The Final Stretch to Becoming a Full-Time Copywriter

Seems like the topic of birth is resonating with people this week …

It’s certainly on the top of my mind – as I’m due to give birth in just a couple of days.

But hundreds of other AWAI members just like you are taking the concept to a new level and finally “birthing” their dreams to live the writer’s life as well-paid, freelance copywriters.

As I’ve shown you this week, the journeys are profoundly similar.

You start out toying with the idea – as in, do I really want to do this? Am I ready? Will it work?

Then you’ve got the first trimester to contend with. You still have some fears, and you’re not ready to share your news with a lot of people.

Next comes the second trimester. The criticism wanes, and you’re more apt to talk openly about it. Excitement starts to build while your hesitation fades.

Then comes the third trimester. And let me tell you, it’s a good place to be.

As a pregnant woman, it’s where you get a ton of positive attention. People get excited for you. They want details, as in, “How do you feel? Are you having a boy or girl? Do you have names picked out?”

As a newly-turned copywriter, it’s the same deal. Once you hit the “third trimester stage,” everybody gets excited about the leap you’ve taken. They want to know all about what you do and how you do it. They wonder whether you can help them in their business, or they tell you about somebody they know who could use some good copy.

Best of all, the work starts to flood in. Good copywriters remain in short supply, and if word gets out that you’re both good and available … you’ll essentially be “well fed” with work. Steadily.

Don’t get me wrong – you still have uncertainties at this point. If you’re pregnant, you still have to get through birth. If you’re transitioning to the writer’s life, you still may need to make the transition permanent, such as making the leap and finally quitting your day job.

In his book, Buying Trances, Joe Vitale talks about the power of the trance-like state. We all enter what he terms “waking trances” throughout the day, be it while we’re driving or watching a sports game or reading a great book. It’s a state where we’re awake and alert and our minds are focused on something, but we’re not necessarily aware of everything else going on around us.

A trance isn’t a bad thing. A lot of copywriters experience a “writing trance” while working on projects, where their fingers fly and their minds race. Time evaporates.

Trances will – and should – always be a part of your life. But at this stage in your journey, it’s important to wake up from the trance that got you here and enter into a new one that puts you in total control.

In other words, it’s where you move from the blissful state of the third trimester and into a permanent reality of life as a successful copywriter.

If you’re thinking: “Great, how do I do that?”

Don’t worry, I explain how in my recent article …

Today, I want you to think about what you need to feel, think, or do in order to cross over from the “gestational stage” of becoming a copywriter to a permanent reality where there’s no going back (because at that point, you are a copywriter).

And I invite you to share your thoughts or questions with me in the comments below.

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Published: April 28, 2011

7 Responses to “The Final Stretch to Becoming a Full-Time Copywriter”

  1. I think I'm on Information Overload. I have purchased so many programs from AWAI. I start one, don't finish, and buy another one, because I love them and I believe I can do it. But I DON'T. What can I do to get going? Please help me. And soon.


  2. Mindy, This is an interesting series of articles, and I appreciate the mental changes and focus needed to make copywriting work. However, I see little on how to find the clients, especially when you are changing fields. I havea a journalism background (and a little PR). Although I've written for years, I have very little actual copywriting to show potential clients. I've made many cold calls and networking contacts but no real work yet.
    Any suggestions on breaking into the market?


  3. What an adventure -- your first little one. Congratulations.

    Now you get to experience all the fun -- sleepless nights, colic, ... :-) Hey, nobody said it'd be easy -- just worth it.

    Watched my wife go through 9 sets of trimesters. I prefer not knowing whether it's a boy or girl until arrival.

    We have nine -- all girls, except five. First came right smack half-way between my two college finals on June 1, 1967. The second 18 months later (minus a day) was born at home (not intended, but that's what happened). Dad got a 2-minute course in obstetrics by phone from the doc. All went well.

    Now our oldest has eight, our second is a database administrator for a major insurance company after 14 years at IBM (mother of three).

    Our youngest daughter is a doctor of audiology hearing-aid clinician married to a PhD psychologist, her little brother a financial analyst for the state public employee retirement fund. Both graduated cum laude, she speaks Portuguese, he French, Sp

    Clarke Echols

  4. BarbB,

    Pick one and WORK ON IT until you're DONE. Then the next. 6-figure course first. Joshua Boswell's 12-step pattern for starting is a winner. It's on the Wealthy Web Writer site.

    Clarke Echols

  5. Laurie,

    Get into the Wealthy Web Writer area. Get your Platinum membership so you get access to the great stuff over there on getting it going.

    Finish your 6-figure course and/or Nick's web-writing course (if they apply). There are plenty of ideas on WWW site on how to build a portfolio before you get your first clients.

    Spend some serious time understanding Joshua Boswell's 12-step pattern/formula for getting started, then follow it.

    If you're making calls but not getting results, something's missing. Joshua's presentations may help you identify that missing element.

    Clarke Echols

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