Explode Your Revenues by Becoming an Online Copywriter and Serving a Single, Profitable Niche

The opportunity to make money as an online copywriter is still huge.

Billions of dollars are moving from traditional print media over to online media.

And there is still a massive shortage of professionally trained online copywriters to meet this growing demand.

Better still, when you make the move to online copywriting, you can significantly increase your income by zeroing in on one highly profitable niche.

First … why online copywriting?

The demand for trained copywriters who can work with online media is driven by the needs of millions of companies online who measure their success by the volume of online sales they achieve.

In an article I wrote a while back, I put it this way:

If you ask just about any online business owner about the kind of writer they value the most, their answer will be something like this …

“Above all else, we need persuasive online copywriters. We need writers who are trained to drive action and increase conversion rates, across all online media.”

How come?

Because the web is the ultimate direct response medium.

Think about it … direct response writing is about making things happen.

And on the web, if nothing “happens” … you have failed.

There are tons of great online content writers out there, and they do a good job. But what companies desperately need are copywriters who can make things happen … driving product and service sales, or subscriptions, or memberships, or registrations.

To make things happen online, you have to be a trained, online copywriter with professional-grade skills.

Right now, there is a huge opportunity for anyone who wants to learn how to write online copy.

But wait … an even bigger opportunity lies in marketing your online copywriting services to a single, profitable niche.

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with a former client of mine, and I asked her what she was looking for when choosing a freelance copywriter.

I didn’t record our conversation, but this is pretty close to what she told me:

“The first thing I look for is a freelancer who knows my business. I don’t have the time to bring them up to speed on my industry. I can’t wait around while they learn my business. I need someone who knows the industry and can jump straight in and deliver the specific value I need from them.”

I wish we had been on a conference call with thousands of freelancers listening in and taking notes.

Don’t for a moment think she is alone or part of a small group of clients who think this way. Pretty much all marketers and managers at client companies think this way.

Think about it. It makes huge sense for them to find an online copywriter who is a specialist in their industry. It means they don’t have to waste time educating you. It means you can both jump right in and get to work on the project they need completing.

In addition, client companies know that freelancers who are specialists will almost always do a better job. They bring industry-specific expertise to the table.

And, of course, clients will pay you more precisely because you are a specialist.

In every business, specialists get paid more.

Think we’re done with the benefits of choosing a single, profitable niche? We’re not.

Being a specialist also makes it much easier to get new clients.

Again, pause and think. How many hours a week do you spend on marketing your services? Remember, these are un-billable hours. How do you set about targeting your best prospects?

If you are a generalist, you are going to spend hours and hours floundering around looking for work.

But if you are a specialist working in one specific niche, you can do your prospecting work a great deal more efficiently and successfully. For example, if your niche is trucking companies, just go to the American Trucking Association website. That’s where you’ll find your prospects.

You want some examples of online copywriting niches? OK …

There are thousands of online copywriting niches out there to choose from. As soon as you choose your niche, you’ll be able to set yourself apart from every other copywriter and start promoting yourself as a niche-specific expert.

Here are a few niches that are served by online copywriters I know personally. Just use this list to get your own ideas started:

  • Companies which sell to hospitals
  • Companies which sell software to banks
  • Companies that sell software to hotels, restaurants, and bars
  • Companies that sell to people who have pets
  • Companies that sell to the general aviation industry
  • Companies that sell spa packages

The list is literally endless.

Plus, you can also specialize in the kind of online copywriting work you do …

First, pick your industry niche, and then tighten the focus further with an online copywriting specialty.

For example:

  • I write online sales pages
  • I write online ads
  • I write mobile ads
  • I write sales emails
  • I write e-newsletters
  • I write home pages
  • I write product pages

And so on.

Summing it all up …

Companies online are desperate to find copywriters who understand online media and can drive sales, sign-ups, and registrations.

It’s all about converting eyeballs to sales.

That’s what copywriters do. And that’s why there is such a huge demand for trained online copywriters.

Next, to maximize your revenues as an online copywriter, select a single niche. Become a specialist and market yourself as a specialist.

Finally, specialize in a particular aspect of writing for the web.

In other words, go where the money is – and that’s online – and then maximize your income by marketing yourself as a true specialist.

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The Digital Copywriter's Handbook

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Published: July 18, 2011

3 Responses to “Explode Your Revenues by Becoming an Online Copywriter and Serving a Single, Profitable Niche”

  1. I am a total newbie here, but I love to write. The advantage for me, is that I have been a customer to many of the online products and packages for quite some time.
    I am a hard sell. I know what it is that grabs my attention, and keeps it. I like to be informed, I like free stuff, I like to be inspired, I like a good story, a good joke, a good quote, a good pic, basically I want to be entertained. and I think that applies to the rest of the online species


  2. I have been a member for awhile now. Trying to get over a surgery working 2 jobs, but now I am concentrating on my writing. Only working 1 job till I can replace that income then I will become a full time writer in the construction and remodeling field. Setting up web sites and working on white pages. Nice to meet everyone. Fred


  3. Writing has been a thing I have done in all different ways: to do list, phone message, Welcome Letters, Thank you letters, all sorts of professional letters, journaling, blog, item descriptions and life stories. Now I want to earn money talking on paper about jewelry making, military wife, senior citizen, Christian Ministry and more. I love to write. Have done some marketing writing but not professionally. I want to learn how to write to make a buck.


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