You've Got Something Better Than Money in the 'Bank' ...

Imagine that a bank deposits $86,400 in your account every morning.

But there's a catch …

The bank doesn't allow you to carry that total over to the next day.

In other words, what you don't spend of the $86,400, you lose forever.

No amount of begging and pleading will get it back.

So if you're smart, every day of your life you'd withdraw all the money in your account and spend it freely. After all, why leave some for bankers to reclaim? They've got enough money.

Peter H. Thomas (founder of Century 21 Canada) relates this parable in his book Be Great.

He then points out that we really do have such a bank account in our lives. But it's not filled with money. It's filled with time.

Every day we have 86,400 seconds deposited into our accounts. Which we're free to use any way we choose.

All those seconds translate into over 700,000 hours – the number of hours that comprise a typical lifetime. But like the $86,400, what we don't use wisely of our seconds, we can never reclaim.

Thomas points out that what we can start doing, though, is living a more meaningful, balanced life right now.

He advises us to spend time on the things we value the most – and weed out the things that waste our time. Thomas says "giving your time to what you value frees you from hours of indecision and worry, and brings you clarity of purpose."

Makes sense to me.

But as one who had the luxury of working from home for the past seven years, I can say – like most things in life – it's easier said than done.

And whether you work from home or for someone else, there are plenty of distractions that present themselves during any given day eager to chip away at our 86,400 seconds.

If you can relate, check out an article I wrote recently titled Too many distractions? Use these eleven tips to help you focus. Hopefully, it will help stop distractions from wasting away your valuable time.

Remember, the most successful writers are excellent at managing their time. So if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend you check out Dan Kennedy’s Look Over My Shoulder. Each month you’ll get an inside look at one of the most productive copywriters in the world, as well as tips on how you can follow in his footsteps.

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Published: April 5, 2011

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