The 5,000-Year-Old Way to Get Bodacious Clients Now

Today I’d like to tell you about a popular, ancient technique that people all over the world use for getting exactly what they want.

It just dawned on me that this technique has never been directly applied to getting clients for freelance copywriting … although it should be!

This technique has been proven to generate success for people in all cultures, across the globe, for thousands of years. It’s an approach that anyone can use, anywhere … to achieve goals of all sizes. And it’s a simple approach that has a track record of creating powerful results.

Think I’m a little over the top with all this gushy praise for a 5,000-year-old success technique?

Hear me out, and then decide.

A few months ago, my freelance web copywriting business took a powerful turn and I’ve been absolutely swamped with work and new-client inquiries ever since.

In fact, 2011 is already off to an astounding start for me. This January, I earned more than twice what I did last January. And I’m booked solid with steady work for many months to come.

So what was the big difference between this year and last? What has turned me into a client-magnet? And how can you do the same thing for your copywriting business?

It’s time to reveal the ancient technique I tried without even knowing it.

Promise me you’ll keep an open mind, ok?

The 5,000-year-old success technique I was following unconsciously is Feng Shui – or I should clarify … the INTENT aspect of Feng Shui. You’ve heard of Feng Shui, right?

It’s an age-old practice of intentionally creating an environment that balances natural elements for positive outcomes in one’s life.

Architects apply Feng Shui principles to home design so they can build homes and office structures at the most advantageous angles for the best flow of energy. Home decorators place furniture, plants, art and other elements in certain ways to create positive results. And millions upon millions of other people use Feng Shui techniques to enhance their wealth, health, harmony and happiness.

But the part of Feng Shui that worked so well for me – and again, I didn’t even realize it at the time – was INTENT – the intentional part of going after the work I wanted to do as a freelance web copywriter.

Let me explain, because it can be life-changing for you too.

Feng Shui followers believe that intention drives results. So if you intend to be healthy, and you intentionally create a home environment that supports health, you should do just fine.

So last spring, I decided to put all my energy and focus into marketing myself within a single business category – the pet industry.

Once I determined that pet industry clients were my main focus, I made it my daily intent to bring in more work with pet-related businesses.

That’s all I focused on as I took steps each day to make it happen.

I created a website with that single focus. I created marketing materials with that focus. And I approached a specific, targeted pool of potential clients in the pet industry.

You know what? It worked. Man, did it work!

It literally changed every single aspect of my business for the better, so now I’m …

  • Working with fun clients
  • Working on fun projects
  • Getting paid more for my valued contribution in an industry I love

So consider this for yourself. Is your copywriting business a bit scattered right now? Are you struggling to gain momentum with clients you’re hoping to attract? Are you frustrated that you haven’t found the right kinds of projects yet?

If so, may I suggest that you focus your intent on one direction; one industry that excites you. And then back up that intent with action steps that are 100% fixated on marketers in THAT industry.

How do you do that?

  1. First, start by applying the INTENT principle of Feng Shui. (You can find lots of Feng Shui resources that explain this in detail, but in short – declare your intent in a sentence or two.)
  2. State your intent loudly by saying something like, “I’m the best copywriting resource for marketers in the [fill in] industry!”
  3. Next, establish your ownership of that niche market.

    For example, if you decide to be the best copywriting resource for the Tropical Island Tourism industry (a popular industry right now, I imagine!) … position yourself as the best copywriter in that market.

  4. Create a simple website that clearly demonstrates your value to that market. Tell your site visitors how you understand the tropical island tourism industry and how to attract people who’ve had enough of this brutal winter.

    Tell those marketers how you can help their hotel or restaurant or boat rental business stand out from the others and grow reservations through clear, compelling copy. Using language the marketers use, offer to help them thrive and ease their concerns. Be all about helping them succeed.

  5. Once your website is all set, create other marketing materials all focused on your primary intent, possibly including a direct-mail letter, an online ad campaign, a trade publication ad, a special report, or other approaches.
  6. Then go after the work! Go to trade shows, market yourself to tourism websites, ask your friends and professional contacts if they can introduce you to marketers in that industry. Do all kinds of steps that follow your intent of being the best copywriting resource in THAT industry.
  7. Never waiver from your intent. It’s tempting to start drifting when you see something new in your email INBOX, but trust me. Don’t stray from your original intent.

If you follow this path with 100% focus, day after day, you will see some amazing results.

At the very least, you will have a clear direction that you control when it comes to marketing yourself, and you’ll discover a newfound excitement about being immersed in an industry you enjoy.

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Published: February 24, 2011

2 Responses to “The 5,000-Year-Old Way to Get Bodacious Clients Now”

  1. Thank you, Pam. Wonderful, wonderful advice--and not at all too "woo woo." I believe intention, along with good nichemanship, is the key. I'm trying to find that in my practice now, and the possibilities are tantalizing. Thanks again for sharing such a valuable insight.


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