Why Should Clients Pick Me?

This often comes up when potential clients are looking at a few different writers, including you, to decide which one is right for the project at hand. You wonder …

Question #4: Why should clients pick me?

First, put yourself in the client’s mindset.

What is the client looking for? Aside from the usual — a professional-looking website with writing samples, a great track record, testimonials from past clients, and the like — there’s more. It’s something deeper that the client may not even be conscious of.

As a former corporate in-house Creative Department manager, I used to hire freelance writers. And believe me, most clients will have in the back of their minds:

  • Which writer is using benefit-oriented language that shows me he or she can really help me?
  • Which writer will be the easiest to work with … making my job easier?
  • Which writer will make me look like a marketing hero?

If you’re a writer who can position yourself as someone who meets THESE needs for clients, you’ll be the winning choice practically every time.

Here’s how to do it …

  • Which writer is using benefit-oriented language that shows me he or she can really help me?

    Unfortunately, a lot of writers have “all about me” websites and marketing materials:

    “I’m the best choice because I have 10 years of writing experience. I like to write. I spend all my time writing, and I write great stuff.”

    See where I’m going? Clients are not too impressed with “me, me, me.”

    They want to know, “What can this writer do to help me achieve my sales goals today?”

    Your website and marketing materials should present solutions to the potential clients:

    “You’ve just seen a competitor open up a few blocks away, and you need to keep your customers from migrating. My email copywriting skills will help you create customer loyalty and even GROW your sales in spite of your competition.”

  • Which writer will be the easiest to work with … making my job easier?

    You may not actually meet your potential clients before they’ve decided that you’re approachable, friendly, professional, and great to work with … or not.

    They base their opinion on what they read on your website and marketing materials. So you must position yourself as someone who’s got their act together.

    • Make sure everything on your site and promotional materials is clear, friendly, and helpful (and typo-free!).
    • Explain your working process.
    • Guide potential clients to free tips and samples.
    • Offer them a free initial consultation.
    • Tell them about your typical turnaround times.
    • Explain how you often partner with graphic designers and others to get the job done.
    • Show them you’ve got it covered.

    I can guarantee that very few professional writers take this approach. So when potential clients come across someone who does, it’s a huge relief to them.

  • Which writer will make me look like a marketing hero?

    Be sure your website and marketing materials include a strong client testimonial on each page; the more specific, the better. If you can, include a case study or two about how you solved a problem or helped grow sales for a client.

    Offer to educate your client’s team on what you’re doing or be part of a brainstorming session with the client’s staff. Anything that shows you’re dedicated to making the client’s mission a big success.

    Offer to connect the prospective client to a past client so the person can ask about your writing abilities and effectiveness. It’s very rare that a prospective client will actually take you up on that. But just extending the offer is surprising and refreshing. It shows that you stand behind your work and have happy clients.

You see? It’s pretty easy to stand apart from other writers by following all the tips and ideas I’ve included here … but the big bonus, the tipping point or winning edge, will be your niche focus.

A background in a specific market or industry is the real attraction factor for your clients.

Consider what this can mean to your business! If you’d like to learn more, read today’s article, Guide More Clients to Your Writing Business the “Beacon” Way.

How to Choose Your Writing Niche

How to Choose Your Writing Niche: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint for Finding a Niche that’s Right for You

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Published: August 4, 2011

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