Why You’ll Do Better, Quicker, When You Enjoy the Journey

Here at the Wealthy Web Writer, we talk a lot about setting goals. We’ve got roadmaps, guides, and experts to make sure you get to where you want to be.

Is that important? Absolutely.

But, there’s another side to being a web writer that deserves equal attention. It’s about enjoying the journey that takes place before you even meet your goals.

Can You List Your Successes So Far?

A lot of web writers get stuck in the stage that comes after adopting a freelance lifestyle but before they’ve realized their goals.

By that, I mean they don’t enjoy the journey they’re on. They’re too fixated on what’s working and what’s not and whether they’ll ever get to where they want to be.

I know. I used to be one of them.

It happened last year, when I was engrossed in my goal to hit six-figures for the first time. About nine months into the year, I found myself stressed out and frantic. Would I get there? Could I get there? Could I sacrifice any more time? Streamline my day a little better?

It took a severe lecture from my husband (who’d had to listen to all my worries) to realize I had it all wrong. At that point in the year, no, we didn’t know whether I’d hit my goal. What we did know was that I’d had a terrific ride up to that point.

On the personal front, I’d been home for all the holidays, present for all meals, and along for every family outing. I’d gone on three extended vacations — including one to another country. I’d lived the writer’s life, essentially.

On the professional front, I’d landed some fascinating projects. Met equally fascinating people. Reached out to new contacts in our industry, improved my web-writing skills, made friends with other web writers, more than doubled my income up to that point … and the list went on.

Admit It: You’re Already An Entrepreneur

If you’ve found yourself fretting lately about how far away your goals seem and how hard it is to get started, take a step back for a moment. Look at what you have accomplished.

Honestly, not a lot of people have the guts to do what you’re doing. For one, you’ve stepped up and said, “Hey, I’ve got what it takes!” You won’t settle for a status quo lifestyle.

Instead, you recognize there’s more to life than just “getting by” and you’ve put yourself in a position to not only enjoy but command your reality.

Plus, you’ve got all the makings of a great entrepreneur. After all, you get to:

  • Do what you most enjoy
  • Determine how you spend your time
  • Take charge of your money
  • Choose the people with whom you work
  • Become a known expert
  • Control your schedule
  • Decide who gets access to you
  • Be perceived as a visionary
  • Be admired by people who feel “stuck” in their jobs
  • Have the freedom to follow your passions

Entrepreneurs aren’t just born. The qualities you need to be successful can be developed through hard work and application. You can cultivate what it takes to succeed as a web writer just as you can resign yourself to working for someone else the rest of your life.

Why Your Unpredictable Path Is A Shared One

This concept really hit home at the Web Intensive in San Diego. I spent one evening chatting with a group of other web writers as we shared our tales of freelancing life.

Some of it was funny. Several of us acknowledged the tendency to talk to ourselves. A few admitted giving prime desk real estate to treasured pets.

Then, there were tales of answering the door in pajamas and littering keyboard cracks with crumbs. Other stories were about chatting up strangers in coffeehouse lines, punctuated by the endless misinterpretation of what it is we actually do.

We also talked about the challenge of feeling pulled in different directions, of learning to be cautious of time-wasters, and mindful of ever-changing trends.

The stories led to much shared laughter, but more than that, to a collective feeling of belonging.

As one web writer put it, “I love connecting with other web writers like this. It makes me realize I’m not alone. We’re all on the same unpredictable path.”

Find Value In Every Experience

One hurdle you have to trounce is the tendency to feel alone on this journey.

Working from home is great, yes. It gives you freedom and flexibility.

Yet, not connecting regularly with those who relate to your journey puts you at risk for feeling isolated.

Think back to when you were in school. Remember the days when you had to take big, dreaded tests? Your stomach may have been in knots, but there was probably a certain level of comfort in looking around at all your peers, knowing you were all in it together.

Sure, you each had end-goals that would take you different directions in life, but going through something together — something you could laugh or vent about later — made the experience itself valuable.

Wrap Your Projects Around Your Life — Not The Other Way Around

Last year, I wrapped my life around my projects in order to go big and hit six-figures. In some ways, it was good. I needed the push. I needed to prove a few things to myself.

I’m glad I did it, because it also proved this gig is real. I’ve heard from loads of other web writers who echo that sentiment.

Regardless, this year is more about wrapping my projects around my life and enjoying the route I take to get to my goals. I’ve got a destination in mind, but now I want to savor every minute of the journey.

After all, the things you learn along the way in this lifestyle, about yourself and others and the world in general, are pretty terrific. Mind-blowing, even. What it comes down to is the realization that doing something is, in many ways, even more important than the final outcome.

Maybe you haven’t hit your big goal just yet. So what? You’ll get there. For now, enjoy the journey and don’t fixate on your destination. You’ll have a much more rewarding experience, and who knows? You might achieve your goals even faster if you let yourself have fun along the way.

This article, Why You’ll Do Better, Quicker, When You Enjoy the Journey, was originally published by Wealthy Web Writer.

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Published: April 27, 2011

1 Response to “Why You’ll Do Better, Quicker, When You Enjoy the Journey”

  1. I love it, Mindy - wrapping your projects around your life! You inspire me.

    Steve RollerApril 27, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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