Why I’m Returning to Bootcamp for a 7th Time

I was thinking of passing on AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair this year. Yes, I know it’s a fantastic, life-changing event. My first Bootcamp in 2005 was a major career-changer when I was just starting as a freelance copywriter … and every year it’s gotten better and better.

But I thought — maybe I’ll skip it this year and save a few bucks.

After all, it’s great to see other copywriters, visit with the AWAI folks and hear the latest fabulous talks … but is it really worth it for a 7th time? Am I going to benefit enough to travel 2,753 miles across the country and give up 4 days of my time?

I was really on the fence about it. Maybe you’ve been feeling this way too. And, whether you’re brand new to copywriting or a Bootcamp veteran …

Maybe you decided, ‘Eh, I’ll go another year.”

Well, that’s what I had decided this year. I contacted Katie and Denise and said, “No thanks. I’m not going this year.”

And they were completely gracious and understanding about my decision.

So at first I was relieved. No big trip in late October. That’s fine.

But then the regret started to creep in …

My heart sank when I saw my fellow copywriters and friends posting their Bootcamp travel plans on Facebook. There’s even an AWAI copywriter group in LinkedIn with dozens of posts that say, “See you there!”

I was able to ignore this enthusiasm for a while. But then I thought, “Wow – I’m missing out big-time,” when I saw this year’s WOWEE agenda that Denise and her team have put together.

For example, this year’s presenters will include amazing guest speakers in two categories:

  • Copywriting pioneers; the legends who paved the way for our success. Revered, seasoned experts, such as Joe Sugarman, Dan Kennedy and Mike Palmer to name a few, will grace the stage and tell us exactly what makes copywriting so powerful for your clients and your own future success. These presenters have generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales for their clients.

    Plus, Michael Masterson — who’s always so dynamic and inspiring every year — retired in 2011. So this is his LAST YEAR at Bootcamp. The last time he’ll motivate us personally to propel our copywriting businesses with a “Ready. Fire. Aim.” attitude. Jeeze, I don’t want to miss that.

    One of my copywriter buddies from 2005 just emailed me to say, “I've decided to come to Bootcamp this year, since it’s happening at a good time in my schedule. And I just don’t want to miss Michael Masterson's last appearance.”

    See what I mean? Now for the other category of speakers — equally exciting:

  • Contemporary online copywriters; those who now lead the way in a new web era of copywriting. For starters, we’ll hear from Nick Usborne, the master of persuasive online copywriting … Brian Clark, creator of the very awesome website CopyBlogger.com … Bob Bly, one of my favorite copywriters and Internet Marketing experts … and Lorrie Morgan-Ferraro, author of “Red Hot Copy to Woo Your Target Market.”

You know, continual learning has been the key to growing my business and reaching for bigger, better results. I’m certain these folks will teach us all something exciting, fresh and powerful; something we can take home immediately and apply to our businesses. So why would I pass up this chance to hear from them?

Plus, it seemed almost crazy to ignore the opportunity to put myself in front of the exciting group of companies who will be at Job Fair this year, anxious to find AWAI-trained copywriters.

Finally, I thought about all the fun and fruitful networking opportunities I’d be missing, with everyone from the pillars of copywriting success; folks I admire including Bob Bly, Paul Hollingshead and Mark Everett Johnson … to brand new copywriters hoping to break into this exciting world of “The Writer’s Life.”

Suddenly I realized — I can’t stand the idea of NOT going to Bootcamp!

It struck me that Bootcamp is so much more than just an awesome annual gathering of copywriter friends.

If you’ve been there before, it’s like a “copywriter’s colleague reunion” where you get to catch up and celebrate each other’s progress.

If you’re new to copywriting, it can become your “solopreneur lifeline.” You and I really have no office mates, right? No daily colleagues gathered around the office cooler to discuss the latest copywriting techniques?

That’s why it’s so important to meet up with your fellow copywriters and the AWAI staff at Bootcamp each year.

It’s actually your work family … people who get what you do and pump you up to keep going and growing.

That’s how I feel anyway. And it was breaking my heart to miss it.

I realized how critical it is to step out of your home office once a year to connect with copy buddies for peer reviews, support, ideas, etc. – but most of all, hear from the heavy hitters who teach me about going after business in bold new ways.

Who knows what exciting and life-changing stuff I’ll hear this year? I’d be crazy not to go.

So a few weeks ago, I changed my mind. And because I know it’s been a big-seller this year, I asked Katie and Denise … “Is there room for me to attend Bootcamp after all?”

Not only did they welcome me back, they asked me to speak about my journey as a niche-industry copywriter, so you can see how to make it happen for you!

Yes, as someone who was an AWAI copywriting newbie in 2005 … and who’s an AWAI guest speaker in 2011 … I’ll be honored to show you how I did it by focusing on one particular niche market. I’ll tell you about the exciting opportunities for copywriters who go after a specific niche industry and make it “their own” with proven easy steps that I followed. We’re going to have some fun. :-)

Hooray! I feel so much better now. You have no idea!

Now I have just one question for you.

Are you skipping the once-a-year AWAI Bootcamp opportunities this year like I almost did …

or will I see you in Delray Beach with a few hundred other copywriters friends and presenters who’ve made the brilliant decision to be there?

It’s time to decide, seats are filling up!

Here’s the link if you’re ready:


I truly hope to see you there. Be sure to come over and say HI!

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Published: September 28, 2011

7 Responses to “Why I’m Returning to Bootcamp for a 7th Time”

  1. Glad you're "in" again this year, Pam. Still remember my first Bootcamp in 2009 and lunching with you and Roy F. at that joint across the street from the Marriot. Good times. See you there.

    Eddie S

  2. Hi Eddie! I remember that lunch with you. I look forward to seeing you and catching up on what you've been doing. :-) Cheers, Pam

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  3. I signed up for my very first bootcamp, Pam, and hope to see you there. You mention a LinkedIn group for AWAI copywriters - can you give me the name - I couldn't find it on LI. Thanks!

    Guest (Margie King)

  4. Hi Margie - the name of the group is: American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) - hope that helps!

    Angela Bickford - AWAI

  5. Hi Margie, I'm so glad you're coming. You'll make some amazing connections there. Please find me and say hi! Cheers, Pam

    Guest (Pam Foster)

  6. I'll be there too, and have been connecting with people on the GroupSite as well. Can't wait to see everyone!!!


  7. Excellent, Amy! See you there - Pam

    Guest (Pam Foster)

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