Hottest Opportunities in B2B Web Writing

If you're a web writer looking for opportunities to make top dollar working on interesting projects, look no further than the Business-to-Business market.

It's the biggest web-writing market in the world!

Does that statistic surprise you?

If you've never written for Business-to-Business (B2B) companies before, it might. In fact, you might find that statistic not just surprising, but difficult to even believe.

But, just look at the facts:

  • More than half of the Google searches for products and services are for Business-to-Business products and services.
  • B2B companies allocated 170% more of their marketing budgets to online initiatives in 2010.
  • B2B companies utilize email marketing more so than any other type of company.

I've seen this in my own business in recent years. I've been writing copy for Business-to-Business companies since 1995, and these days, the overwhelming majority of the projects I handle involve websites, landing pages, autoresponders, emails, e-newsletters, blogs, ads, and social media.

So, if you're a web writer, B2B is the place to be.

What are the hottest opportunities in this sector right now? Here's the rundown:

1. Lead-Nurturing Emails

If you've had some training in web writing, you know what an autoresponder is. It's essentially a pre-written email that's set-up to be sent to a particular prospect at a particular time.

B2B companies send more autoresponders than any other type of company. But, they call them by a different name: lead-nurturing emails.

These are simply emails designed to stay in touch with leads — aka prospects — over the long term. The idea is to build a prospect's interest in the company's products or services until he or she is ready to buy.

Autoresponders — er, lead-nurturing emails — are fun to write. They're short; just a page or two at most. And, these projects pay very well. It's not uncommon to be able to charge $5,000 for a series of five or six of these emails.

You could probably write one or two in a day.

2. Online Video Scripts

There’s no doubt about it. Online video is HUGE in B2B right now.

According to a report published by, Business-to-Business companies have more than doubled their production of online videos in the past year alone, and are expected to increase their spending on this media by 53% in 2011.

B2B companies are using online video on their websites to greet visitors, for product demonstrations, for making special offers, to create buzz on social media sites, in their e-newsletters, and more.

But, what's holding most B2B marketing managers back from getting these videos done is scripts. They need someone to write the scripts.

And, if you're a good web writer AND a good B2B writer, that "someone" could be you.

3. Social Media

Did you think social media was just for individuals? Think again.

Business-to-Business companies are investing in social media big-time. The last time I looked, IBM had at least seven active Facebook pages, plus over a hundred LinkedIn profiles, and activities on several Twitter pages.

There are many B2B companies who want to do even more on social media sites, but they just don't have the internal resources to do so. I was speaking with a potential client a few months ago who said, "We would double our social media activities tomorrow, if only we could find someone to write all the posts and tweets we need."

Take a look at the Twitter pages for some of your favorite companies. Many of those pages are written by "social media ghostwriters" (who are usually good B2B copywriters).

4. Webinars

One of my favorite B2B web-writing projects is the webinar script. Companies use webinars (the Internet’s version of live presentations with slides) as a way to create interest in their products and services, generate sales leads and publicity, and build brand awareness.

Writing a webinar is interesting and fun. And, seeing your webinar script “performed” on the Internet is a special experience. It’s like being a screenwriter and watching the movie you wrote!

Although a webinar is, technically, a presentation, it takes a skilled B2B writer to craft the slides and scripts. That's why these projects pay so well.

5. Websites

It may seem a little old-fashioned … but the website is still the most valuable marketing asset for a B2B company. As my friend and B2B copywriter Dianna Huff often says, "It's the Grand Central Station of a company's marketing."

B2B companies are constantly creating or updating website pages as they change and grow their product lines. In fact, it’s not unusual for even a modest-sized company to have a website with hundreds of pages covering dozens of products and applications.

And, by the way, the days of the “brochure site” have gone the way of the dodo. Today, most B2B companies know their websites have to be alive with compelling content, informative articles, and other information that needs to be created and updated constantly.

So, those are five of the hottest opportunities in the B2B market for web writers. There are many other fascinating and well-paying projects you can get involved in, including e-newsletters, landing pages, online ads, and more.

The trick is to develop a duo skill-set: Web writing and B2B copywriting. If you can accomplish that, then you can potentially do very well in the Business-to-Business market.

This article, Hottest Opportunities in B2B Web Writing, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: April 13, 2011

2 Responses to “Hottest Opportunities in B2B Web Writing”

  1. have a great day everyone.


  2. Very helpful article! I can see which direction my writing skills need to be headed. It's a little overwhelming, as I know little about web writing! But, I have Steve Slaunwhite's B2B course and know where my deficits lie.

    the writers block

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