Which Niche?

Natural health, investing, and self-help.

Quick – what do these three things have in common?

The answer is nothing.

Sure, they’re all niches a writer “could” consider writing for. But realistically, you wouldn’t attempt to tackle them all at once.


Imagine you’re writing a sales letter for a natural health company. You spend days immersing yourself in the industry, getting to know the people who buy natural health products, and familiarizing yourself with the “hot buttons.”

You spend the next few days researching your client’s competitors, evaluating what’s working in the industry, and finally sitting down to write the letter.

The next week, you sit down to tackle another sales letter, only this time, it’s for an investment newsletter.

So you start up your entire process all over again.

Now imagine if instead of an investment newsletter, your next project was for another natural health company …

You’d be able to re-use all of the information you researched and leverage all of the time you spent getting to know the buyers and the industry.

The sales letter would most likely take you less time to write, which means after you collected your fee, the value of your time would have increased.

Remember, you set your rates with the client in advance. And regardless of how long the project takes you to complete, you still collect your fee either way.

And the more immersed you are in your niche, the easier it becomes to write – whether you’re writing sales letters, autoresponders, websites, case studies, white papers, or video scripts. Easier projects mean you can turn them around faster.

Which means you have more time to either take on more work and make more money overall, or work less hours and still enjoy the same income.

Of course, maximizing the value of every hour you work is only one of the major benefits of specializing and picking a niche to launch your writing career …

  • It’s easier to charge more because you’re a specialist.
  • It’s easier to market yourself.
  • And it’s easier to quickly identify potential clients.

Nick Usborne has a lot of experience helping copywriters pick a good niche to tackle. So for today's issue, I've asked him to write an article on the best practices of choosing your niche.

That way, you’ll be able to choose your own copywriting niche if you haven’t already, or ensure that the niche you have chosen is a good one.

And once you’ve chosen your niche, share it with me in the comments below.

Now, all this assumes that you’ve chosen copywriting as your path to living the writer’s life.

If you haven’t yet chosen a path, I invite you to read (or re-read) an article I wrote earlier this year that focused on helping you choose the path that was right for you.

In addition, I’m happy to help you decide where to start if you’re interested in more than one. You can access that article here and post any questions you have for me in the comment section.

Just remember, the only way to reach the writer’s life is to choose a path and get started.

And then once you do, you can count on AWAI to ensure you have access to the people, training, and opportunities you need to succeed.

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Published: May 19, 2011

10 Responses to “Which Niche?”

  1. A very intersting article full of good advice. My work experience is in the health field and an obvious niche would be to write about medicine, natural health and healing and related subjects. Is there any particular course in this fields. I wold apreciate any advice you can give me.
    Many thanks in advance.


  2. I love the article. Here's my issue...I just finished the AWAI Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting. I have no idea what to do now. I guess I need to find a niche first, but after I do, where do I go from there? Thanks Rebecca

    Guest (Jeff )

  3. Hi Rebecca, I'm a B2B software copywriter, currently focusing on the enterprise workforce management niche (time & attendance, punch clocks, etc.) I've been researching companies & building my list of contacts over the last few months. I used to work for one of these companies a number of years ago, so I'm familiar with the niche, though I admit I didn't know it was as big as I'm rediscovering. :)

    Julia Borgini

  4. Hi, Rebecca! I am setting up my website - thanks to your "4-Days in May", which of course made me try to identify my (beginner's) niche. I've been researching small businesses in general and their need for effective marketing strategies, especially in this economy. I figure small businesses need a website (it doesn't have to be fancy but has to be good) to work together with direct sales letters. So my niche would be web copy & sales letters for small business. What do you think?


  5. Rebecca, maybe I'm over thinking my niches. I'm a civil engineer,teacher and have credits in library science. Love to teach, research, read, crochet, garden, public speaking, & helping people. Enjoy writing fiction, instructional material & short articles that relate solid knowledge. I need to work from home (heart issues) but still make the same or better income. I've written many resumes for family/friends. Also thinking of copy writing/B2B but that's still broad. Any suggestions? Thank you.


  6. Hi Rebecca! I've had a difficult time deciding what niche I need/want. I am a 62 year old chiropractor with 32 years of experience. I would like to replace my income so I can retire but like Paul Hollingshead said in one of his articles, I'm lazy. I don't know if I want to work as hard as I did when I was 30.I want to live somewhere else and enjoy life but I DO have a lot of experience in the health field. Should I stick with that or consider travel?


  7. Hello Rebecca!

    I retired in February 2014 and just completed an Associate in Billing/Coding this past April 2016, online; however, for over the last five years I've maintained a blog on Facebook with my High School Alumni. "The Flying Tiger" has over 450 members! They tell me that I make them feel as if they are at the events that I write about.

    I always planned to work again, but in the field that I truly enjoy (copy). Mastering your program can enable me to provide that joy. Tips?


    Guest (Janet)

  8. Rebecca, was a member of AWAI last spring, (as GraceMan) bought the Architecture book and studied several AWAI materials.. loved every minute of it.. just not the right time to get started.. Now, (thank the good Lord)

    Timing is perfect! Just joined again today! Excited to be moving forward with my plans to begin writing!


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