How To Find That Change-Your-Life Moment

Ever have one of those moments when you know you’ve changed the course of your life – all because you took just one tiny step?

My name is Mindy Tyson McHorse, and that’s exactly how I felt when I ordered AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

I was on my lunch break, locked in my office at the local university. I’d only known about copywriting for a couple of months. Like you, I’d toyed with the idea of taking the leap. Yet, I struggled with all the common doubts. (Was this thing for real? Could I even make it as a writer? As a freelancer?)

Despite my doubts, I filled out that order form, took a deep breath, and clicked “Submit.”

That was four years ago. Last year, in my third full year of copywriting, I broke the six-figure ceiling.

You can’t imagine how relieved I am that I took that first leap, back there in my old, suffocating office.

Or … maybe you can?

Maybe you feel trapped in a job that doesn’t interest you. Or you worry you’ll forever be limited by strict pay bands and inflexible hours.

Maybe you shudder at the idea of staying under your boss’s thumb … or you don’t want to miss a minute of watching your kids or grandkids grow up.

That was me in a nutshell. I knew I needed to change things fast – before my dissatisfying life became a habit.

Don’t get me wrong. There was a fair bit of learning involved. After all, diving into a new career and lifestyle takes courage … and patience. You have to believe you can do it. You have to believe you deserve it.

The thing that made it doable – easy, really – were the connections I made with other aspiring copywriters. I met them all through AWAI forums and live events. There’s just something about connecting with people who share your thirst for a better life. They relate to your goals like nobody else can.

In fact, I credit the copywriters I met at last year’s Web Intensive with helping me launch past the six-figure mark. They were among the most focused, goal-oriented freelancers I’ve come across. Every one of them was at the Web Intensive because they knew they’d glean profitable trade secrets from the slew of expert speakers.

That’s certainly what happened for me. Armed with the latest web-writing strategies and a stronghold of supportive colleagues, I earned $14,800 in web-writing projects in the four months following the Web Intensive.

Looking back over the last few years … from the moment I ordered my first copywriting program to the way I felt when I added up my 2010 income and realized I’d hit six figures … well, I can absolutely say my life has changed for good.

I encourage you to look for that change-the-course-of-your-life moment. It may be staring you in the face.

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: February 28, 2011

1 Response to “How To Find That Change-Your-Life Moment”

  1. For me... I was attending a Zig Ziglar success seminar in October of 1994.

    A guy named Dan Kennedy gave a presentation on marketing and it had a profound impact on me.

    I set out to learn everything I could about sales and marketing and I didn't think about anything else for 15 years.

    I discovered AWAI, Jay Abraham, Michael Masterson and many more.

    It's still hard to believe the success I enjoyed because of that one event.

    Today, I'm a freelance writer and I'm living the dream... Awesome!!!

    John WiggillFebruary 28, 2011 at 9:47 am

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