December 2011

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Write Powerful Bullets That Your Readers Will Devour Like Starving Teenagers...

Today, John Wood is going to talk about an essential part of every writer’s marketing arsenal: bullet writing.

How Open To New Writers Are Information Marketers?

Dan Kennedy highlights the vast copy needs of information marketers.

Achieve Your Goal Giveaway: Tenth iPad Winner!

Our final iPad Goals winner! Thanks to everyone for making this years goals contest a huge success, with almost a thousand goals posted! Now start achieving!

There’s Always A ‘What’s Next?’ For The Information-Marketing Client

Dan Kennedy explains the information marketing industry.

Heather Robson: Living in a Near Constant State of Inspiration

Heather Robson tells us how AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer have shaped her career, and how they can shape your's too.

Where Do You Find a Virtual Assistant?

Jan Schochet shares the best sources for finding virtual assistants to help your writing business.

Finding the Best B2B Prospects at a Fortune 500 Company

Brian E. Whitaker outlines his best tips for finding the best B2B prospects at a Fortune 500 Company.

Achieve Your Goal Giveaway: Ninth iPad Winner!

AWAI's Commit to Achieving your Goals in 2012 Giveaway's ninth winner! Just one more! And we are still accepting submissions, so submit your goal now!

Cindy Cyr: Keeping Family First

Cindy Cyr reveals a choice she made that transformed her writing business, and ultimately led to her success.

Four Ways You Can Use Video Marketing to Boost Sales and Make Your Clients Happier

Heather Robson is going to share four ways you can start using online video right away to wow your clients AND attract an audience for your own web-writing business at the same time.

The Ultimate No (or Low!) Cost Way to Marketing Your Business

Bob Sands explains how to use group presentation marketing to attract new clients.

Achieve Your Goal Giveaway: Eighth iPad Winner!

The last week of our iPad Goals Giveaway is winding down with our eighth winner! Only 2 iPads left!

Steve Coombes: The Freedom to Disconnect

For father of seven, Steve Coombes, the freedom to disconnect from his inbox is an important part of the writer’s life. However Steve admits to a big oversight he made in his freelance career, and shares a plan for fixing it.

Dan Kennedy’s Writing for Info Marketers Training and Certification Program Enrollment Open for One Week Only!

AWAI is excited to announce that enrollment is open for million-dollar copywriter Dan Kennedy’s comprehensive program to prepare writers and copywriters specifically to work within the information marketing industry.

My Best-Selling Pictures

Today one of Great Escape Publishing’s readers explains why some pictures sell like crazy, and other’s don’t sell at all.

Achieve Your Goal Giveaway: Seventh iPad Winner!

Releasing the seventh iPad winner in AWAI’s Commit to Achieving Your Goals in 2012 Giveaway. Only 3 left, so submit your goal for your chance to win now!

Mike Klassen: Surround Yourself with Successful People

Mike Klassen built a very successful business and today shares with you the steps he recommends you take to find your own version of the writer’s life.

Achieve Your Goal Giveaway: Sixth iPad Winner!

Here is your sixth winner of AWAI’s Commit to Achieving Your Goals in 2012 Giveaway. Follow the link to see the winner and submit your goal for 2012 for your chance to win one of the remaining 4 iPads!

Jeanie Davis: Leveraging the AWAI Community

Learn how Jeanie Davis used the AWAI community to help her find success and leveraged the networking opportunities that come with being a member.

Using Social Media to Find Clients Offline

Joshua Boswell explains how using social media is just the first step in forming lucrative relationships with clients.

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