Picture Your Writer's Life in High Definition

Steve Roller here again, for day 3 of The Writer's Life and "Reinvent Yourself Week."

One of the things that appealed to me when I stumbled upon AWAI a few years ago was the fact that I could change the direction of my career through developing and applying a new skill.

Up to that point, my career trajectory was not an upward sloping line.

It was more like a roller coaster, with a number of peaks but just as many valleys. Unfortunately, none of the high points were as high as I wanted – I hadn’t quite made VP or top salesperson yet.

So when I discovered copywriting, which combined my sales skills along with writing, I was hooked. The money was a big draw, too, of course.

But even more than the income potential, I saw the writer’s life as a chance to finally pursue something that I chose. Not something I kind of fell into, like my sales career.

I didn’t want to wake up 10 years down the road with regrets about where my career path had gone.

What kept me going while I learned this craft of copywriting was having a vivid picture of what I wanted.

I pictured sitting on a balcony somewhere in Paris or Buenos Aires, sipping coffee while I wrote on my laptop all morning, then exploring the city in the afternoon and evening. I pictured having more than one address like Gary and Merri Scott, who split their time among homes in North Carolina, Florida, and Ecuador. (Check out how they do it here.)

The portability aspect of copywriting became my number one motivator. I pictured being able to take my business anywhere I wanted in the world.

What's your picture?

What part of the writer's life do you value most?

Is it the flexible schedule? Your picture might include being able to make every one of your kids' activities. You'll be able to do it because you'll be setting your own hours.

Is it the high income potential? Don't just think about the six-figure income – picture exactly what you'll do with the money. The exquisite details of the home you'll build when you hit your mark.

For some AWAI members I know, the main perk of the writer's life is the opportunity for meaningful, creative work with their unique stamp. For others, it's the ability to parlay copywriting skills into an Internet business or self-publishing empire.

Here's the key. Find the one thing that gets you most excited about being a writer, and imagine yourself living that lifestyle. Picture it in all its full-color, big-screen, high-definition glory! Hang on to that vision, and pursue it with everything you can.

My balcony picture? Almost exact, except for the location. The concept works.

Check out my article, No Excuses and No Rationalizations: How to Live a Life of No Regrets, for more details on how to reinvent yourself and make your dream life happen. And let me know what your favorite part of the writer's life is by posting a comment below.

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Published: August 17, 2011

6 Responses to “Picture Your Writer's Life in High Definition”

  1. The thing is, Steve, I imagine this life all the time. I try to keep motivated. I did do the AWAIonline program - Six Figure Copywriting - and loved it. I've been writing on the side with a mentor who interned at Agora and has done very well. However, when I write and he critiques, it seems I'm still so far away from where I need to be. It's hard not to want to the throw in the towel and quit. But I'm not a quitter. Then I read all these great things from the Writer's Life, PWA, and AWAI and love it. Sure I would love to attend the Bootcamp or try some of the other programs. But cost is a major concern of mine. Everything is so expensive that I cannot afford it. I'm a single father with shared custody living on my own, just barely making ends me. So all the neat perks I mentioned are out of the question for now. I guess I need some motivation of sorts or something because I don't feel like I'm achieving what I thought I would get out of this. Any thougts?

    Guest (Jeff)

  2. My writer's life? Getting there. Excited? Yes! Why? Working with words - & making a difference doing it! My niche - Copywriting for Non-Profits. Have the program and working on the specs - all 3 of them. Website next. Dreams? Flat in Vienna, small ranch outside Santa Fe - with a palomino - little house on the Outer Banks, nice home in Raleigh for me and mine ... and writing from all of them, including my novel! Figured out "what to say when I talk to myself." Thank you for that, Steve.


  3. Thanks, Steve! And the novel - I'm only about a quarter of the way into it, but WHEN I get it published it would be my privilege to give you a copy. You have been a big help. Hey - maybe I can bring a copy to next year's Bootcamp!


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