    Guest (Quicksilver)

  54. Hi, I am completely new to this . I purchased the accelerated program the other day and will start it soon. I've always been a writer in my heart. In fact, I'm happiest when writing- be it in my journal or personal letters. My goal is to be able to work while living in England. I have deep personal roots there and am motivated to see this happen before I get too old. Need to get up and making some money soon.I don't need to be a millionaire to be happy. Would like to earn around £20,000/yr.

    Guest (Cindy)

  55. Hello Rebecca

    I'm a retired psychiatric nurse. Money is tight so need to use other skills.

    My thoughts on niches are B2B – I like the less emotional, more logical approach

    Grant writing – I like to make a difference for those who can’t help themselves

    Self help – I coach people on becoming more and it really gives me a buzz

    Christian market – I recognise where my guidance comes from ultimately

    What do you think?
    And thank you.

    David Hands

  56. Hi Rebecca, I would like to use my copywriting skills to raise awareness. I am thinking about fundraising, Christian copywriting, or Not-For-Profit. Can you give me some ideas about this subject? What should I hone-in on, which would be the best, where do I start. Thank you for your help.


  57. I've written for most of my life:articles, a published short story, song lyrics, poems, some web content, and op eds, and other pieces. At 60 years old with no job income since losing a management job with a $60,000 salary, I wish to further develop and use my writing skills to work from home and earn a decent part-time income (at least $1000 per month). Do you have a recommendation of where I should start?

    Guest (cmiller)

  58. Hi. I just started the Six-Figure Copywriting program. Am a long-time documentary filmmaker and am no longer making a living. I need to generate income short-term (1-2 months). Copywriting seems pretty straightforward, web writing sounds fabulous. Down the road I want to travel, and dive into grant writing to help organizations and causes I care about. Guess I want to do it all (almost)! Should I finish this AP first and then specify? Hmmm. Clearly your expert advice would be very helpful here!


  59. HI Rebecca, Ryt 4rm d start I tink I choose d B2B copywriting,aside 4rm d fact dat it offers gr8t income rate nd less competion I also lyk d logicall ways of persuadin a client,dough not dat I dnt also lyk d ones dat also carrys d emotional drills I tink my choice is B2B copywritin,nd in addittion u also recomended dat is a safer way2get started

    Tanks a million


  60. I have two retail websites that need content and are not producing sales. I got the Research Specialist package. I will use that produce income. It will help me in writing content for my websites and blogs. My chosen path is to start with the Research Specialist for income. But I have to concurrently use the training to help my websites. It should be good experience. Later this experience (and the income) can lead to copy-writing.

    Frederick Gardner

  61. Hello Rebecca, here's my life in a nutshell. I have worked in grant and technical writing and I was paid well. Honestly though, I was bored to tears. I am able to write on a variety of topics and am at my best when my words tell a story. I am committed to writing. Everything I have done has been to build my writing portfolio and I have received complements by my editors for being so creative and having the ability to write to any audience. Please help me do my "snoopy" dance! Any suggestions?


  62. When it comes to a niche I am not sure. I am retired. I have spent most of my life giving 100% to my jobs and my family. I also take care of my handicapped wife. I have worked as a mechanic, and a store manager, both fast food and wholesale/retail automotive parts. I have over 25 years as Industrial Maintenance Technician. Of which 7 1/2 years was also a working manager. I fix things. I have served on many non-profit organization boards.
    I have multiple AWAI programs.

    Guest (Richard)

  63. Hi Rebecca,

    Wow, thanks for this offer to comment, and for your thoughtful comments above.

    I am a consultant wanting to replace "in cubicle" income with three things.
    Ebook income sold on a money making website.
    Writing the ebooks and books on demand (technical business topics in lay and interesting language).
    B2B (I think) copywriting in an area I have passion for which is elearning in business.

    I am a little overwhelmed now. I am in Nick Usborne's money making websites class and I am also in the companion course to the accelerated program.

    Thoughts are very appreciated.

    Guest (Phyllis)

  64. Hi Rebecca,

    My nutshell...

    * Business Degree
    * 10+ years B2B marketing experience
    * B2B copywriting (web/advertising)
    * 50% owner of a kid-focused business, but have lost faith in my business partner.
    * Dabbled in script writing.


    * Part-time income of at least $30K or full-time of $85K+
    * Flexible, creative writing
    * Residual income (ebooks, website?)

    Need to establish something over the next 12 months while I see what happens with current business.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.


  65. Hi, Rebecca. I'm focused on B2B copywriting as I have a bit of experience there. I liked your Ways to Build Your Business article. I've contacted those I know or worked with before (HP, Qualcomm, Sony) as well as family (AP outsourcing) and had assignments already. I'm now working on a project I pitched you at AWAI (many thanks!!) I interviewed today for a position I learned about through FB, am on Twitter and will beef up my Linked In! Any other thoughts?
    Thank you so much!
    Barbara in San Diego

    Barbara Field

  66. Hello Rebecca, I am more than halfway through the Accelerated Copywriting program and am enrolled in COS now, as well. Just by mentioning that I was starting a writing business I have been asked to write two grant proposals, so there is business out there. I have started the course for grant writing now, as well. To my mind all of the courses dovetail together and reinforce each other beautifully. I am trying to do everything during the next month before work is full time again. Possible?

    Kathryn Wenzel

  67. Hello Rebecca,I am into a job that's not paying enough for now,and I would appreciate an online writing engagement to earn an extra income. However i won't like to quit my job yet please I would appreciate your advice Yours Ndudaniel


  68. Hi, Rebecca:

    I'm working full time as a project coordinator and writing a mystery novel on the weekend. I am looking for writing opportunities to expand my portfolio and to provide additional income. Do you have any advice on where I should start?

    Thanks so much!


  69. Took the plunge & purchased the Accelerated Program and Barefoot Writer & have worked through to the end of the first part.I'm exploring the chapter-end resources.A sporadic mostly-non-fiction writer w/a published dog breed book, articles on dog health & training, brochures for my breed (Cairn terrier) club, newsletter articles, etc. I quit my U.S. Census job months ago. I have time to study but limited financial resources to buy more AWAI materials. Any advice for getting into the "pet niche"?

    Jill in Oregon

  70. It appears that no one responds to these posts past about four months.


  71. Hi Rebecca, I'm excited about your offer to advise on a possible Niche(s) to suit individual needs.

    I've been a career pilot, flying both military and airline...pure cockpit experience that is.

    I'm not particularly motivated to write copy in that space though. All through, money and investments and self improvement have been of interest to me.

    Please advise a niche and the mediums. My big reason for writing copy is to create an ongoing income stream in my retirement.


  72. Hi Rebecca, I understand copywriting has to do with Ads and copy that sells only.

    Therefore how is writing for the web different?

    Is B2B a category of copywriting, or a niche?

    With ref to Megan's post, I was unable to understand about B2B having 'lots of project types', as opposed to self help having the 'same' the B2C niches of finance, health etc.

    Stuff like white papers, case studies, sales letters, web copy can be written in both, B2B and B2C categories, right?


  73. Hi, Rebecca, After taking the 6-Figure Copywriting course, I'm considering catalog copywriting as a niche - I'd love to write product descriptions for gourmet food catalogs, or even possibly for travel sites (describing tours or cruises available). Are these niches in demand, and if so, any advice on how to get started?

    Many thanks!

    Gina in Maine

  74. hi rebecca, i need your help too. am a 50-ish mom with 9 grown children. Worked hard all my life at dairy and beef farming, gardening, foster care,and raising our own kids. want to slow down and get more for my efforts. currently i help hubby manage a small meat cut nad wrap business and we also make various sausage products. As well, we have a SMALL country store and cafe in a small community and i do catering as well.Jill of all trade but have i mastered any? Any suggestions. Am interested in hunting/fishing

    Guest (faith)

  75. Hello Rebecca, I would really appreciate some advice. I am a 27 year old stay at home mom, pregnant with my third child. I'm desperate to get my foot out the door and have some experience working , while gaining some independence. Honestly, I have no prior experience as I have never had a job...I just completed my first semester in college but had to slow down due to a difficult pregnancy. I love to express myself through the written word; definitely have a passion for writing. What's keeping me back is I don't know where to start. Please advise, thank you.

    Guest (Mommyof3)

  76. Hi Rebecca, I have been a writer/producer/journalist for 36 years working across various platforms. Also organic gardener, beekeeper, herbalist. I am not current with technologies but my retirement is running out and will lose my beautiful home in 3 years. Don't have a much to invest but realize I need to update some tech skills. What say you? And thanks

    Mdme Greenweed

  77. Hello, I'm a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom. I know I can't work enough hours to replace my previous income, nor do I want to. But I would like to make enough extra money to ease the financial burden I've put on my husband.
    I started college as a journalism major, and I have an English degree and two education degrees. Writing comes easily to me, I enjoy it, and I know I am a very good writer. I especially excel in the grammatical and technical areas of writing, what we in the education world call "conventions of writing." Do you have a suggestion for where I should begin?

    E M Cushing

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