Einstein, Bike Rides, and Copywriting

A few years ago, a good friend of mine talked me into doing triathlons with him.

Not the big Ironman-distance, crazy ones, but what they call Olympic distance – 1.5k swim/40k bike/10k run. Reasonable stuff, but still a challenge.

Now, when I do something, I like to do it well. I'm pretty competitive.

Whether it's triathlons or copywriting, I always strive for being in the top half right off the bat and the top 20% within a reasonable amount of time.

I found out that most triathletes do the big things they're supposed to do – long training rides and runs, and lots of laps in the pool.

But I found out that few of them did hill workouts on a regular basis, and very few did open-water swimming.

I decided to do both of those things.

And guess what? In my very first race, I finished in the top half. Later that summer, I finished in the top 20% of a race without doing anything extraordinary. I just did what the training book told me to do. Nothing special.

So what does all this triathlon talk have to do with copywriting?

Simply this:

Do everything the "training book" tells you to do. Including the little things that not everyone is willing to do.

Would you like to be in the top 50% of copywriters right out of the gate?

Well, when you finish the Accelerated Program, you'll probably know more than at least half of all working copywriters out there. The program really is that good.

But here's the thing. You can finish the program without doing every little exercise.

I'll let you in on a little secret. A lot of copywriters like to skip the little parts.

We've been talking all week about building a solid foundation now so you can enjoy the writer's life later.

It's pretty simple: do the little things that not everyone is willing to do.

And what are some of those things?

  • Practice writing every day. One of the best ways to practice when you're first getting started is to write out a control by hand (in fact, this is a great habit to keep up even after you finish the Accelerated Program).
  • Take each section slowly. It's the exercises at the end of each section that are going to help you become a great copywriter.
  • Don't skip anything in the program, no matter how small. Every section contains secrets, skills, and techniques you need to master what comes next.

These are just a few of the basic things as you get started. But form the habit now of doing the little things that others don't necessarily like to do. As you venture further along in your copywriting journey, it will be easier to maintain that habit as the little things get more challenging.

Okay, so how did Einstein show up in the subject line of this email? Another ploy to get you to open it? Well, there is a connection.

See, Einstein liked to ride his bike, too. Only he did it to come up with brilliant ideas.

You know his famous theory of relativity? Einstein said, "I thought of that while riding my bike." Seriously.

Who knew? Bike riding was a cure for writer's block (and scientist's block!). Check out my article How to Channel Brain Overload into Sizzlin'-Hot Copy for ideas on tapping into your own creative genius.

And let me know how you come up with your best ideas by commenting below.

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Published: May 5, 2011

8 Responses to “Einstein, Bike Rides, and Copywriting”

  1. I can't afford anything special that you offer me in the emails I receive! I would really like to learn how to do what you describe in the email however I am not sure how to accomplish this with no knowledge of the steps I need to take.

    Sincerly, Cindy

    Guest (Cindy)

  2. Whenever I start feeling that negative "I just don't have what it takes" mentality I take a walk and visualize how awesome my life will be once I start living the "writer's life". I also pray during my walk and when I return I feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the motivation to start writing.

    David Adame

  3. I really admire your skill. I just thought you should know that first hand from me. By the way,I'm hoping i can start with the Accelerated program. But i still wonder why copywriting sounds so lucrative and yet,not saturated. Initially I was scared to sign up with AWAI. Had a lot of doubts.I was in Nigeria then.But getting to the US 5weeks ago,I feel, there are no pranks here.I'd take the leap.I hope my story afterwards will be of glory,not gory. Thanks for giving.


  4. Steve,

    I really admire your conversational tone of writing. It engages the reader.

    You are correct: Albert Einstein was fond of riding his bike at his home in Princeton, New Jersey. You can even find photos of Einstein enjoying his hobby.

    I tend to "receive" my best ideas while taking a casual stroll in the park--seriously, but hard to believe, no?

    At such times, the subconscious takes over, and the muse visits you without any party invitation. Consciously, you are no longer even in control. Cheers.

    Archan Mehta

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