Which One of These Four Types of Social Media Expert Would YOU Like to Be?

One of the huge benefits of becoming a social media expert is that you get to choose from so many different ways in which to profit from your expertise.

If your core skills lie in the area of writing and copywriting, you can focus on social media writing.

If you are more of a strategic marketing type, you can pitch your services as a social media strategist.

And so on.

Below, I’ll go into more detail on four different ways you can match your skills to a particular aspect of social media marketing.

But before we get to that, I think it’s worth pausing and recognizing the huge opportunity here.

Usually, when you want to launch yourself as a freelancer in any area, you have to match some fairly narrow demands in order to succeed.

For example, if you want to be an online copywriter, you have to know and enjoy the craft of copywriting. If you want to be a designer, you have to be good at design. If you want to be a programmer, you have to be good at programming.

One opportunity, with one skill set required. If you don’t have that single skill set, the opportunity is closed to you.

Being a social media expert isn’t like that. In fact, you can probably take one of your existing skill sets, mash it up with in-depth social media knowledge, and set yourself up as a high-earning expert.

This means you will be working to your own strengths and preferences when it comes to the type of work you like to do.

To clarify what I mean, let’s look at four principal ways in which you can niche your services as a social media expert.

1. Make money as a social media strategist.

If you have good marketing skills, you can help companies with the big picture, work with them to identify key marketing goals, and then match those goals to the best social media sites and services.

As a strategist, you won’t be involved in the day-to-day creation or management of their social media activities. Your role will be to look at the big picture, and make sure they are using the right sites and tools to optimize their results.

2. Make money as a social media writer.

As a social media writer, or copywriter, you will have three areas in which your writing skills can be applied.

First, you can write the social media content itself. This might involve writing updates for a company’s Facebook page, or tweets for its Twitter page, or even blog posts for social media-friendly blogging platforms like Tumblr.

Second, you can write promotional copy within social media. Like a welcome page on Facebook, a special offer through Foursquare, or updates for Google Places.

Third, you could specialize in writing web and blog content that is optimized for social media. This means writing content that is specifically created with a view to maximizing its shareability through social media sites.

3. Make money as a single channel expert.

You might not want to be a big-picture expert. You might want to specialize in a single social media channel, like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

By focusing your attention on a single channel, you’ll quickly learn more about it than 99% of other people, and can offer a specialty service, maximizing the use of that one social media site or service.

4. Make money as a social media manager.

If you are strong in the areas of managing marketing activities, this could be the opportunity for you. Once the strategists, writers and channel experts have done their work, every social media campaign needs to be managed.

This means tracking and monitoring every aspect of a company’s social media efforts, identifying opportunities and weaknesses, and submitting daily, weekly or monthly assessments.

And that’s not all.

If you have a background in human resources, you could advise companies on how to recruit new employees through social media.

If you like seeking out and connecting with the true experts in various fields, you could specialize in matching companies to top social media influencers and connectors in their industries.

If you have skills in customer service, you could help companies use social media as a means to better connect with and serve their customers.

Bottom line …

When you become a social media expert, you are spoiled for choice. You have this wonderful range of opportunities to choose from.

Best of all, you can take your own core skill set – what you do best and enjoy the most – and then match it to a particular aspect of social media.

This is key … because we succeed the best when we do the work for which we are best suited.

Put simply, expertise in social media gives you the opportunity to carve out a freelance niche that is customized to suit your own skills and preferences.

Pretty nice!

Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

How to Make Money as a Social Media Marketing Expert

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Published: March 2, 2011

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