Kettlebell Snatches, Goal Setting, and How to Make Millions of Dollars

I've been reading Michael Masterson's The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life. And it's reminded me that most of my goals are not concrete enough. And I haven't put together the specific step-by-step plans to get me from where I am now to attaining my goals.

So now I'm doing that – following the plan outlined in The Pledge.

For example, I've long thought of myself as a fairly fit person. I played hockey for years growing up, and played a couple of years of adult league hockey as well. I used to lift weights frequently, and even did some cardio classes.

When my previous employer had a weight loss and maintenance contest (in which the goal was to lose weight until you got to your ideal weight, then stay at or below it), I was the most consistent competitor. Every week I made progress, then after I hit my ideal weight, I stayed under it.

Yet since starting my freelance copywriting business last year, I've slacked on the fitness front. My focus has been elsewhere, and I've made a dozen other excuses not to exercise.

Well, not anymore.

Here's How To Achieve Your Goals, One Day At A Time

Following the plan set out in The Pledge, I've set out a goal for what I want my fitness level to be in seven years.

(Don't worry – this is going to tie back in directly with how you can make millions of dollars using your copywriting skills.)

Seven years from now, I want to be able to do an exercise called the kettlebell snatch – swinging a kettlebell (basically a cannonball with a handle) from between your legs to over your head – 200 consecutive times, with a 53-pound kettlebell.

For perspective, right now I can do about 100 consecutive snatches with a 26-pound kettlebell, 50 with a 35-pounder, and 18 with the 53-pounder. So I have a ways to go.

But I'm not afraid. This is a big goal, but I'm breaking it down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and even daily goals.

And in under 10 minutes a day, I'm going to reach my lofty fitness goal.

Today all I had to do was 50 consecutive snatches with the 35-pound kettlebell – which wasn't too hard. Tomorrow I'll do 54 snatches, in 3 groups of 18, with the 53-pounder. The day after, I'll do 64 snatches, in 2 groups of 32, with the 35-pounder. This weekend I'll do 144 snatches, in 2 groups of 72, with the 26-pounder. I'll rest on Sunday.

Every day I'm doing a little bit. Every day I push the margin ever so slightly on what I can do.

By the end of 2011, I expect to be able to do 98 consecutive snatches with the 53-pound kettlebell.

And easily within seven years, I'll be doing 200 consecutive snatches with the 53-pounder. Then all I'll have to do is maintain to stay within my goal of repeating the feat at the end of the seven years.

Now let's talk about how you can use the same process as a copywriter to make a lot of dough.

You Can Make Millions, Starting Today

As Michael Masterson outlines in The Pledge, the best way to achieve a big goal is to break it down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Then you know, every day, what you need to accomplish to keep you on the path to achieving your goal. Today you do today's task. Tomorrow you do tomorrow's task. And so on until your goal is accomplished.

Not only does this make it easier to achieve your goal – it keeps you on track, too. My mind wanders easily, and I need focus. The approach outlined in The Pledge gives me (and you) focus.

This applies as much to making millions as it does to fitness or any other goal.

First, you create your big goal. Then you break your big goal down into its parts until you know exactly what little task you need to do every day to get you to your big goal.

So let's say you want to get rich by using your copywriting skills to start an information publishing business.

Here's What Your "Get Rich" Goal Might Look Like

Along the lines of what Michael Masterson teaches in The Pledge, you'll probably come up with more than one goal that defines what your new information publishing business needs to do to make you rich.

For example, within seven years you may want to accomplish these business and money-related goals:

  • Have a profitable $10+ million per year publishing business on investing for financial freedom
  • Have 20,000+ paying customers for your publishing business
  • Have $3+ million in liquid assets thanks to your business success
  • Donate $500,000+ to charities that support causes you believe in

These may seem like startlingly large seven-year goals. But for someone who is ambitious, will work hard, and can follow a plan, I firmly believe they can be achieved.

(Actually, I plan to achieve them all by January 20, 2018!)

And here's how you achieve them …

Your Step-By-Step Plan To Getting Rich

First, you need to determine what needs to be done to achieve each goal.

When you take a look at the goals above, you can see that getting 20,000 paying customers spending $500 on average per year with your publishing business will have a cascading effect that accomplishes all the goals:

  • 20,000 customers spending $500 per year makes a $10 million company
  • If you can maintain a healthy 40% profit margin (reasonable in publishing), a $10 million company will pay you $4 million per year – after taxes, assume $2 million per year
  • $2 million per year after-tax income while keeping living expenses at $100,000 per year (or some similarly low level) quickly gets you $3 million+ in liquid assets plus $500,000 in donations to charity

So what you really need to figure out how to do to accomplish these four goals is to get 20,000 customers spending $500 per year on average with your publishing business, while maintaining a 40% profit margin. (While donating 1 out of every 10 dollars you earn along the way to charity.)

What To Do This Year To Start Getting Rich

You've determined that in order to accomplish your business and money goals in information publishing, you need to create an information publishing business that will have 20,000 customers spending $500 each per year in seven years.

But this year, you need to start by accomplishing the most important aspect of starting a business – you need make your first few sales. Here are some goals you can set for this year to put you on the path to the 20,000 customers mark within 7 years.

  • Build an email list of at least 5,000 people who are interested in your topic (in this case, investing for financial freedom)
  • Get 500 people (10% of your email list) to subscribe to a front-end monthly newsletter at $29 per quarter ($116 per year)
  • Do this all at breakeven or better

If you're able to accomplish these three goals this year, you'll be well on your way to your seven-year goals.

So let's look at how to define the tasks that will lead us to accomplish this year's goals.

Breaking Down Your "Get Rich" Steps Into Easy Daily Tasks

You're going to accomplish your yearly goals by breaking them down into monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

If you want 5,000 people on your free email list and 500 paying customers by the end of the year, you can get a good start by actually setting up a website and your free email list.

Break this down into your goals for the next couple of months.

This month, your goal is to get your website and email functionality live. Next month, you'll begin sending your weekly articles to your fledgling email list, and get your shopping cart functionality live. And the following month, you'll create a free report that's also a sales letter for your paid newsletter, which you'll begin offering to opt-ins.

So those are your monthly goals for the next few months. Once you have those set, you need to break down this month's goal into weekly objectives.

This week, you'll get set up with a domain name, web host, and email provider. Next week, you'll create the front page of your website, the "About Us" and "Contact" pages, and a couple of articles to post. The week after that, you'll write a couple more articles and get the opt-in form up. The following week, you'll learn how to use your email provider's system to email articles out to the list.

And then you come up with your daily task list, based on this week's objective.

Today, you choose and buy a domain name. Tomorrow, you'll research web hosts, and the next day, you'll decide which you'll go with. The next day, you'll research email providers, and the following day, you'll set up an account with the one you prefer.

You can do these simple daily tasks in addition to your freelance copywriting work, so you're keeping the bills paid while building your future.

As you go, every year you'll use your annual goal to set monthly goals. Every month, you'll set weekly goals. And every week, you'll set daily goals. Track your progress and revise accordingly if you get ahead of or behind schedule.

The most important thing, though, is that this approach is consistently moving you closer to achieving your goals.

All Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True

Okay, for any Napoleon Dynamite fans, you know I'm making a cheeky reference. But in reality, this is how you can achieve your goals and even make dreams come true, one day at a time.

Follow Michael Masterson's system in The Pledge for getting ahead and achieving your goals. Whether you apply it to growing your copywriting business, creating a new information publishing business, or even just staying fit and healthy – the important part to making it work is sticking with the plan. Then every day you'll know exactly what you need to do to get everything out of life that you want.

Check in with me in seven years and we'll compare how we've accomplished our goals!

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Published: February 9, 2011

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  1. Thanks for informative article. However, just wanted to pass on info on my current workout, the most effective one I've ever done. It is a complete workout in one hour--stamina, strength, abs etc.(I do martial arts-related activites before starting it though) Anyway, its called the "Extreme Kettlebell Cardio Workout." I won't give free advertising on AWAI site, but its easy to find online.

    Dale Sims--freelance copywriter--web content cons

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