A Work-at-Home Environment that Promotes Success

Before I made the leap to freelance copywriter, my husband and I talked about the changes it would bring …

We thought our lifestyle would change. We thought we might not have extra money to purchase things, go out to dinner as often, or travel much. Maybe we’d have to put the college fund on hold.

The truth is our lifestyle did change—it got better.

We travel more. We regularly take extended trips without our kids—something we never did before—including a 10-day trip to Hawaii a couple of years ago. In the fall, I’m traveling to Africa for two weeks.

We moved into a larger home with an incredible view of the marsh and river and a short bike ride from the ocean.

And both our boys’ (10 and 15) college educations will be paid for by the end of 2013.

I attribute my success to establishing a work-at-home environment designed to support my business …

It’s something you can easily do too when you understand how to rally support from those around you.

I discovered the importance of this during the 10 years I coached people on building home-based businesses …

Finding extra time on their hands, they assume a number of different roles. They become:

  • "Super parent" – spending hours of time with their kids
  • "Super spouse" – dedicating extra time to domestic chores
  • "Super volunteer" – helping out additional organizations and friends
  • "Super preparer" – spending a lopsided amount of time learning
  • And so on …

However, when it comes time for business, they don’t devote that same focused effort.

When bills arrive, their spouse doesn’t see them contributing. This often translates into a lack of support for their freelance efforts …

In fact, "lack of support" is one of the biggest challenges cited by people working from home. Many even quit because of it.

Here's the thing …

Once you start making money, even your most unsupportive family member will become your biggest booster.

So what's the key to gaining their support before then and becoming a successful work-from-home entrepreneur?

Treating your freelancing like a business … and having your family members do the same.

Treating freelancing like a business from day one gave me the confidence to succeed. It allowed me to have it all—a profitable business with the time and money to do the things I want.

Here are six additional strategies you can use to maximize support from those around you:

  1. Let them know what to expect.

    Most people want to know how your plans will affect their lives. Be truthful and realistic. Let them know how it’ll affect your family budget, when you’ll start making money, your plan for how much you’ll make, and how you’ll earn it.

  2. Show proof you can make money.

    Show them stories from AWAI’s Wall of Fame or ask successful copywriters to speak with them about their experience.

  3. Tell them what it means to you.

    When family members see your passion and excitement, they’re more likely to encourage you. Tell them what you love about freelance writing. Let them know how much you appreciate their support.

  4. Show how it can positively affect your family.

    Give them ideas of the financial benefits. And how your career will lead to a stronger family. For example, not having to pay for daycare or being able to model behaviors for positive family growth and character development. (For ideas on how you can positively affect your family, check out A Powerful Source of Motivation that’s Right at Your Fingertips.)

  5. Share the good stuff.

    Don’t vent about your business to your family. When you complain about things that happen (or don't happen), your family’s instinct may be to rescue you with the suggestion, “Why don’t you just quit?” Keep a positive attitude and share the good news about your business.

  6. Find outside support.

    Network with other copywriters through groups like the Professional Writers' Alliance (PWA). These people can support and encourage you. Fellow members can relate to what you are going through and have real solutions proven to work for just about any challenge you face in your business.

The main thing is to treat your business like a business.

How family and friends view your freelance adventure is very much up to you. Have a plan and dedicate hours to working your plan. Treat it like a business. Take your work seriously, and they will view you as a professional.

Maximize support for your dreams by applying the six strategies above. You’ll establish a work-at-home environment that gives you and your family peace of mind. And you’ll grow your business and make money faster too. Then your family truly will be your biggest supporters.

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The Professional Writers’ Alliance

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Published: July 21, 2011

2 Responses to “A Work-at-Home Environment that Promotes Success”

  1. I want to share just how much I enjoyed this week's series of articles. For me personally they were not only packed with powerful and relevant information, but were also very motivational.

    So many things that Cindy touches on, my wife and I both, have been struggling with as we aspire to make the leap to freelancers.

    This was great stuff Cindy, I was sad to see the series come to an end. We will certainly be taking it all to heart and applying your techniques and strategies as we too move toward our rendition of the writers life!

    Thank you so much Cindy...

    Guest (Doug Van Nuys)

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