AWAI’s First-Ever
Business-to-Business Challenge
Opportunity #2
The Business Side of B2B Copywriting

Ed Gandia here, an AWAI-trained copywriter who has been extremely successful in the B2B market. I'm here to tell you about the second opportunity in AWAI's Business-to-Business Challenge.

You’d think I’d have the perfect background to be a successful copywriter.

After all, I had been writing copy for more than three years before I even knew what a freelance copywriter was!

Copywriting wasn’t part of my job. But writing sales letters was the best way I could generate prospects and close sales. My employer wasn’t committed to helping promote the software product I was selling. So I had to generate my own leads.

If the copy worked, I could put food on the table. If it didn’t, my sales would suffer.

And I would lose my job.

So, as you can imagine, I learned a lot. And I learned quick! Which is why when I decided to launch my B2B copywriting business, I thought for sure I’d be successful right out of the gate!

But even with all that “street-level” training and self-confidence, I couldn’t land a copywriting client to save my life!

I worked hard for months to promote my services. I mailed hundreds and hundreds of letters. I called people. I networked. I put up a great website. And I told everyone who’d listen about my new side business.

Five months later, I hadn’t made a dime!

So I decided to change my strategy and my approach.

And it worked. Soon after, I landed my first client: a midsize software company. A few weeks later, I landed another great client. And by the end of the year, I had more work than I could handle!

That got me thinking: Why the sudden rush of business … when a few months before I hadn’t landed a single client?

It had nothing to do with my copywriting skills. Or the way I was pricing my work. Or an improvement in the economy.

Then it hit me.

It had everything to do with the way I was approaching the “business side” of my new venture.

The day before I landed that first client, I was just as good a copywriter as the day I got the business. Nothing had changed.

But what HAD changed was how I was now positioning myself in the market. How I was promoting my services. And how I was approaching and talking to potential clients, among other things.

These were all relatively minor “tweaks.” But they made ALL the difference in the world!

Here’s why I bring this up: even though the opportunity in B2B copywriting is phenomenal, clients aren’t going to come knocking on your door as soon as you print some business cards and put up a website.

You need to know how to position yourself effectively so you stand out and get noticed. You need to create a plan that attracts all the clients you need, when you need them. And you need to be able to tackle client projects like an experienced pro, among other things.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in a training program I put together with Steve Slaunwhite and Pete Savage: The “Business Side” of B2B Copywriting: How to Get Clients, Grow Your Business, and Boost Your Income.

In this intensive home-study program, Steve, Pete, and I will show you how to launch and grow your own B2B copywriting business the right way … faster, with fewer mistakes and much more profitably.

We’ll show you how you can lay the right foundation and start bringing business in the door by Halloween — NOT two, five, or even ten years from now.

And, as a “Business-to-Business Challenge” special, you can save 50% on this popular program if you order right now.

Learn more here.

Note: If you missed the announcement, you can access all the details on The B2B Challenge here.

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Published: August 16, 2011

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