Announcing …
The Spread the Word Give-Away

Editors Note: This contest is now over, and the winner was announced here.

Here at AWAI our mission is to help you achieve your career goals.

And to assist you with this, we are holding a FREE virtual Work-at-Home Career Summit on February 19th, 2011. But to reach as many people as possible, we need your help spreading the word about the summit.

That’s why starting February 7th, 2011 AWAI is launching The Spread the Word Give-Away where you can WIN a $250 American Express Gift Card – just for sharing information about the Work-at-Home Career Summit on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Here are the two ways to enter:

Follow @AWAIcopywriting on Twitter and tweet this information out: Join @AWAIcopywriting for a FREE virtual Work-at-Home Career Summit on February 19th, 2011 at 12PM ET. Sign up here:


Join the AWAI Group on LinkedIn and share this information with your connections: Join AWAI for a FREE Virtual Work-at-Home Career Summit on February 19th, 2011 at 12PM ET. Sign up here:

Don’t have a Twitter or LinkedIn account? No problem both social platforms are free to join and a great way to connect with new and existing clients.

Create a free Twitter account here.

Create a free LinkedIn account here.

Note: After you have shared the information about the summit – remember to come back here and leave a comment below letting us know where you spread the word.

AWAI’s Spread the Word Give-Away will end on February 17th at midnight ET.

The Give-away is open to both U.S and International residents. The winners will be chosen using and announced on Friday, February 18th.

Good luck!

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: February 7, 2011

82 Responses to “Announcing … The Spread the Word Give-Away”

  1. Just tweeted in from my @bizcopywriter and @FutureExpat accounts :-)

    Susanna Perkins

  2. tweeted from @livingmymoment

    Guest (Abbey - Living My MoMent)

  3. just posted on my LinkedIn account as well.

    Guest (Abbey - Living My MoMent)

  4. Just posted on LinkedIn :)

    Guest (womaninchrg)

  5. Just tweeted from @DealsThtMkCents

    Guest (April P)

  6. Just tweeted from @AprilLSU

    Guest (April P)

  7. Tweeted from @TLarsenDesign on Twitter!

    Guest (Teri Larsen ASID)

  8. I just tweeted here:

    Guest (Joe K)

  9. Posted by @JayLaFlay

    Guest (JayLaFlay)

  10. Following on twitter (Coff73) & shared:!/Coffy73/status/35129638053220352

    Guest (Shanda M)

  11. just tweeted from @mjgroesbeck

    Guest (mike)

  12. Just posted on my LinkedIn account and posted on my Twitter account.

    Guest (Gazelle Simmons)

  13. just tweeted from patricjames9999

    Guest (patricjames)

  14. Shared on twitter, username @jbfrommi

    Guest (jbfrommi)

  15. Just tweeted from @AZSkydancer

    Cheryl C

  16. Just posted on my LinkedIn account as well.

    Cheryl C

  17. just tweeted from @glhyska

    Glenn H

  18. Just tweeted from @steveroller

    Steve Roller

  19. Shared on Twitter under ewalsh1


  20. Just tweeted:


  21. Just tweeted for today:!/Coffy73/status/35427130976247808

    Guest (Shanda M)

  22. Tweeted!

    Guest (Kim)

  23. I tweeted today:

    Guest (goldone)

  24. Tweeting @ladylisa1

    Guest (ladylisa1)

  25. Am following and I tweeted!/pelletposy/status/35804399800422400 Thanks!

    Guest (Audrey H)

  26. Just tweeted at @writehandgaltoo, and posted it on my Linked In account as well.


  27. Just tweeted @fuelthemuse and @languagesite

    Debra H

  28. follow and tweeted @zippy573!/zippy573/status/36088175457734656

    im spreading the word!

    Guest (addrienne m)

  29. Tweet for today:!/Coffy73/status/36142110876897280

    Guest (Shanda M)

  30. Just tweeted from @FocusFocusFocus.


  31. Tweet for today:!/Coffy73/status/36605033218973696

    Guest (Shanda M)

  32. Just tweeted to "spread the word" and the LOVE!

    Guest (cathyc65)

  33. Following and tweeting and posted on my facebook page @waterbluffy

    Guest (Julie Sharwtz)

  34. Posted to my Linked In home page with link to event's landing page.

    Guest (Annalisa)

  35. Just Tweeted from @kimthewriter. Thanks!!

    Guest (Kim F)

  36. I think I've retweeted this info a few times before but forgot to comment here! :)

    Guest (Kathy Smith)

  37. Tweeted @RogerDMoore


  38. Posted to twitter!

    Guest (Marissa)

  39. Tweet for today:!/Coffy73/status/37220552921845761

    Guest (Shanda M)

  40. Just tweeted from @chrisgillick

    Awesome contest!!

    Guest (Christina)

  41. Tweeted and logged it on linkedIn.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  42. I posted it on linkedin and tweeted.

    Guest (Kathryn A)

  43. I just tweeted again :)

    Guest (cathyc65)

  44. I posted on LinkedIn, Twitter and on my Facebook page, which has many friends who might be interested, too.


  45. tweeted

    Guest (Jenna)

  46. tweeted @vidia2be

    Guest (Vidia2be)

  47. following (@dropastitch) and tweeted!/dropastitch/status/37342193484177408

    Guest (dropastitch )

  48. Hello Im tweeting as :)

    Guest (TeeDee)

  49. Tweet for today:!/Coffy73/status/37522411121426432

    Guest (Shanda M)

  50. tweeted

    Guest (revaskie)

  51. Tweeting @grumpy1970 ~ Thanks for the chance :)


  52. Posted to my new LinkedIn account.



    Guest (Diane Bassette)

  54. Just tweeted from @WriteForHer and @LocalMarketAdv. This feeds into both Facebook and Linked in.

    Guest (Julie Van De Wyngaerde)

  55. I just posted to my LinkedIn network updates under Michele Boyer (Ad Hoc Group)

    Ad Hoc Group

  56. I tweeted it! @susannahnoel

    Susannah Noel

  57. Just Tweeted from my new Twitter: BZNana7. I feel so "with it" now with LinkedIn and Twitter!


  58. Shared via @procopy on twitter and also from my LinkedIn account.

    Guest (Ken Harrison)

  59. Tweeted @MissingLynxx


    Guest (MissingLynxx)

  60. I tweeted it! @MishPeterson

    Guest (MishPeterson)

  61. I tweeted it! @MishPeterson

    Michele Peterson

  62. Tweeted!/kittycardero/status/37740969352761344

    Guest (kittycardero)

  63. just sent out a tweet

    Guest (Patricia C)

  64. just tweeted from


  65. just posted to my LinkedIn account:
    Marcia Studenski


  66. Today's tweet:

    Guest (Shanda M)

  67. I just posted to my Linked In home page with link to event's landing page.

    Guest (Rosanna)

  68. I Tweeted to All my Twitter Friends!

    Thanks for the chance to WIN and GOOD LUCK to ALL!




    Guest (madamerkf)

  70. I tweeted it again today - don't want people to miss out.

    Debra H

  71. I follow on Twitter and Tweeted Again Today:

    Thanks for the chance to WIN and GOOD LUCK to ALL!


  72. not sure if I should post every day

    sent out another tweet

    Guest (Patricia C)

  73. I just spread the word on Twitter! :-)

    Guest (Sally D)

  74. I'm following you via twitter and I tweeted

    Guest (Justine417)

  75. Tweeting daily as @msmorev

    Guest (msmorev)

  76. Tweeted today (Feb. 17) from @copyjulia.

    Julia Borgini

  77. Tweet for today:!/Coffy73/status/38406032258637824

    Guest (Shanda M)

  78. Tweeted!


  79. I spread the word and tweeted!!/Carolineinbc/status/38431340466675712

    Guest (C Wilson)

  80. I've been sharing several times on Facebook and have just tweeted @JenniferSHolmes and on LinkedIn too! Will do the retweets again until midnight tonite.

    Pick me! Pick me! LOL! I gotta feed the cats! LOL!


  81. I tweeted from two of my twitter accounts and posted it on LinkedIN. Hope I win! I'd use it to get Social Media Expert program you're offering. :-)


  82. I tweeted a couple of times. The latest one is:!/concisecactus/status/38691600993501184

    Guest (Jody)

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