3 Easy Ways to Make More Money Utilizing Your Autoresponder Copy Skills

It's so cool to hear all of the great stories coming from my Autoresponder Apprentice students …

Many of you are taking serious action on what you learned inside my program – and with great success. One student even told me, "Jay, your formula works almost TOO good! The first autoresponder job I got not only paid for the course but turned a profit for me. Now I've got 17 more to write! Great investment. Thanks!"

But while you're crafting these short, fun messages for your clients and making them (and yourself) a big wad of cash, I want you to be aware of something:

You may still be leaving money on the table. A LOT of money.

It's true – there are a variety of different ways to utilize your autoresponder copywriting skills for your clients. And some of them have virtually nothing to do with emails. In fact, these "out of the box" strategies can easily add another 50% … 75% … even 100% to your fees while you barely break a sweat.

Not only that, but by providing these additional services to your clients, you'll deliver more value – and look more attractive to the prospect who's considering you to write their copy.

I have personally used these methods with tremendous success in my work with high-end clients. And I know they can work for yours too.

So what am I talking about exactly? Here are 3 quick ideas for additional services you can offer …

Affiliate Product Pitches: Most big-time marketers pitch other related products as affiliates, especially in the internet marketing realm. This is big business because a sizzling hot email for an affiliate product can quickly and easily add hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits to the bottom line.

You can offer to write these emails for your clients, taking the responsibility off their shoulders. Position it as you taking care of the whole deal –YOU do the research, YOU do the legwork, YOU do the writing. All the client has to do is load it up, send it off, and collect the affiliate checks.

This is a tremendous way to boost your value to the client while taking a major project off their hands. Plus, you can do it as a one-off price, or negotiate a percentage of the take (lots of extra dollar potential here, especially on higher priced items).

Affiliate Swipe Emails: Let's say your client is doing a big launch of their own, with lots of affiliates pitching their product. You can offer to write all of the affiliate "swipe" emails for them.

"Swipe" emails are pre-written message templates (usually 2 or 3 versions) that can be used by virtually any of the affiliates. All they have to do is pick a template, fill in a few details, mail, and collect a nice commission check. No work for your client, no work for the affiliate, and everybody is happy. Plus, here's a quick bonus tip …

Offer to do personalized swipe copy for the "big gun" affiliates who typically bring in the biggest sales. I'm talking unique, specialized copy that no one else gets. Tailor the copy to each individual marketer’s voice, audience, etc. This is extremely attractive to a marketer during the hectic weeks before a launch because they don't have to worry about writing these emails and his/her best pals get some really good email copy they can quickly plug and play.

Blog Posts: So obvious, yet so underutilized as an additional income stream for copywriters. Your skills in writing autoresponders easily – and I mean EASILY – translate into writing effective blog posts. All of the same copy elements are there … you simply need to translate them into a more blog-friendly format. This takes a HUGE load off your client's mind and positions you as a prominent fixture in their marketing efforts.

Options are plentiful here. You can charge a fee for updating their blog regularly or simply price by the post. Themes and ideas can come directly from you, or simply take a general idea from the client and build a blog post around it. You can add valuable content, post a video or audio, do a free giveaway with download link, use as an affiliate pitch, lather them up for an upcoming launch, run a contest … the possibilities are endless!

And here's yet another bonus tip: Write additional emails announcing the blog post updates to the client's list. Many don't check the blog on a regular basis. So they need to be TOLD when a new post appears. These are short, to-the-point emails that send traffic directly to the blog. And they can be extremely lucrative.

Those are just three additional ways I've used my autoresponder copy skills to make more money and become indispensable to my clients. It's certainly not a comprehensive list, but I hope it will help spark some ideas and steer you in the right direction.

Just remember – writing autoresponders is a fantastic way to help your client's business and make a great living as a copywriter. But there are other ways to use those skills to increase the client's revenues (and build up your bank account) at the same time.

The key is to think "out of the monitor" by looking for opportunities in hidden places. So get going and start stacking up the cash!

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Published: March 17, 2011

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