What Are You Thinking? Right Now!

It's Roy Furr here, taking the reins of The Writer's Life this week. And I have to say I'm excited.

Why am I excited?

Well, because this week, I have some great things in store for you. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for when my emails hit your inbox. Because as soon as you get them, you'll know you have some mission-critical reading to do.

What I'm going to share with you this week are a few of the secrets that let me make as much money in my first year as a freelancer as I did when I was working full-time …

Secrets that have me well on the way to a six-figure income this year …

And secrets that helped me win AWAI's 2010 $10k Challenge Award as a hot up-and-coming copywriter!

Let's dive in …

Today, I'm sharing a little secret I've picked up from my study of human psychology.

This is something that may sound a little silly when you first hear it, but it's shockingly effective when you try it.

It has to do with what you're thinking about. Right now. And for the rest of your day. It has to do with what you think about when you get up and when you go to bed.

And it especially has to do with what you're thinking when you're working on a new project. It can be any project. Something for a client. A personal project. It doesn't matter. Except it should be a project you have a goal for – one you want to be successful at.

But that describes all of your projects, doesn't it? After all – if you didn't want to be successful, you wouldn't be doing it!

So what is it? What should you be thinking about every hour of the day – and especially when you're working on all your most important projects?

Here it is …

You should be thinking about your highest vision for the results of that project.

Let me explain …

Your highest vision is an imagined future in which everything you want to happen already has.

You can find it for a particular project you're working on by saying to yourself, "If everything goes right … " and finishing the statement.

So, for example, your highest vision for a new sales letter you're writing for a client might be described like this:

If everything goes right, the results this sales letter generates for my client will blow their socks off. When they first use it, their order-taking department will be overwhelmed with orders. They won't be able to put the phone down without it ringing again because a new customer wants to buy their product. Their website ordering system will have pages and pages of new orders to process. Their mailroom will be full. And here's the best part. If everything goes right, my client will be calling me to tell me just how excited they are. They're going to tell me that the royalty check they'll be sending me is the biggest they've ever written – but they don't care because my sales letter has generated them so much money!

Exciting, isn't it?!

This also applies to personal development "projects." For example, if you want to become the best copywriter in the financial niche, your highest vision may sound something like this:

If everything goes right, within a few years, I'll be known as one of the best up-and-coming financial copywriters. My ideal clients won't just know my name, they'll know about the results I've been generating for their competitors. And they'll be clamoring to get on my schedule. I'll be booked months in advance at high fees and without price objections. And this is all because I've wisely spent my time and energy learning what works in financial copywriting so that I'm able to write consistently profitable sales letters for clients.

You can use this for any project or goal you have. If you're working for someone else, it can be your highest vision for the project of going out on your own to live the writer’s life. If you want to start your own business, it should be your highest vision for where the business will be in five years.

You apply it to your life to find what it means to you.

Once you have this highest vision in mind, remember it. Write it down if necessary. Repeat it to yourself often. Internalize it.

It should be what you think about … all the time.

And here's what happens …

By keeping this highest vision in mind for the results you're looking to accomplish and experience, you're focusing both your conscious and subconscious mind on creating those results.

This builds momentum. It helps you get started on tasks that lead you toward the results you want. It keeps your mind thinking about your challenges and roadblocks even when you're not actively working to achieve your results … So you find solutions to what's holding you back in the oddest places, like the shower or in a dream.

It focuses your mental and emotional energy on the fulfillment of the results.

And you can't help but work toward bringing your highest vision to fruition.

This may sound silly, I admit.

But try it.

It's shockingly powerful.

Start to think about what your highest vision is for a current project or goal you'd like to accomplish. Define it using the instructions above. Then hold it in your mind. Keep thinking about it even when you're not actively working on it.

You'll be surprised by how much this helps you bring your highest vision of results into reality.

What do you think? Do you do this already? Are you going to try it? Let me know! Fill in the blank after “If everything goes right ___,” and then add it to the comments below.

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Published: June 13, 2011

8 Responses to “What Are You Thinking? Right Now!”

  1. If everything goes right, I'll be booked six months in advance with at least six new clients and both of my current ghostwriting clients will land lucrative publishing contracts within the year.

    Barbara Carson

  2. Roy, I think what you have presented here is priceless, as I too have been a student of psychology and spirituality (they are actually one and the same -(psyche-soul), terms may be different). Having come from you with good results in your first year...I can't think of a better argument for trying it.

    Caribbean Guy

  3. If everything goes right I will finish building my new floating deck by the end of August! (This may not be copy related, but it's important to me right now as it's taking a lot of my time away.)

    This is great because I had never set a time on it and now I feel I can achieve this AND get into copy writing too!!!!!


  4. If everything goes right, by Dec 31, 2031 I will have donated 2 Million dollars to 500 Charities. Leaving me a net worth of 1 Billion dollars.

    Brad Tobin

  5. If everything goes right, I will have studied so many good direct mail examples I will be using top-selling key words not just in my writing but in my day-to-day conversations. Then I can use the things I have learned to improve my craft and promote myself at the same time.


  6. If everything goes right, I’ll effortlessly get through the Travel Writing course materials and exercises. I find that I have more talent then I ever dreamed possible for concocting enticing stories and then selling them successfully for a pretty profit. I’m able to live wherever I wish on this beautiful planet because my writings about the things that make me smile and open my heart as I experience them are in big demand.

    Guest (Alicia)

  7. If everything goes right, I will have completed my awesome website (by the middle of July, 2011) It will generate a steady income (through the sale of ebooks) and a good flow of leads, enabling me to build long-term customers. Within a year, I will be earning a six-figure income, working from wherever takes my fancy, and having the freedom to live the writers life.

    Guest (Barbi)

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