Do You Hate Selling as Much as I Did?

Four years ago, I hated selling.

I had been sold the idea of becoming a consultant for a popular MLM company. It looked easy enough. They said the products would sell themselves … Have you heard that one before?

I did okay, but I started to hate sales, and as a result, my business suffered.

This happens to a lot of people. Some people hate – and deep down fear – sales because they find it difficult. Others hate it because they think it’s evil or shameful.

But because copywriters are “salespeople through print,” we must be able to sell. And we must come to understand that the products we are selling have real value to people. If you don’t believe the product you are promoting fits the bill – get a new client.

If you think about it, everyone sells something.

Have you ever tried to convince your spouse to do things your way? Or talked your kid into eating his vegetables? That’s selling. Let’s talk about how to get over any “issues” you might have with selling.

First, understand and remember that everyone sells something.

You’re not doing anything out of the ordinary. You’re not doing anything evil or shameful. Remember the previous two sentences the next time you need to sell a product, service, or idea.

Second, use your people skills to connect with your buyers. Sales is not about trying to get people to buy your product – it’s about building relationships. So, if you master people skills, you can master sales.

When you make people feel valued by asking about them first and really listening, you’ll create a connection that will make people want to buy what you’re selling. They’ll trust and like you.

But when you talk only about your product or service and you lead with your sales pitch, you show people you only care about yourself and making sales.

Think about a bad used car salesman who only wants to sell you a car – the one he wants to get off the lot. He starts talking immediately about the car – never stopping to ask what you want or why you might be looking for a car. If he would take a little time to get to know you first, he would be much more likely to sell you that car.

I recently wrote an article on how to get people to like you, show people you value them, and build a relationship before you present your product or service. Check it out here: “Why You Need People Skills to Live the Writer's Life.”

And your last step to overcome your issues with selling is to increase your professional skills so you can sell in print effectively and reach millions of potentials buyers with your message.

Since joining Circle of Success, I’ve learned a lot more about selling in print. And I’ve increased my professional skills exponentially.

Here are three things I’ve learned that you can start using today to become a better salesperson in print:

1. Write like you talk.

Your prospects are people just like you. They want to connect with other people and know that someone cares about their fears, desires, and challenges. Write to them like you talk to your best friend and they will trust you enough to buy.

2. Answer the prospect’s burning question: “What’s in it for me?”

People only care about themselves. They want to know how you can help them overcome whatever obstacle they are facing. Capture their attention immediately by writing copy that tells them what’s in it for them.

3. Remember to talk about the benefits.

Professional salespeople – and professional copywriters – know readers don’t want to hear all about your product’s features or technical details. They only care about the benefits they’ll get from using it. So focus on that with your writing.

If you want to make a lot of money living the writer’s life, you have to keep enhancing your professional skills – along with your people and personal development skills. And you have to know how to sell.

Selling is part of life, and coming to terms with that will put you far ahead of other copywriters who are still afraid commit fully to that process.

Today, become aware of how often you sell something. I’d bet nearly half the time you’re talking, you’re trying to convince someone to buy into your ideas, opinions, or plans.

Watch for these times to happen and take note.

Did you convince your spouse to eat what you want for dinner or convince your kids to do their homework early? You’ll be surprised how many times you sell something on a daily basis …

Then share your comments with me below.

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Published: November 8, 2011

2 Responses to “Do You Hate Selling as Much as I Did?”

  1. This is definitely something I've been struggling with as I try to figure out what exactly I want out of the writer's life. Somewhere along the line I've picked up a very negative view of "salespeople"--so why would I want to be one? But I think, as Christina writes, GOOD sales can and should be about relationships and helping people get what they need/want. Still tough to change my ingrained attitude, though--! Are there further resources out there on this subject, particularly for newbies?


  2. I think it's all about perspective. If you think of it as selling you'll have that negative car salesman connotation in your mind.

    If you, however, think of it as understanding and meeting people's needs you are actually doing people a favour, positive connotation.

    Thanks for another great article Rachel.

    Guest (cassie womenswaytowealth)

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