The 90-day Sprint

"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
– Mario Andretti

Well, we're halfway through February, and guess what?

Those New Year's resolutions I thought about on December 31? They're not happening.

That's because I didn't make them.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not against setting goals. Far from it. I have a 3-ring binder full of goals, including 21 specific things I want to accomplish this year.

But two years ago, I stumbled upon something that's been three times more productive for me than New Year's resolutions or yearly goals.

I call it "the 90-day sprint".

Same concept, bigger results. It will help you:

  • Focus on a much shorter time period and smaller, achievable steps
  • Work with more of a sense of urgency
  • Get your year off to a great start (even if you're starting the year now)
  • Achieve goals sooner, and celebrate victories more often
  • Build momentum going into summer (a whole other challenge)

See, it's all about changing from "marathon thinking" to a sprint mentality.

As a former long-distance runner, when I started the Accelerated Program back in 2004, I looked at the process as a marathon to pace myself through.

It is, in a way, and it's good to think long-term.

But too much endurance thinking has a way of slowing down the brain. You tend to trudge along without a sense of urgency.

I've done it both ways. I've trudged, and I've sprinted. And I've accomplished a lot more when I sprinted, even if it meant I was a bit out of control.

If you want to forge ahead full-steam this year, and leave the plodders in the dust, try this:

  1. Determine your 90-day sprint period. Start next week, next month, whenever. If you start tomorrow, your sprint will be February 18 through May 19.
  2. Write down your three most pressing goals. Maybe you want to finish the Accelerated Program. Or get your first client. Or finish your website. Or learn Social Media. I'd recommend making one of the three goals a financial one - how much you want to earn in 90 days, down to the penny.
  3. For the next 90 days, forget about your New Year's resolutions. Forget (for the immediate future) your 1-year, 5-year or lifetime goals. In fact, don't even worry about what you'll be doing this summer.
  4. Put your head down and don't look up until May 19. Do everything in your power to develop a laser-like focus on these three goals only, and the next 90 days.

Up for the challenge? Join me as I put on my racing shoes!

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Published: February 17, 2011

8 Responses to “The 90-day Sprint”

  1. ok let's rock!

    Guest (Guitar Betty)

  2. I love it Steve! I had to come back and do a double take on this article. I just read The Pledge, and although I agree with Michael and have gotten off to a good start with my 7 and 1 year goals and monthly objectives and daily tasks, sometimes my attention span is a little short. I'm going to jump into the 90 day sprint with you!! Wish me luck!

    Shannon N

  3. Hey there, Just starting the Companion course for the Accelerated program. Wow! wandering around as still fearful in a new endeavour and found your article.
    Thank you, I'm on board!
    Really excited by your 90 day plan and article. I'm off on the 90 day sprint starting Feb 6 - let me see - 1/2 way mark is 28 March and the end with results will be 6 till 11 May. Preparing to feel a little out of control but on the way! Maybe it will help keep inevitable life stuff under control!


  4. I am a much better person today than I was before joining the webinar that pointed me in this direction. All the things you talk about I've known, but sometimes it takes another person to hold your hand. Someone took my hand and will be walking along with me to accomplish all that I've dreamed of for so long. I scrounged up enough confidence in myself to submit my children's stories to a publisher, and The Adventures of Alexander Gator has been accepted. I am excited. Thank You.

    Guest (Wanda Thurston)

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