Freelancing vs. Parenting: Which is Easier?

Cindy Cyr taking over The Writer’s Life this week …

One of the biggest perks of living the writer’s life is the freedom and flexibility it gives you to be with your family.

However, that can bring new challenges, especially if you’ve never worked from home before.

So I’m dedicating this week to the secrets of how to build a successful freelance writing business working from home while balancing the demands of family …

 … even while transitioning from full-time job to full-time freelancer.

You’ll learn how to get support from your family when you are trying to make the leap. And you’ll get tips on fun ways your family can help you achieve your writing goals and even give you a tax deduction.

I’ll show you how to keep distractions at bay. Give you ideas for maintaining balance between your writing life and home life. Explain how your family can be a source of motivation and inspiration. And reveal why your writer’s life can influence positive family growth.

Let’s get started …

Today, I want to show you that if you can parent, you can “lick” this "freelance writing thing” …

Seven years ago, I went from single, no kids to instant mom with two kids.

In a fragile state, both boys were afraid I’d take their father away from them …

So constant attention was critical to bonding, earning their trust, and, ultimately, a successful relationship.

Every moment I was around, they had my full undivided attention.

That first year was challenging; however, the rewards were well worth it. My parenting experience has been wonderful. But it's the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

If you're a parent, I know you can relate. You finally figure out what works only to discover they’re in some new phase.

Kids can be defiant, stubborn, ungrateful, and frustrating.

But the reward comes when they are appreciative, sweet, and do something that reflects the values you’ve been trying to teach them.

Being a freelance writer can be kind of like that too.

It can be so frustrating when you’re just starting out that you just want to give up …

However, when it all comes together, you get appreciation, thanks, and a check in the mail from a grateful client. Which makes it all worthwhile.

The good news is that copywriting is WAY easier than parenting.

Think about it …

Once you understand a concept, it doesn’t change.

You get better at it as time goes on. (Okay, so you get better as a parent as time goes on. But how you feel about your abilities can certainly fluctuate.)

Your kids tend to value your opinion less as the years pass, only understanding the value you bring many years later. Author Mark Twain described this best when he said, “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished by how much he’d learned in seven years.”

On the other hand, your clients, once you prove yourself to them, increasingly understand the value you bring, making you feel more confident.

As a parent, when you need an answer on how to approach a problem, you get 10 different opinions. One might work.

With copywriting, when you need to tackle something like B2B copywriting, you know there are reliable resources you can consult day or night. You can feel confident you have a formula that will work.

Plus, you have experts close at hand to help you out through resources like The Professional Writers' Alliance.

So when you are feeling a bit frustrated with your business, just remember, if you can survive parenting, you can certainly prevail as a freelancer and hit your financial goals.

What do you think? Is freelancing easier than parenting? Drop me a note below.

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Published: July 18, 2011

10 Responses to “Freelancing vs. Parenting: Which is Easier?”

  1. Hmmm...freelancing or parenting? I don't think I have a handle on either one yet! Thankfully I have help on both. Great analogy, Cindy. I look forward to the rest of the week.

    Steve Roller

  2. "You finally figure out what works only to discover they’re in some new phase." You hit this one square on the head, Cindy!

    Freelancing is definitely easier than parenting. Even when a client acts like a get them through it and they're very grateful (and usually become a loyal client).

    Lots of great points! Thank you!

    Kellie Craft

  3. Looking forward to your posts this week, Cindy. We home school, and my husband and I work from home, so managing time is especially challenging when everybody's home - all the time! We have signs we put on doors when Mom or Dad are on phone calls, which helps with interruptions. But we're always interested in new ways to handle it all. Bring it on!

    Guest (Jane Sanford)

  4. Mother of God I hope freelancing is easier, coz I really don't need a second all consuming 24 X 7 job with clients that have roll-around-on-the-floor tantrums for the slightest of indiscretions.


  5. LOL Almost anything is easier than parenting. I agree, great analogy!

    Guest (Karen Cioffi)

  6. My previous experience with trying home businesses has hardened my attitude to it, I ran into a whole heap of bullshit put out by con artists to empty the wallets of the poor suckers who thought they were on to a genuine system only to be relieved of their money and a huge waste of time for absolutely nil return.
    Yes, I do want a genuine online home business, But I do not trust all the speal that tries to trap the unwary, So if you set your program up free of charge for 12 months and your system produces a good profitable return into my bank A/C, then that will be all the proof I need, and I will then very gladly pay the initial fees and become a loyal member. How about it do we have a deal.

    Guest (Barry)

  7. Love the analogy Cindy!

    As a mom who homeschooled four children...Hands down freelance is much easier.

    I love the Mark Twain quote. It's funny my son Mark just said to me "You know mom I always knew you were smart, but now I know YOU ARE SMARTER THAN ME!" He's 20 now. They always make you laugh.

    Tonimarie Marrese

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