Best Practices for Reaching the Writer's Life

Follow the yellow brick road …

It was an easy path for Dorothy to follow to the magical Land of Oz – a direct path from point A to point B.

If only it was that easy to get to the writer’s life, right?

But it is!

The only difference is that there is more than one colored brick road.

Copywriting, resume writing, web writing, grant writing … all of the opportunities AWAI introduces you to are proven paths.

And it doesn’t matter which one you choose. They’ll all take you to the writer’s life.

The difference lies in how you approach the path once you’re on it …

The skills you choose to learn, the self-marketing strategies that fit your personality, etc.

But there are some steps that remain constant regardless of the path you choose, your background, your personality, or anything else that makes you unique.

So before you head into the weekend, I want to make sure you have the piece of the roadmap that will always remain constant.

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And now back to my best practices for reaching the writer’s life …

First, pick somewhere to start.

There’s only one thing you can do to guarantee you won’t reach the writer’s life. And that’s by not choosing a path at all.

Imagine wanting to go on a vacation …

You have access to any transportation, lodging, and activities you could possibly ever want or need – you just have to choose where you want to go.

Without choosing a location, you’d be forever longing for the relaxation and fun that would come with going on vacation. But you’d never be any closer to actually enjoying it.

Same goes for living the writer’s life.

As an AWAI member, you already know the paths that will get you there, and you have access to all the training tools, opportunities, and people you need to succeed. You just have to decide which path to take!

And remember, if you need help choosing, I’m happy to help you. Just read my post about choosing a path here, and then post a comment below it about what paths you’re considering and I’ll give you my input.

Next step, START!

Seems obvious, right? But just deciding you’re going to take the copywriting path, grant-writing path, web-writing path, etc. isn’t going to get you to the writer’s life.

That’s like deciding to go on vacation to Disney World and never leaving your house. You still need to plan the trip, pack, and head on over in order to reap the benefits of the vacation.

So after you’ve chosen your path, you need to start moving down it. Make a list of the steps you need to take, acquire the skills you’ll need to succeed, and start marketing yourself as a professional.

Everything you need is available to you through the AWAI website, its programs, and live training events. And if you need help finding anything or you want to be reassured of the steps you should take, remember that AWAI’s Member Services team is available every week to help you. You can call them at 866-879-2924 or 561-278-5557, or you can also contact them online here.

But no matter what, make sure you start down the path. This critical step can determine whether you get to live the writer’s life or not.

Once you’re moving down your path, stay focused. Don’t let the bright shiny objects distract you!

As someone who has worked for AWAI for over 7 years, and in the industry for almost 15, I know firsthand just how many exciting paths lead to the writer’s life. I’ve worked in them, I’ve researched them, and I’ve witnessed successful people completing them time and time again.

But I also understand just how distracting each one can be!

Every time I learn about a new path or read a promotion about a program that will help take you down one of the paths I’m very familiar with, I get the urge to stop what I’m doing and start moving down a new path.

At some point in my career, in addition to an online marketer, I’ve wanted to be a health copywriter, a B2B copywriter, a web writer, a grant writer, a resume writer, a travel writer, and an internet researcher. They all sound so exciting, and I know that they can all lead to the writer’s life.

It can be addicting!

But an important key to success in this game is staying focused. And that means blocking out all of the other “bright shiny objects” that you read and hear about while moving down your own path.

Sure, down the road, you can add one or two more paths into the mix.

But when you’re first starting out, focusing is the only way you’ll get enough momentum going to get you to the life you want to live.

Plus, once you’ve successfully completed one path, it’s that much easier to run down another. You’ll already know what it takes to make it and can easily apply that knowledge to any other path you choose.

And finally, don’t give up. Success could be just around the corner!

My first job out of college was working for a staffing agency as a sales rep. I only lasted a few months before transitioning into publishing and marketing, but someone successful had advised me that I would need some sales experience if I was ever going to be a good marketer.

The sales process the company followed was very precise. We were taught that it took approximately 100 calls on average in order to make 10 solid connections to ultimately make one sale.

But you never knew which of those 100 calls would be the sale. You could get lucky and it could be the 9th call, or it could be call 99.

Therefore, you could never “give up” and stop calling. Your next sale could be the very next call you made!

The same idea applies to living the writer’s life. Success could be just around the next corner. So you have to keep moving forward – even when you’re feeling discouraged – until you reach it.

Sure, you may want and need to pause for a second, evaluate what you’re doing, and then readjust your plan from time to time.

But never give up.

If you follow this advice, you can and will achieve the writer’s life you’ve always dreamed of living.

It all can be yours. You just have to choose a path and start walking down it.

I’d love to know where you are on your journey to living the writer’s life. Share it with me in the comments below, and let me know if there's anything you need to help you move forward.

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Published: May 20, 2011

2 Responses to “Best Practices for Reaching the Writer's Life”

  1. Very inspiring! I love your revelation... "At some point in my career, in addition to an online marketer, I’ve wanted to be a health copywriter, a B2B copywriter, a web writer..."

    That was me. So AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting is my focus. I thought, "Would I feel passionate doing this every day... 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years from now?" Armed with an e-commerce background, and an internet love affair, I chose the web writer route.

    Thanks Rebecca, And Good Luck All!


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