Getting the Best Return on Your Bootcamp Investment

Let’s be honest …

Bootcamp and copywriting is actually about making money.

Sure, there are starving artists that are full of passion and happiness. I’m just delighted that I’m not one of them.

Of course, loving and being excited about copywriting is VERY important. If you are only in this for the money, then I’d invite you to go home now. Not because I’m mean, but because you’ll just be frustrated and miserable with the whole experience.

Now, if you really enjoy writing … and want to make some really great money … working from home (or wherever you please) … and eliminating the financial stress from your life so you can be totally fulfilled … then, you’re in the right spot. Bootcamp will help make that happen for you.

On Tuesday September 6th, I’m going to jump on the phone and give you a couple of my best-kept secrets for making your investment in Bootcamp pay … and I mean pay in spades.

I have three such secrets for you.

These are things that I have done at every single Bootcamp. They are really easy to do … Simple to learn … And, they’re proved beyond doubt … well at least I’ve made, oh, I don’t know, a couple hundred thousand dollars off these tips.

Yes, I’m serious. That’s not a hyped up number. These three little secrets of mine have made me a small fortune. No, I didn’t get all of that at once and it didn’t drop out of the sky and land right in the middle of the Delray Beach Marriott ballroom … but it did happen.

Sure, I had to take action, and be consistent and actually do something (it’s called work, but I’m not supposed to say that to you … shhhhh), but instead of poking at the money-making side of copywriting like a green apprentice, I blasted forward with the speed and grace of a master craftsman.

How would that suite you? Be pretty nice, wouldn’t it? We’ll I’m going to show you my three cool secrets on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

“So what are they?” … you might be asking. Not telling you … at least not here and now.

You’ve got to join me on Tuesday September 6th at 3PM (Eastern) to get the full scoop.

One last comforting note … at least it should be comforting to you … these three secrets for squeezing hundred dollar bills out of Bootcamp can be done by anyone. I really mean that.

I’ve spent about 20 years studying personality traits and types. I’ve got a pretty good handle on what makes people tick. I have seen all sorts of folks put these tricks to work. So, just relax … you don’t need to be hyper-energetic and overboard, ramped up, revved up all the time … you can be yourself.

Isn’t that nice? Sure it is …

So, don’t forget to join me on Tuesday, Sept. 6th at 3PM (Eastern). I’m really excited to share this stuff with you. As a 2011 Bootcamp attendee this webinar is FREE to you … If you haven’t registered for Bootcamp yet and want to join me Tuesday, click here.

There’s A Reason Why Members Don’t Hesitate When They See This Invitation:

It’s not something that’s offered year round, when it is, we can hardly keep up with demand. I’m talking about the top level of AWAI membership savvy writers use to advance their knowledge and writing careers. Every resource is available at your fingertips along with live learning, guided mentoring sessions, professional copy reviews, access to clients, FREE admission to Bootcamp and more! But spots go fast.

Here’s how to reserve your place.

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Published: August 31, 2011

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