Fast Track Your Way to a Successful Writer’s Life

Ever consider becoming an online copywriter? Because you should. That is, if you want to work abbreviated hours that bring in high pay and let you travel and take off whenever you please.

Online copywriting, or “web writing,” has a lot of hidden perks. This is partly because it’s still an anomaly to a lot of people.

They wonder how you can call it a “real” job when you’re paid to play on Facebook all day. Or whether blogging for a living is really a grown-up occupation.

Does it matter? After all, you’re not looking for something that sounds commonplace and responsible. You want a career that you can enjoy. One that brings in good money but still lets you have total freedom over your life.

Personally, I’ve had clients pay me to do both — blog and post Facebook notes. I can vouch there’s no end to the quirky reactions you get when you tell people what you do for a living.

But, that’s okay. Disbelief won’t bother you a bit once the checks start rolling in. And they will since this is still a relatively elite, untapped niche of copywriting.

Plus, it’s a ton of fun … easy when you know a few tricks of the trade … and it means you get to live the writer’s life.

Good Writers Needed! (Tech-Knowledge Not Required)

One of the hang-ups people have when it comes to web writing is that you have to be tech-savvy.

Maybe the confusion comes from the fact that it’s online and sounds “techie” by nature.

Take it from me. You don’t need to know a thing about coding or programming to be a successful web writer. You just need to know how to write for the online prospect.

Truth is, the Internet has changed communication forever. While you can still find (or write) lengthy letters, articles, and books that go straight to print, there’s also a whole new crop of online messaging opportunities to choose from. They include everything from extended eBooks to snappy, two-line posts.

Take pay-per-click ads or Twitter tweets. They’re short and sweet, but they serve an important purpose: to drive prospects to sites or sales pages. Same thing goes for Facebook posts.

Some people get caught up in wondering if this is “real” writing. It absolutely is. After all, as a web writer you don’t just churn out information, you trigger dialogue. In some ways, managing Facebook discussions or blog posts is the ultimate calling for a copywriter who’s mastered conversational writing.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Creating autoresponders or action-prompting landing pages or targeted SEO copy requires a real appreciation for the basics of writing.

So, if it’s your dream to be a writer and spend your days immersed in fascinating, paying projects, this is a good place to be.

Go From Instant Credibility to Instant Gratification

You might want to know about some other hardly mentioned perks online copywriters tend to get.

For one thing, there’s the cool factor (this goes back to the fact that web writing is still an anomaly to some). It’s strange, different, and doesn’t seem real to some people. They admire you for breaking out as a pioneer in your field.

Plus, there’s a lot of instant gratification. One example is that it’s easier for online copywriters to get bylines on their projects. This is partly thanks to the sheer volume of content clients need. It’s also partly due to the informality of the web.

So, instead of writing a single, lengthy promotion in the voice of some CEO, you’re more frequently asked to share your own opinions in your own voice — especially if you blog or do any kind of social media.

Even if you don’t write in your own voice, you’ll get to see your copy in action a lot quicker than with print projects. This makes it much easier to grow your business and prospect for new clients. Showing a potential client a “live” online sample of your writing gives you instant credibility.

If You’re Impatient to Get Started as a Copywriter, This Is the Place to Be

This same crazy-quick speed of information gives you other advantages. Need to research something you’ve never heard of? Check out a quick how-to video on YouTube. Stop by a forum where prospects hang out. Ask your social media connections for some speedy feedback.

As a web writer, you can say goodbye to the days when you have to make phone calls or head to a library to get your project started.

Of course, you can still do that — and those approaches have benefits of their own.

But, you’re not tied to that approach. You can do all the research you need and get up to speed on a web writing topic in the middle of a weekend night. All you need is the Internet.

Suffice it to say, everything in the world of online copywriting happens fast. Money moves fast. Turnaround is fast. Responses come fast. You become a highly paid professional before you even know it.

Build Your Copywriting Business on a Shoestring Budget

Here’s another bonus. If you’re starting your new copywriting career on a budget, the online world is the place to be. It’s easy to market yourself. It’s relatively cheap, too. You can build a whole network of potential clients in a matter of days thanks to the magic of electronic introductions.

Those introductions are nothing like referrals as most of us know them. They can be as simple as a likely client reading a Facebook thread you started and thinking, “Hey, this person seems to know their stuff … and I need a writer.” From there, they message you. Bam — you have a new client, just like that.

Also, thanks to search engines, it’s easier to find clients who respect your skill and specialized knowledge. If clients in your preferred field are normally hard to find or don’t have traditional media budgets, chances are they will be listed online. If they’re online, they’ll need copy.

Positioning yourself as a professional copywriter for the online markets is cheap and easy. Put up a basic website and set up a free social media profile and you’ll appear just as professional as most other web writers out there.

Then, send query emails and electronic portfolios to hundreds of potential prospects all for free and in record time.

Do this, and it won’t take long to land your first client. Then another, and another. In no time, you could be at the point where you don’t even have time for new clients.

You Can Be Up and Running as a Freelancer Faster Than You Ever Imagined

Best of all, there’s a steady supply of jobs in the online copywriting world. The demand for skilled web writers is skyrocketing (find out why in this article I wrote).

The supply, though, is still pretty low.

There just aren’t enough people who’ve mastered the fundamentals of web writing. Which is strange, given that the best techniques are easy-to-learn concepts that don’t take a huge investment of time.

Fortunately, you can get up and running with the core skills of an in-demand online copywriter in less than a week, thanks to the Web Intensive Home Study Program.

In fact, I know two people who “got launched” and are now earning the big bucks thanks to last year’s Web Intensive Home Study Program.

This year’s Web Intensive promises to be even better, thanks to the experts who’ve agreed to share their carefully guarded secrets for writing blockbuster web copy.

If you couldn’t make it to the Web Intensive but you’re ready to jump in and start living the Writer’s Life, decide right now to fast track your success and become an online copywriter. Click here to get your copy of the Web Intensive Home Study Program.

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Published: March 3, 2011

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