Top Ten Reasons to Be at ‘Bootcamp 2011’

The Bootcamp countdown has begun! We’ve got less than three months to prepare for this life-changing event. I recommend you get ready by clearing as much off your plate as possible before you go.

That’s because once you get there, you’re likely to be flooded by the opportunities and projects that come out of the event. Every year I’ve attended, I’ve gone home with actual projects from paying clients in hand — not to mention a ton of new self-promotion strategies I want to try.

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll get a ton of value out of the event, no question.

In fact, here’s a quick list of the ten best things you’ll get from Bootcamp (in my opinion, at least!):

1) Kindred spirits. You’ll meet fellow freelancers from all over the world, of all ages, and of varied backgrounds. Yet you’ll find you all share a burning desire to be in command of your life and that you’ve all recognized copywriting is the vehicle to get you there. Since most folks “back home” can’t relate to what it is you’re trying to do as a freelancer, it’s pretty incredible to finally connect with people who share your passion for independence.

2) Put names with faces. It’s terrific to get to work in a profession where you “meet” people over email and through Facebook and LinkedIn, but it’s even better to get to put a name with a face. You’ll meet the entire jolly AWAI crew, along with a host of copywriting experts whose names you already know well. Meeting them in the flesh underscores the advantages of this lifestyle. They’re all living proof that this industry is alive and well and in need of more copywriters.

3) Conversations with marketers. The marketers who attend Job Fair are approachable and eager to talk about their copywriting needs. Not only will they reinforce how much your copywriting skills are in demand, they’ll also help you understand their marketing needs. This makes it easier for you to tailor your services in ways that land paying projects. It’s a win-win.

4) Encouragement from experts. There’s nothing like having a veteran, six-figure copywriter tell you you’re going in the right direction with your freelancing business or writing style. Since most of us are independent, work-from-home business professionals, it becomes easy to doubt our abilities. But being in a place where you can discuss your business approach with those who have been in the trenches — and who tell you how to avoid pitfalls — is priceless.

5) A lightning-speed way to zero in on where you want this industry to take you. A lot of us have trouble pinpointing a specialty and even setting goals when we’re on our own. But once you get to Delray Beach, it becomes radically easy to figure out what exactly it is you want from this lifestyle and where you hope to take your business. The presentations from top experts will absolutely help you do that. Even better, though, are the conversations you’ll have with other copywriters. By bouncing ideas and goals off each other, it becomes easier to talk about what you want and what you’re going to do to get it.

6) A shortcut to your own professional network of peers and contacts. There’s nothing like Bootcamp to supercharge your list of go-to professionals for critiques, referrals, and support. Over the three days you’re there, you’ll enjoy loads of opportunities to network with experts and get to know fellow freelancers. You’ll quickly be able to build your own peer review group, made up of people you know and trust.

7) Live critiques. Being able to jockey back and forth with other copywriters about how to improve promotions and strengthen your copy is absolutely invaluable. It’ll make you a better writer in a fraction of the time it takes to exchange edits over email. Your writing skills will improve and you’ll be better able to spot strengths and weaknesses in any kind of copy.

8) A reality check. It’s pretty easy to doubt the possibilities that come with copywriting and the freelancer’s lifestyle … until you meet people who are actually living it. Just last year, I went out to dinner with a woman who lives in Belize. She moved there for the beauty of it — all the while continuing her copywriting work with long-term clients.

9) A cash check. If you participate in the AWAI spec assignments, you could walk away with $1,000 in your pocket. I got to do this last year, in fact. It was glorious. My winnings more than covered the cost of my airfare and lodging. Even better than that was getting recognized for creating solid copy — using techniques I’d learned right there at Bootcamp.

10) An adrenaline shot to propel you through the coming year. Hands down, this is my favorite part of Bootcamp. Those three days in Delray Beach always remind me why I took a risk and adopted the writer’s life. I get so fired up with enthusiasm for the copywriting profession and everything it offers that my motivation switches to hyper-drive. I feel able to take on — and conquer — BIG goals. That enthusiasm is enough to carry me through the following year.

What about you? What’s your favorite part of Bootcamp? Or what do you hope to gain by attending? Please share by posting a comment below!

And if you haven’t registered yet – don’t delay!

Take advantage of the special $200 early-bird discount until August 31st at midnight!

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Published: August 10, 2011

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