The Last Opportunity for the American Dream?

Do you still believe in the American Dream?

I recently read about a study from Hanson and Zogby that suggests the American Dream ain't what it used to be.

Most Americans now predict that achieving the Dream using fair means will become increasingly difficult for future generations.

Furthermore, most folks are increasingly pessimistic that the working class has any chance left to get ahead. A growing minority believe the old lesson of "work harder to get ahead" doesn't apply anymore. Fair enough.

No wonder people are so down on the American Dream.

But as members of AWAI, you and I both know there are still opportunities to live the American Dream. To achieve more and build for yourself a life of freedom and prosperity.

Take copywriting, for example.

Living the American Dream is what the writer's life is all about. I hear about new people all the time who are living the American Dream through copywriting. And it's not just for U.S. citizens – it's for anyone, anywhere.

  • You can enjoy the freedom of controlling when and how much you work.
  • You can build a solid financial future for yourself and your family.
  • And you can do it from anywhere you choose!

These tenets of the writer's life sure sound a lot like the American Dream.

Of course, there are a lot of ways to the writer's life – not just copywriting.

The list of opportunities goes on and on … And each can be used to create the writer's life – your own American Dream – for yourself and your family.

I tend to agree with most Americans' dismal assessment that the American Dream ain't what it used to be.

But I still see opportunity everywhere I look.

So I still believe in the American Dream. And I think it's available all over the world to anyone who wants it. I think you can have it if you want – and are willing to work smart, as well as hard, for it.

You just have to step up and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

Do you still believe in the American Dream? Are you taking advantage of the opportunities that are available to you? Share with me in the comments below.

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Published: June 16, 2011

7 Responses to “The Last Opportunity for the American Dream?”

  1. Hi, Roy. Must admit when I saw the headline "American Dream" my first thought was "yeah, right." It's no use. Yesterday I looked at my bookcase with all my resources so why am I floundering here? Between the tweets and faces and websites and direct sales letters and 6-figures and masters and I'm not getting anywhere! BUT - I do want that dream. Work hard - work smart, huh? O.K. I'll talk to you in six months about my first clients. Oh. And thank you.


  2. I'm concerned about future control of the web. As global tyrannies continue to escalate, how can there be any security with internet marketing methods? The only way to survive a wholesale hijacking of the internet would be direct mail marketing -- unless that, too, will become a restricted channel controlled by nefarious agents. I'm not sure what world you people live in, but the evidence of 'what's coming' cannot be ignored by responsible people.

    Guest (tomis)

  3. I think the American Dream from Copywriting etc can be a reality by picking the exact niche market that sets you on fire. As if you are working without working. It is easier and you have more confidence. People think you are an expert, because you are. Personally, I have worked to keep my communication to potential customers simple via direct mail with bulky item first, limit social media to minimum. Less is more. No one is complaining. Do one thing extraordinarily well... Buddhist Proverb!

    Guest (Tom Hackim - Orlando FL)

  4. Hello Roy. I'm right in there with Judy B...she took the words right out of my mouth. I'm an AWAI member/student and like Judy, I have the bookcase full of resources as well.

    To be honest with you, I don't know whether I should pick up where I left off and re-invest my time and money in my writing career or not. The outlook for our country/economy is not good. I would welcome some sound advice from some experts in the copywriting field.

    Guest (Debbie)

  5. Roy,

    Thank You. Nice post. Informative.

    So many have already given up on the American Dream and have re-located to foreign shores as expatriates.

    After all, in developing nations, you can stretch your American dollar due to the favorable currency rates of exchange.

    There is despair today in America: foreclosures, unemployment, inflation, you name it. And the list goes on.

    You have to find a niche if you still want to live the American Dream--and that, my friend, is easier said than done.

    Archan Mehta

  6. Hey Roy, the American Dream is not only alive, it is thriving!

    I've been following several self-help internet marketers through subscription.

    There are sooooo many opportunities that exist that fit the "American Dream" signature, it's mind boggling. One must "resist" trying them all!

    I was certain it wasn't the "American Dream" that was the issue, it was "the Dreamer"! So I worked on me first... then the "Dream" showed up, and I was "up" to the challenge.

    Thanks for all your great insight!

    Jerry Bures

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